What is better - a fireplace or stove?

There are not many things that could look more comfortable and smell more pleasant than burning logs. That is why, before each owner of a private house there is a question of choice: a fireplace or a stove? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is necessary to compare them with each other and make the right decision.


Let's start the comparison of the fireplace and stove from an aesthetic point of view. The authentic design of this stone fireplace is incomparable to anything else. Mosaic tiles, brickwork, neatly laid stone, marble cladding, all this will become a central element of any living space. The dancing flame, the incredible appearance of the stone arch, the smell of firewood burning in the fireplace, make it extremely popular with homeowners.

On the other hand, although wood stoves can be made in different styles: from modern smooth and glossy to traditional old Russian, but they are not so easy to fit into the overall interior.Due to the fact that all wood-burning stoves are necessarily equipped with glass doors, you will not be able to enjoy the sight of live fire.


Any design that has a focal device may face natural security problems. Unlike gas fuel, the by-products and creosote from burning wood can accumulate in the stack and create a serious fire hazard. Certified freestanding stoves offer a more complete burning process than open fireplaces. And they are not as susceptible to the accumulation of creosotes as open burning chimney masonry.

Sparks are another dangerous premise of fire. They can easily fly out of open fireplaces, which can lead to injuries or material damage. Of course, installing screens and doors on fireplaces can help ensure fire safety. But on the other hand, the furnaces are already equipped with these protective mechanisms in advance, and you will not have to put additional effort.

Also, an open burning fireplace can be a potential safety concern for children and pets. Wood-burning stoves are safer again.Although there is a possibility of burns in case of contact directly with the stove or door.

Select by function

It is no secret that wood is usually the least expensive type of fuel among gas, oil and coal. But at the same time wood fireplaces are not the most effective way for space heating. Their thermal efficiency is about 10%. Most of the heat simply comes out of the chimney. On the other hand, wood stoves can provide 3 times more heat with 1/3 of firewood, which means that they are more efficient and provide more thermal power than open fireplaces. When it comes to heating efficiency, wood-burning stoves benefit.

Environmental friendliness

Burning wood fire does not produce more CO2 than a tree that naturally decays in the forest. Therefore, certified wood stoves produce very little harmful emissions, due to their closed combustion system. According to reviews, they are more efficient, heat better and provide heat. They can also be an addition to your current heating system and will reduce utility bills during the cold winter months.

Design features

Unlike stoves, fireplaces are open and closed. Exposed ones are those that cannot be left and left, because the slightest draft or a factor such as children or pets can affect a fire situation. What manufacturers are constantly warning.

From a practical point of view, open fireplaces also have some nuances:

  • inability to control the burning process. Oxygen is constantly supplied to the open firebox, and the fire is in the intensive stage of burning. Thus, the wood burns very quickly, which is uneconomical.
  • even if the fireplace is brick, the heating process will still be quite long. Since at first the brick will absorb heat into itself, and only then give it to the room.
  • because of the intensity of the open fireplace, there is a chance to melt the room, since there is no way to cut off the oxygen supply to the open-air furnace.

Closed fireplaces can be found much more often. The closed fire chamber is safe, modern and practical. It has a long burning function. It is also possible to control the intensity of the flame burning, that is, we can reduce or increase the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber,and it will save wood resource. In addition, it is always possible to make an open fireplace from a closed fireplace only by lifting the door.

Where to install?

The flame has a powerful energy. Fire unites people from ancient times. When a fire appears in the house, be it in the fireplace or in the candlelight, it attracts the whole family.

If you want to place a fireplace / stove on Feng Shui, then the best place for them in the living room. They must always be cleaned, that is, without burned ash and with a clean chimney. Firewood must be constantly laid, the fireplace should not remain empty.

The fireplace / stove and the fire emanating from them are elements of nature. It is impractical when they are placed in the center of power at home, creating the “burning heart” phenomenon. Therefore, they should be installed along the walls, mainly on the south side. Conversely, a mirror placed above the fireplace can enhance the pros and prevent cons. It is appropriate if there are leafy flowers in the pot on the sides of the heating structure, because the wooden element feeds the fire, and that in turn feeds the earth element.

Hybrid stove and fireplace

Such a hybrid is also called a “fireplace”.Such a structure is gaining unprecedented popularity. Their main advantage is, naturally, in combining the basic ideas of the fireplace and stove. The fireplace has a big fire chamber with a closed heat-resistant door, the glass of which allows you to observe the flame. The presence of smoke provides heat accumulation even better than the furnace. Her firebox makes it possible to place a large number of pots at a time. One fireplace can heat a space of about 80 square meters.

A hybrid stove and fireplace can be flooded in different modes:

  1. The first method is similar to the open fireplace method. Gases immediately go to the ceiling and the frame of the furnace itself does not heat up.
  2. Gases follow adjustable smoke turns and leave through them.
  3. Due to its versatility, a hybrid stove and fireplace are considered the best heating means.

Installation Methods

Standard fireplace / stove design: fireplace insert connected to the chimney using a stainless steel wall pipe. The chimney should have a base - this is a condensate trap; inspection hole and connection point. Previously, the mandatory element of the furnace was rude, but now this design is almost never found.When we burn wood in a fireplace insert, the products of combustion are removed through a pipe and a boiler working with the help of a built-in extractor hood. Immediately after the burning of firewood begins, heat begins to flow into the room through the glass of the firebox.

Manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces do not recommend independently engage in their installation. It is always possible to find a construction team even for a country house, which, having coordinated the project with you, will be engaged in both the installation of the heating structure and their finishing. By the way, you can finish both the stove / fireplace itself and their chimney.

So, the choice of the heater depends on what you prefer. If aesthetics, atmosphere and authenticity are your main criteria, then the choice will fall on the fireplace. If you want a highly efficient heating system, it is better to choose a wood stove.

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