Cast iron stove

You got a luxury apartment in the country, cottage or prestigious townhouse?

It's time to think about the heating system in the house, to consider the design of stoves, fireplaces, operating on wood and made of cast iron. Such furnaces belong to the budget segment.

The design itself, as a rule, shows a rectangular shape.

The central location of the firebox inside is supplemented with fireclay bricks and tiles.

Quite often it is made of metal. Experts recommend laying out a brick, which is associated with an elevated temperature that can reach 700 ° C, and when burning firewood from coniferous woods, 1000 ° C.

Since the wear and tear of the interior "finish" is still inevitable over the years, many prefer tile or brickwork. They are easier to replace than metal construction. It is best to use a closed type firebox, however, if you want to warm up the house, decorate the decor, then an open type of product will be appropriate.

During the design of cast iron stoves, it is important to correctly place the grate or grate with firewood. Under it there will always be an ashpit, a special compartment, where solid combustion product will fall. If the ashpit is equipped with a miniature door, it will be possible to adjust the oxygen supply and influence the degree of firewood burning. Due to the fact that you take solid fuel, it is important to consider the design of the chimney. This element removes smoke, fumes, and does not dissipate them indoors.

The smoke pipe is best hidden in the wall.

A popular embodiment of such fireplaces are sandwich pipes, which have high heat resistance, heat accumulation.


Different types of durable cast iron fireplaces can be divided according to the principle of their placement in the house. The design can be positioned along the wall, embedded in a niche, determined in the corner. In the trend - island options, located in absolutely anywhere in the house, even in the middle of the room. The most ergonomic model is the corner oven, the decorative one is suspended.

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It will not be terrible to meet the most severe winter with a cast iron stove.

Heating models are often equipped with a water circuit that is connected to a common heating system.

In the heating-cooking stove there must be a convection opening, a burner, an outer casing, a door for blowing, a firebox with glass, as well as an exit of the chimney.

It is important to equip a pig-iron fire chamber with huge glass or a door. Due to the fact that it will be transparent, it will be possible to endlessly watch the flame, receive warmth, comfort and beauty from the fireplace purchased. By the type of fuel used, such constructions are distributed to coal, wood and pellet.

With heat exchanger

Owners of a furnace with a heat exchanger acquire such products as heating appliances. In the market there is a huge number of models with a variety of configuration, a complete set. In addition to the heating function, they show the stock and other important properties: efficiency, good power, compactness. Most models have an excellent appearance, excellent technical characteristics. Often wood is used as fuel, which adds power and speed of heating.

Some cast-iron constructions demonstrate decorative casting, they look interesting in any style of the interior. Their main advantage is the duration of burning, a special system that allows ceramic glass to not be contaminated.

With water circuit

If you are going to use the fireplace not only as a decorative ornament, but also as a heating structure, you should look at the model with a water circuit. Stylish "stove" will serve you faithful service for household needs, including. Modern wood stoves heat country houses, giving a convection method of radiation of heat. Some of them heat the halls, halls, rooms up to 200 m³.

With hob

The fireplace is a prestigious attribute of the interior of country houses, because it allows you to warm up the room, turns out to be a good addition for avant-garde, baroque, rococo, classic and other styles. Models adapted for cooking are becoming very popular (they will heat water and create delicious dishes). Such devices have a special area for firewood, a compartment for coal.Refer to the quality settings "Meta Ohta", "Meta Narva", designed for a small cottage.

But the Bavaria stove is equipped with an oven with a net power factor of up to 75%. With such installations you can extend the heating of the room with minimal heat loss.

A good solution for the house will be models with ceramics, transparent doors and windows that create an unimaginable panorama, and the fire can be seen from any angle.

There is also a furnace-fireplaces made of cast iron, adapted for a bath, sauna, steam rooms.

For some products, manufacturers attach several air ducts that can heat even neighboring rooms. Any cast-iron stove can be lined with fireclay brick, extending its service life, choose the original forms of fireplaces for residential buildings.

Such is the charming installation "Germa" (Thermofor) with pipes for convection.

Harvia 10 cast-iron cooking stove demonstrates excellent Finnish quality. She can warm up a cold dish or prepare a full-fledged lunch or dinner.


The material has excellent corrosion resistance. It resists moisture, moisture and condensation.This determines the durability of such stoves, fireplaces. On the one hand, the thick walls of the cast-iron construction require a longer warm-up time than the steel ones. On the other hand, they cool longer, retaining heat in the house even after they are turned off.

The main advantages of models of cast iron are:

  • the ability to be equipped with water panels, heat exchangers;
  • installation of a cast iron stove is quite simple, it consists only in the installation of the chimney;
  • products are compact, supplied with additional elements;
  • the principle of pyrolysis burning is used, when after heating the firewood is “transferred” to the smoldering mode;
  • the ability to use wood of any quality (trunks of large weeds, logs, shavings, etc.);
  • during the use of dry fuel, the efficiency of the fireplace made of cast iron reaches 60-65%.
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There is a mass of "for" the use of cast iron stoves-fireplaces. For many, the primary advantage will be an affordable price, while others will want to buy the ideal heating system, decorative decoration to the house.

