Cast iron fireplaces

As in past centuries, fireplaces in country houses symbolize wealth and prosperity, along with aristocracy. It is not surprising that all summer residents and owners of country houses dream of installing a fireplace. The best option for the manifestation of sophistication is considered a brick portal. However, it has a high cost, it takes up a lot of space and a heavy foundation should be equipped for it. Therefore, many people prefer to install cast-iron portals, which are a good alternative to brick fireplaces.


Cast-iron fireplaces that produce factories are already fully ready for installation. If you purchase this option, you will be able to significantly save on the services of a professional stove and provide your home with protection against an accident that may occur due to errors during construction work.

Due to their low weight, the furnaces for dachas do not require a powerful foundation when installing equipment and can be simply installed on the floor.On sale there are small versions of fireplaces for country houses, which can be placed on the upper floors.

It is worth noting the mobility of such equipment. You can easily move your portal to another room, transport it to the country or replace it with a more modern version.

Cast iron firebox is better than the steel version. This is confirmed by the following qualities:

  • such a fireplace has a smaller size compared to the steel structure, while it is heavier, since it uses cast monolithic components;
  • heat resistance. The cast iron firebox is able to withstand high temperatures without deforming the hull;
  • long service life;
  • efficiency at work. Cast iron heats up rather quickly and slowly cools, which guarantees excellent heat transfer. Because of this, it is great for heating homes;
  • fireplace stove for the home is able to provide uninterrupted operation. They work as well as other long-burning furnaces.

It is worth noting that if you pay special attention to the aesthetic side, then a steel fireplace is suitable for you.For efficient operation, purchase cast iron fireboxes.


Fireplaces of cast iron can be divided into several varieties, which will vary in functionality, location, type of fuel. There are fireplaces for heating, heating and cooking models and fireplaces with a water circuit. It is also possible to purchase cast iron, which has many useful features.

For small rooms there are mini-options. Such a small fireplace has good heat capacity and is capable of heating rooms of small size. Some people decide to make fireplaces with their own hands.

For example, making their own fireplaces from a cast-iron bath is popular. Such a stove will be in demand at your summer cottage and will be able to perform several functions, including used for cooking in the oven.

Many buyers leave their feedback on cast iron furnaces, on the basis of which you can review the rating of the most popular types of fireplaces.

Wood burning

Cast iron fireplace with wood is in demand in the suburban areas and in private homes.In most cases, they play the role of an additional source of heating. Such units are able to decorate the room and give it a little presentable.

In this type of portals any type of solid fuel can be used, however wood is considered the most popular. People who use a wood-burning fireplace explain that watching the hearth in which they are torturing wood brings an indescribable feeling of peace and pleasure.

Directly firewood makes it possible to use a secondary combustion chamber for efficient heating.


Gas fireplaces are analogous to standard models. Natural gas is used as fuel in this unit, as well as propane-butane cylinders. Gas fireplaces differ in their design from wood-burning models, since during combustion the gas does not emit a solid product of combustion. In these furnaces there is no ash pan and grate.

In the shops there are various forms of fireplaces, depending on your preferences, you can buy a round boiler, square or rectangular.

With water circuit

The most effective fireplaces for heating are units with heat exchangers.In them there is a coil, which accelerates the heated water throughout the building and heats it. You can also use hot water for domestic needs.


The principle of operation of the coal cast iron fireplace is completely identical with wood-burning devices. If we talk about aesthetic beauty, then such a furnace is less attractive, because coal contributes to the appearance of dirt in the room. However, from the point of view of economy, these furnaces are more profitable, since one load of coal is enough for a day of work.

In such models are equipped with a grate of several types:

  • tiled. These are units in the form of a rectangle, which are used for a solid fuel boiler;
  • baskets. If you want to enjoy the open hearth, this option is the most optimal. They are mainly used for cooking food;
  • beam. The name itself speaks about the similarity with the construction beam. They have the appearance of a type-setting construction in which there are double and single parts. They are ideal if you need to collect the grate of non-standard parameters;
  • movable. The design of such a lattice allows you to change the width of the lumen, which is often not enough during installation.

Heating and cooking

For those who wish to install a fireplace in the room, which is combined with a kitchen, this option will be the most optimal. This model is able to replace the traditional stove, along with the preservation of the decorative properties of open currents. These modern fireplaces are used not only for cooking, but also for heating the room.

