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When contemplating an open fire, there comes a feeling of peace and tranquility, comfort and warmth. Probably the same was experienced by the ancient people sitting around their hearth. A modern person involved in a frantic modern rhythm of life often lacks this. That is why many of us strive to put a fireplace in our house so that we can relax around our coffee at long winter evenings and watch the bright lights of the flame.

Materials used

The decor can radically change the look of the fireplace and give it originality and individuality. The main thing is to comply with the decor of the overall style of the interior room.

A variety of elements are used to decorate the fireplace.


Flowers and plants are an indispensable tool to bring softness to the interior. If the fireplace is made of stone, living plants will add smooth lines, and it will not look so rough and cumbersome.

On the mantelpiece you can safely place shade-loving plants. The composition of flowering plants and having decorative foliage, for example, asparagus, will look advantageous.

Bright yellow flowers and delicate branches of bushes against a white background of a fireplace give a very effective combination. Arrange them symmetrically on the mantelpiece in transparent vases. This technique will enliven the interior and fill it with positive.

Plants in simple clay pots are appropriate on the mantelpiece fireplace, decorated with textured ornament.


The wire is an excellent material that allows not only to decorate a false fireplace, but also to achieve its maximum similarity with the present.

Any fireplace has a grate. For its manufacture will require a thick aluminum wire, which must be inserted into a vinyl chloride tube. After the imitation of the lattice is completed, it is painted in gold or copper color. This decor element is ideal for a false fireplace with imitation masonry.

Fireproof coating

Paint. Quite often, fire-resistant coatings that are able to withstand high temperatures are used to finish the fireplace. For the treatment of the surface of the fireplace need heat-resistant paint.She is not afraid of 650 degrees, so she is ideal in this application.

At the preparatory stage, the surface of the fireplace to be painted is cleaned. The fireplace itself is heated to an average temperature. A layer of plaster is applied to the wetted surface. After it dries, you can proceed to staining. Paint should be applied in three thin layers.

Glass. The fire-resistant element of the decor, which also performs the safety function, is glass. It is placed on the doors or the fireplace is fully constructed from heat-resistant glass.

Glass has several advantages: it allows you to observe the flame without harming your health and the interior, as it prevents smoke, sparks, accidentally fired coals from entering the room. In addition, manufacturers offer a wide selection of this material from simple options to interesting and unusual - tinted, embossed, with patterns.

Among the drawbacks is the presence of soot on the inside of the glass.

Battery. In some apartments the radiator of the battery spoils the whole interior of the apartment. It is not recommended to close it completely, as this will significantly reduce the heat release. But to mask a false fireplace is quite acceptable.A white box, a white battery and a dark wood mantel shelf, on which photographs and souvenirs are comfortably arranged, will look very harmonious.

The decor of the fireplace itself should be minimal. A small stucco painted with gold paint will be enough.

Laser cutting

The technology of laser cutting allows you to create from metal of amazing beauty panels that decorate fireplaces. With the help of a laser, any sketches are cut, there is no limit to the complexity. It can be all kinds of patterns, pictures of nature. Outwardly, there is a feeling that the panels are made of paper.

Fireplace grilles, cut out by laser, not only prevent fire, but also look very impressive.


For the manufacture of stucco used the following materials:

  1. Styrofoam. The most budgetary, but also short-lived option. Easily attached to the base.
  2. Gypsum. Durable material that does not lose its properties over time. Expensive compared with polystyrene foam.
  3. Polyurethane. Material that is not afraid of high humidity. Does not lose shape and color over time.

Stucco decorate the doorway, styling under antiquity or the Middle Ages. Aging is often used.In order to make the décor elements independently, stencils and special forms are used for pouring a liquid solution into them.


Clay tile, on which the patterns are stamped, is an ideal facing material for fireplaces. The material will not crack, crumble and perfectly retain the heat of the hearth for a long time. However, this process is quite time-consuming. After all, you need to stick each tile.

It is much easier to use the finished form, which will create an interesting textured surface on a damp gypsum surface, imitating masonry. But at the same time to lay every stone is not necessary. After drying, it will remain just to paint the fireplace in the desired color.

Ideas for framing and decorating the fireplace and adjacent wall

In order for the fireplace not to become a ridiculous stain, but to blend in harmoniously with the interior, it is necessary that it correspond to the general style of the room. For example, the Artificially aged vintage fireplace is ideal for a classic style.

A white false fireplace made of cardboard boxes against a white brickwork will be an ideal solution to revive an apartment for the New Year holidays.This design can be decorated with candles, garlands, Christmas-tree decorations.

Decorative grilles are equally good for a fake fireplace, and for the present. For a false fireplace, they are made of wire and painted in the appropriate color. In this fireplace grates are made of iron.

The grill can give the fireplace a special look. Imitation coat of arms makes it, as if descended from medieval paintings. And the floral pattern, on the contrary, gives lightness and grace.

The ventilation grilles in the fireplace improve the air circulation in the box. But in order for a much-needed element to have an aesthetic appearance, it is also decorated with various patterns and ornaments.

The walls adjacent to the fireplace can be decorated with family photos, mirrors, various shelves and niches with souvenirs or books.

To the wedding

Wedding - a solemn event. Flowers, candles, attributes of white color - all this will give comfort and will look great. Delicate white flowers and a garland of paper hearts will look great against the backdrop of a large stone fireplace.

The white fireplace will sparkle with new colors, if you place bouquets of roses on its shelf, alternating them with bright greens.An interesting element of the decor are panels with inscriptions, names and photographs of the heroes of the occasion.

In the spring

After a long winter, I want the apartment to be filled with the freshness and aromas of spring. And if there is a fireplace in the room, then he should be assigned the main role in this.

Decorating a spring fireplace is simple. To do this, you need primroses, greens and transparent vases (in the absence of the usual cans come down), which look easy, without overloading the interior. Imitation birdhouse of cardboard boxes would be very appropriate. This whole set is placed on the mantelpiece. You can hang a wreath of herbs on a colorful ribbon.

If you put a few white ceramic jugs on a mantelpiece, pots with a bright sprig of parsley, garden tools, you will get a magnificent spring composition in a rustic style.

For christmas

For the decoration of the fireplace for Christmas, the paws of coniferous trees are used, which are scattered around the mantel in a chaotic manner. They also make wreaths. The glitter and extravaganza of the holiday provide bright toys, tinsel, electric garlands, candles, citrus.

Traditionally, decorative socks for gifts are hung over the hearth.

Silver stars look very nice and gentle, they are suspended above the hearth at different heights. Small Christmas trees in flower pots are also appropriate on the mantel.

By Easter

To decorate the fireplace for Easter, you will need spring greens, twigs, painted eggs, and Easter hares. You can hang a long garland of paper eggs or bright shreds of fabric.

A simple element of Easter decor can be easily made by hand from cardboard boxes with artificial grass, in which colored eggs are laid.

Interesting solutions in the interior

If the owner of the house is keen on hunting, then the head of the animal above the fireplace will emphasize its interests, especially if it is made of trophy.

The modern look will emphasize the lonely vase or jug. In addition, it will give softness to the angular forms of the fireplace. It looks very unusual ornament of the mirror geometric shapes.

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