Decorative fireplace from gypsum cardboard do it yourself

The beauty of the flame of fire enchants and attracts. You can watch it without stopping for hours. And seldom you will meet such a person who would not dream of installing a fireplace at home. But what to do if you live in an apartment and you cannot install a fireplace in it? Here comes to the aid of a decorative fireplace from drywall.

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Decorative fireplaces are becoming more and more popular by the day. If earlier they emphasized their wealth, now it is a frequently found element of decor. This is because such fireplaces bring harmony to the house and have a number of positive aspects.

  • Decorative fireplace will add chic to any interior, speaking the main focus in it.
  • A false fireplace is not only a decorative element, but also a heating device that will bring warmth and add comfort to your home.
  • It is nice to spend time with close people around him.
  • Not dangerous for children.
  • Decorative fireplace made of drywall, made by hand, will not require large investments.

And these are just the main advantages of installing a false fireplace at home.

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If you decide to install a flash fireplace in your home, then first you need to determine the place. The choice of its location is very important so that you can qualitatively create the illusion that the fireplace is quite real.

  • First, we determine the room where we plan to install such a fireplace. Everything is simple here. Most likely, it will be a living room or a hall. Less commonly, decorative fireplaces are installed in the bedroom.
  • Secondly, we plan its placement. It is usually installed in the middle of the longitudinal wall. But it all depends on your wishes and the design of the room, as well as its technical capabilities.

But even in the smallest room you can install this type of fireplace. Here you can perfectly fit the corner fireplace without a decorative chimney. It does not take up much space and it will be quite appropriate to look.

Do not place the fireplace in places where it will interfere. For example, near cabinets, doors and batteries. This will not only complicate the installation work, but the fireplace may later be damaged.

How to make

To make yourself a decorative fireplace, you will need some small skills in working with plasterboard, the ability and desire to create, and also, of course, a tool.

Initially, you must make the drawings. First draw the layout of the future fireplace, or even a few, and then draw the fireplace in two projections, apply all the necessary dimensions. It is better to carry out the drawing in full size, so it was easy to try on the wall. We develop a sketch to the smallest detail, so that later there is no need to redo anything.

On the basis of the drawing we make the model of the future fireplace of cardboard boxes or foam. It is necessary to create all the details of the fireplace, and install them on the tape where you plan to place this decorative element. Perform the layout carefully, completely in accordance with the project, to analyze the errors in advance and eliminate them.

We proceed to the construction of the structure. During the construction we will need:

  1. Bulgarian;
  2. perforator;
  3. screwdriver;
  4. prosekatel;
  5. putty knife;
  6. stationery knife;
  7. scissors for metal;
  8. roulette;
  9. building level;
  10. pencil.

Initially, we transfer all the details of the future fireplace to drywall sheets, and cut it out with the help of a grinder. We mark on the wall all parts of the fireplace, use the building level to maintain a clear line of horizontal and vertical.Install the guides on the wall, where you plan to place a false fireplace. This is done using a perforator and dowels.

If you are not planning to install a false-chimney and are thinking of organizing a shelf for photographs and statuettes at the top, you should immediately reinforce the side racks for a reliable construction. Start the cable with electricity into the design, so that later you can insert and connect an electric fireplace or an LCD TV into the portal. You can assemble the frame separately, and only then install on the wall. This option is more convenient if your fireplace is located near the wall.

Now we sheathe the frame with drywall. We do everything carefully, remembering that a retreat of a few millimeters can distort the whole picture and will not give the opportunity to fill the portal in the future. If the facing of the false fireplace is supposed to be massive and heavy, then it is necessary to sheathe the future fireplace with two layers of drywall. For the lining of the fireplace fit sheets of plasterboard with a thickness of at least 1.2 cm.

Next, go to the putty. What is necessary to treat the edges of drywall with abrasive, primed and zashpatlevat fireplace completely. We produce putty and inside outside.We use tape and punches to join the sheets together so that the grout keeps well and the surface becomes perfectly smooth.

The next stage - trim false fireplace. You can make it any material. Here fit tile, artificial stone, plaster trim, granite, marble, just painting and much more. It all depends on your imagination and stylistic decision of the room as a whole.

But initially you need to trim the inner part of the decorative fireplace, especially if it will be installed heat appliance. Thermal insulation in this case is necessary. We trim the portal with magnesite and cover it with foil on top. Such a layer will reflect heat and will not allow the inner walls of the fireplace to heat up.

If the heater in a false fireplace is not provided, then inside it can be trimmed with a mirror.

If the fireplace is decorated with artificial stone or marble, the finishing work in the form of putty can be omitted. In this case, you just need to prime the plasterboard, and then glue the stone with special glue. We give the glue to dry well and process all the seams between the stone with a special grout.

Another great way to finish a drywall fireplace is decorative plaster. We put it on the fireplace, and, without waiting for the coating to dry, with a trowel we imitate the brickwork.

You can paste over with a decorative film, choosing a suitable pattern. A huge selection of textures will make your fireplace unique.

After the fireplace has been finished it is necessary to decorate it. To do this, use a variety of columns, stucco moldings. This decor will give the artificial fireplace naturalness and perfection.

You can install a decorative shelf on the upper part of the fireplace, install an electric fireplace or a TV in the furnace.

Interior design

The design of a decorative fireplace can be executed in any stylistic decision, and it is possible to equip it in different ways. From what you fill the portal at the false fireplace, will determine the function of this element of decor.

  1. A classic style fireplace, decorated with marble or granite, with an electric fireplace in the portal, will bring not only warmth to your room, but its presentable appearance will become the central accent in the interior.
  2. False-chimney will add a natural fireplace.
  3. A brick-trimmed fireplace with a TV in the firebox is suitable for a high-tech stylistic solution. Its clear lines and simple shapes will perfectly fit into this style.
  4. The decoration in the form of Greek statues will add chic and fit into the bohemian style of the living room.
  5. For an apartment decorated in Art Nouveau style, a fireplace with a minimal finish is perfect.
  6. Candles in the portal will add a romantic touch to the decor of the room.
  7. Decorative fireplace can be used as a shelf for books.
  8. Corner fake-fireplace will decorate even in a small room.
  9. The top shelf can be decorated for hours with figurines, giving English chic to the interior.
  10. Decorative fireplace, trimmed with stone, perfect in a room with a rustic style.
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False fireplace do it yourself is not difficult. It will decorate any room. In addition, it can carry the function of the heater, provided the installation of electric heater in it. It will be very comfortable to sit around such a fireplace with a cup of tea under a warm blanket, and the flames that imitate such a fireplace will help you to relax. It can show both fire, and other films and programs, provided the TV is placed in it.May simply carry a purely decorative function. But in any case, the fireplace will be a great addition to the interior design.

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