Manufacturers Rating

Studying reviews, you can stumble upon a lot of positive, related to cast iron structures.The consumer acknowledges their long service life, durability and ease of maintenance. The review of top fireplaces includes both foreign models (Finnish, Italian, Polish), and their effective domestic counterparts.

Pretty successful company was Bavaria.

In a wide range you can find products with a stove, oven or a combination of heating and cooking fireplaces.

Installations with a heat exchanger will be able to simultaneously perform several functions: to heat the room and cook food. An interesting model will be the prismatic with a stove designed for 2 burners.

For a country house, a country mansion a metal fireplace with a cast-iron stove would be a good option. "Brandenburg" (Russia). The model is operated in the mode of economical fuel consumption, has an individual glass cleaning system. This will allow you at any time of the day to watch the fascinating "dance" of fire, to create your own atmosphere in the house. It will look fashionable ceramic inserts on the sides.

Important advantages of the “Brandenburg” is a high heating capacity up to 9 kW and a burning time of up to 5 hours. Such furnaces can heat a room of 180 m3, consuming a minimum of fuel. Here are used imported components, heat-resistant, heat-resistant glass of German quality. The external walls will be protected from overheating by the chamotte brick.

But the stove "Meta Narva" demonstrates ergonomic dimensions, fits well into the classic and modern interior. It can be installed in a small room, hallway, living room, attic. A distinctive feature of this design is the possibility of heating and cooking. The model gives up to 70% of convection heat, warming up the air in the room after a maximum of 20 minutes.

Here you can independently regulate the traction in the furnace, creating an optimal atmosphere in the house. The inner lining levels the temperature drops, for a long time allows you to keep the heat in the room.

Effective model Ambra firms Eurokom (Poland) in the same way heats the room, allows to cook delicious dishes. Many will like its exquisite design. The furnace is decorated with an openwork pattern, has an unusual door shape. There is also a deflector, a convenient handle, a grille that rotates.

Once you have prepared the dish, you can cover the stove with a special lid. According to the functionality, the oven from Eurokom demonstrates high power up to 14 kW. Looking after a model with a water circuit, it is possible to achieve heating not only of one room, but also of neighboring ones.

The product boasts high-quality assembly, the presence of the cooking surface, excellent heat dissipation, long burning. The same characteristics show designs Sven Bronze, Asti. Imported models will be the perfect decoration for your home.

Suitable styles for products with a bronze sheen will be classic, art nouveau, retro, Tiffany. Asti's spacious cast-iron stoves make it easier to take care of the fireplace due to its structural features. A beautiful vitroceramic glass has airflow, a protective comb that allows you to maintain a normal draft in the furnace.

Also, as well as Russian (Ingrid), European production, by type Jotul, Verdo offer a huge range of functional cast iron fireplaces.

Ordering such stoves, you get models that are resistant to very high temperatures. Any construction will be made by casting, which is why its weight and wall thickness are quite significant. Along with this, they will last a long time, they will be easy to maintain and maintain. Unlike other materials from which to make fireplaces, any kind of fuel can be added to cast iron devices.

For example, the best for today stove Fireway or budget options Novara, Okhta enjoys great popularity due to its attractive appearance.

The firewood is slowly burning here, which makes the efficiency up to 80–85%. You can install such models near the chimney and not take care of the foundation. It is enough to cover the floor with non-combustible material.

Mobile devices can be easily transferred from one place to another, which means that you can freely use them in the bath, living room, attic, etc. A good supplier of fireplaces is Norway. Here not only functional constructions with excellent characteristics are made, but also decorative masterpieces that harmoniously fit into any interior of the cottage.

Examples of design models in the interior of the room

What just do not come up with manufacturers of fireplaces for their customers.

Modern trends dictate several other variations of traditional stoves. For a harsh winter, unheated premises is best to look bulky products with brick masonry.

To bring authenticity to your interior, you can choose models in the style of the XX century, minimalism.

It will be interesting to look ordinary "stoves". Miniature, with a concise design, it will certainly decorate any room.

Despite the fact that you are dealing with cast iron, you can keep an eye out for such fireplaces special doors made of heat-resistant glass. This will allow you to observe the growing fire, as well as get an excellent level of fire safety in the house. The main feature of the cast-iron stove is the ability to not use the power of the device to the maximum, but at the same time to warm up the room in a short period of time.

Loft-style products are suitable for interiors urban chic, industrial style. They demonstrate clear lines, finished design, successfully fit into the atmosphere of "Zen".

In the original way, you can arrange decorative stoves in the English style, adding to them a fireplace niche. Most models are equipped with built-in oven, with which you will not be difficult to fry meat, cook dinner or heat up dinner.

Current for today are converter fireplaces because of their durability.Manufacturers trim them inside fireclay bricks, so that heating reaches 750 ° C. Wonderful in the interiors of country houses will look angular cast-iron fireplace. It will become an integral attribute of the lounge-zone, will allow you to customize your atmosphere. Beautiful models should be functional, because your personal comfort depends on it.

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