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The cast-iron fire chamber is the most successful device of a fireplace for heating. Due to the unique properties of cast iron, among which there is a high melting point, long-term preservation of heat, products have become popular all over the world. It should be borne in mind that fireplace inserts made of this metal have disadvantages in the form of expansion of cast iron when heated. This feature can lead to the destruction of the portal structure.


For those who decide to install a cast-iron furnace in their homes, you should be aware that today many brands offer a diverse selection of products that differ in the type of source, functionality and price. Therefore, before choosing a firebox for your fireplace, you should have at least a small presentation on the design features.

If we talk about cast-iron furnaces made in Russia, then three manufacturers are popular: Bavaria, Interior and Meta.All products of these brands are distinguished by a long service life and quality. It is worth noting that Russia produces the world's best fireplace inserts and mainly specializes in them. This is due to the climatic features of the country, which require insulated and durable walls with a strong fundamental foundation. These conditions are perfect for cast-iron fireplaces for fireplaces.

In addition to the open and closed fireboxes, there are bottom models with a water circuit that can not only heat the room, but also have a number of useful options:

  • self-cleaning capability;
  • control of the combustion process;
  • Turn off the fuel at the time of the fault.

Most models have auxiliary insulation of the furnace compartment. Insulation is double glass or chamotte. This material increases the service life of products.

Vermiculite furnaces are popular due to the unique characteristics of the material used. The fact is that vermiculite is characterized by a high level of resistance to fire and perfectly reflects heat.

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If you decide to install a cast-iron firebox in your home, keep in mind that these products are heavy due to their reduced mechanical strength. For this reason, all fireboxes are massive.

Some manufacturers offer a combined type of furnaces, which is composed of steel and cast iron. The main idea of ​​such products was to eliminate the drawbacks of cast iron furnaces. The constructions use special heat-resistant steel along with two layers of shells. The outer layer is made of steel, which allows you to maintain the tightness of the furnace for a long time, and the inside is made of cast iron, which protects the case from the influence of high temperature. The term operation of such furnaces is much longer. Compared to standard models.

Device and work

The design and operation of cast iron furnaces of different models may vary. For example, an open firebox is primarily a decorative element, because its performance is only 30%. In these models, the flame does not close the door, and you can admire it live. Closed fireboxes have a door and are characterized by good heating properties.

If we talk about aqua-furnace, then these products are characterized by the presence of a heat exchanger. Inside, the heating medium is heated - water that circulates through the batteries in the house.

Many people ask a question on how to properly heat a fireplace insert. There are a few rules that should be followed, regardless of what material your furnace is made of, vermiculite, steel or cast iron:

  1. Do not forget to clean the furnace every season, and the chimney once every three months.
  2. If your fireplace began to smoke, then install a cap on the chimney.
  3. Low quality fuel is reflected in the kindling of the fireplace.
  4. Use only dry wood.
  5. If you burn paper together with firewood, this method will produce a small flame, which will generate a lot of heat. To prevent cooling of the fireplace, add deciduous firewood.
  6. For kindling you need to use only white matte paper and natural varieties of trees.
  7. Replacing wood for coal is impractical because it increases heat loss.
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These tips, according to owners of fireplace inserts, help to achieve maximum performance from the fireplaces.

Do-it-yourself project

Many people want to make the installation of the furnace with their own hands. It is worth noting that this event is much easier than creating a fireplace from scratch.In the finished furnace there is already an ashpit, chimney and other features that you would build yourself.

Before any construction work, you must use the scheme. You can use the finished drawing or draw it yourself.

After you have chosen a place for the installation of the firebox, you will need to create a base, the height of which will reach your chest. Do not forget about waterproofing and thermal insulation of the area, if the base is located on wooden floors.

Then you will need to lay out a pedestal of bricks for the firebox on which it will be. You can buy in the store ready-made design. The important point is well-derived chimney. He must have sufficient length and bend at a certain angle. If the length of the pipe is less than five meters, then you will need a bend angle of 45 degrees. For longer lengths, a maximum angle of 20 degrees is allowed.

The whole procedure will take you only a few days, with a significant proportion of the total time spent drying the solution. The work itself takes a couple of hours.

You can also order your project furnace.Having drawn the drawing, you can agree with some suppliers who will make for you an individual option, proceeding from your wishes. This method adds zest to the interior of your room, because only you will have such a portal.


As a rule, purchased fireplace inserts look stylish and you have often seen them in saunas or baths. However, if it comes to the arrangement of the overall interior of the room, not every cast-iron firebox can fit into the design of the room. To remedy the situation will require lining the furnace.

You can choose any material to veneer the fireplace insert. Someone prefers ordinary brick, which brings us back to ancient times, someone likes natural stone, which with all its appearance shows the nobility and status of the owner.

For those who want to save, there is drywall. This is the cheapest option for facing the fireplace. Despite the low price, such products look interesting externally. Today, there are many solutions in the arrangement of the fireplace insert, the choice of which depends on the overall interior of the room, financial possibilities and taste of the household.

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