DIY fireplace decoration

Today, beautiful fireplaces are one of the most popular and at the same time functional elements of the decor. Basically, when choosing a fireplace, many people are guided not only by their own tastes and desires, but also by the features of the interior of the room in which the object will be located. To make the atmosphere in the house more comfortable and family, you can work on creating a decor for the fireplace.

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Original ideas

If you decide to make a fireplace decor with your own hands, you should pay attention to a few original ideas. Basically, such changes are required in cases where the standard design looks dull and dull. Adding some elements will allow you to “breathe” in a dimensional fireplace a new life, and make it really beautiful and interesting.

Most often for decoration are those items that are suitable for each other in terms of functionality. What kind of fireplace will look "full",if next to him there is no wood burner and a special poker for mixing coals? The advantage of such items is that they perform not only a decorative, but also a functional role. To these components, you can add a brush and tongs.

These sets today are presented in a fairly wide range, so the choice does not raise any special problems. During the acquisition you need to focus on the style of the fireplace. It is best to select components that are suitable for external qualities.

If you prefer the simpler and more common options, then in the design of the fireplace you can use these products:

  • figurines;
  • vases of glass or ceramics;
  • decorative plates.

Recently, various pictures or photos inserted in interesting frames have been popular options. Such products can be made independently using available tools. This will bring newness and uniqueness to the interior, and will definitely surprise your loved ones and guests.

Using photos and pictures

Making a fireplace photo or bright images is one of the most successful solutions.This idea is a win-win, as you can choose a picture in accordance with the design of both the fireplace and the entire interior.

Most often in the decor using three-dimensional images that look harmoniously against the background of the walls. Pay attention to the style and shade of the picture, as it should not blend in tone with the wallpaper. Large images are best hung over the fireplace and located in the center.

Often, the interior is decorated with reproductions of famous paintings. Keep in mind that these options should be used as a design with extreme caution. You should not choose too voluminous and bright pictures, especially when it comes to the classic interior.

Another design option of the fireplace - put the frame with photos on the top. Decorative elements should stand out and contrast against the general background, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

New Year's decoration

You can easily create your own Christmas fireplace design using popular ideas. In general, various Christmas socks for gifts are used as decorations. Often these products are called boots or stockings.It should be noted that this tradition of decorating the fireplace with Christmas socks does not apply to Santa Claus. This element is used for quite a long period, and it is directly connected with Santa Claus. It was he who on Christmas night should put a gift in the boot to the child.

Such a decoration on the fireplace would be very appropriate if the children live in the house. They will not only be happy about the New Year's atmosphere around, but also be able to experience the whole fabulousness of the winter holiday.

Often in the design of the fireplace and other toys are used: wreaths, bright balls and colored tinsel. Such decorations can be placed on the sides or placed on top. Wreaths are recommended to hang in the middle part, as it looks aesthetically and beautifully. Christmas products are suitable as home decorations.

Dramatic changes

It is not always possible to install a real fireplace, especially in the apartment. The security rules and installation complexity do not allow this, therefore it is worth considering other options.

One of the most popular and successful solutions that are suitable for both private homes and apartments is the installation of an electric fireplace.The main advantage of these models is complete safety. The installation does not take much time, and you can choose the design according to your own preferences.

At the heart of the fireplace uses a special hearth, which can be purchased at the store. All that is required of you is to make a design around this system. For this it is best to use drywall, as it does not create a strong load and is easy to process.

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