Device and principle of operation

In modern cast iron fireplaces there are the following elements:

  • firebox. It is made of cast iron.
  • radiator. This part is also made of cast iron. It is a side part of the firebox, the purpose of which is to move heated air into the room;
  • door. Most doors are made of cast iron and have glass inserts;
  • the outer side of the fireplace portal can be lined with natural or artificial stone, brick and other materials that have refractory properties;
  • chimney. This component is an obligatory part of the fireplace that cannot be installed in a city apartment.

When you select a firebox, consider its type. It can be open or closed.Very popular is the firebox, in which there is fireproof glass. This option can protect you and your pets from burns.

Due to the detailed design, such glass is not subjected to the formation of soot and has high performance.

If you use this option, in addition to the fireplace should install the main heating system. It will be responsible for heating the room, and in this case the fireplace works as a decorative component of the interior.

When you purchase a cast iron fireplace, each model has its own instruction, which describes the rules of operation and the design of the unit.


You can do the installation of the fireplace with your own hands, but for security reasons it is recommended to contact the professionals. However, having basic knowledge of how to make the correct installation of the portal will help you not only during the work itself, but also to select the location of the unit and for preliminary calculations:

  1. Since the fireplace has a lot of weight, you must have a strong floor with a screed of concrete. When carrying out facing works, the fireplace should be located at the level of a clean floor, therefore, consider this moment in advance.
  2. Pay particular attention to the wall that will be located behind the fireplace. It should be separated from the communication lines and should be equipped with fireproof materials.
  3. If the wall is external, do not forget about thermal insulation.
  4. If your stove does not have a glass door, install a glass screen in front of the firebox. Also suitable metal decorative grille.
  5. The installation of the chimney should be carried out vertically in relation to the fireplace. There may be a slope of the pipe, depending on the installation possibilities.


The chimney is an important element in any fireplace, so it should be given special attention. It is necessary to decide in advance where the chimney will be located, and what type is suitable for your room.

The installation of the chimney is carried out with special insulation so that when the pipe contacts the walls of the building, there is no overheating. To improve fire safety, should be laid overlap refractory material. In some furnaces, you can install a damper, which is located at the very beginning of the chimney. A distinctive feature of the gate valve is thatthat it is not capable of closing the chimney opening, which helps to completely avoid the formation of a closed volume and carbon monoxide gases.

In old boilers, the exhaust of warm air provided not only the chimney, but also the air vents, as well as the air vents. All openings that provided the exchange of air were closed with the help of gates or gratings and were adjusted manually. This method allows you to control the flow of air and prevented the draft.

Today, modern chimneys, which can regulate draft, are coping with this task.

Fuel types

Due to the fact that cast iron is a durable material, it can use a large number of fuels. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular fuel is firewood. When burning wood material creates a pleasant smell of smoke, which gives off heat well and crackles. In fireplaces it is recommended to use firewood that has been stored in a dry room for at least 1.5 years. It is best to apply hardwood species, which include: aspen, oak, beech, plum and ash.

Hard coal and charcoal, anthracite, peat and coke also emit enough heat when burned, but are not accompanied by aroma and crackling. If you plan to use lignite or hard coal, then you need to improve the fireplace with the help of a grate and a lid that will cover the firebox.

If you choose a gas pig iron boiler, natural methane or liquefied gas will be suitable for it. This option does not require to stock up on fuel and clean the firebox with a chimney. The combustion process is controlled by an automatic system, and the thermostat is responsible for the temperature.

Having studied the types of fuel for fireplaces, you can purchase a fireplace portal with a set of necessary functions that will suit you the most.

Finishing and design

To finish the cast-iron fireplace, you can use various framing options, among which you can find one that fits in with the interior of your room:

If you like a classic design, you can finish using red brick, using clay or heat-resistant solutions for laying.

The economical option is aerated concrete. It is important to know that this type of material reduces heat production.The category of cheap cladding belongs to drywall, in combination with which additional insulation should be provided to the case and other heating parts.

Marble slabs that are ideally combined with a classic interior are popular. Should take care of thermal insulation, because when using marble may appear cracks.

Acquisition of a fireplace will give your room charm and a touch of finesse, and well-chosen decoration will help you create a unique design in your home.

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