How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

Since ancient times, fireplaces used as a device for heating homes. Portals gained wide popularity in Western Europe, after which they began to appear in Russia. The fireplace is not only a source of heat in the house, but also an elegant detail for the interior of the rooms, which you can constantly admire. For those who live in city apartments, there are decorative fireplaces that perform only an aesthetic function, without heating the room.

Features and benefits

Residents of apartment buildings are the first to pay attention to the decorative type of the fireplace, since they cannot assemble a traditional portal. Artificial corner portals will be the best option for small rooms, since the angular location does not create an overload for the decor, and the design itself does not have large dimensions.

If we talk about the advantages of this type of fireplace, you can note the following:

  • for false fireplace does not need a chimney, exhaust, if you do not plan to install a gas furnace.In the latter case, you will need to organize good ventilation and get approval from the gas company;
  • often in artificial portals an electric firebox is installed. This detail is the screen on which fire is displayed during operation. For this option, only an outlet is required;
  • false fireplaces are easy to install;
  • such structures you can easily make yourself from any materials: drywall, polyurethane, wood, brick and even plywood;
  • fire safety is one of the main advantages of an artificial portal, since there is no fire in it;
  • You can create a fireplace of any size, they are light weight and portability.


Decorative fireplaces can be made from different materials. The most widespread portal of plasterboard. Some owners of houses and apartments choose brick, polyurethane, cardboard and even plywood. It all depends on your imagination and available tools.

To make such a fireplace harmoniously with the interior of your room, you need to decide on the design style:

  • classic. This style is characterized by a square shape.You can decorate it with a bas-relief or stucco. Also suitable artificial stones, which serve as an imitation of precious. Facing work should be done with the help of tiles with imitation of brick or marble;
  • country music Choose coarse materials. It is necessary to imitate the home "hearth" in a simple form without decorative elements;
  • modern If your room supports modern style, make out fireplaces with the help of reflective material;
  • modern hi-tech style implies unusual shapes with sharp corners and mirror elements.

Step-by-step instruction

If you want to create a fireplace in your own home, you should consider a few rules on the example of a drywall portal:

  1. Before you make your own fireplace, you will need to draw blueprints for a future design. After the sketch is ready, decide which wall will be located next to the portal in the room and make calculations, noting the place for the foundation of the portal.
  2. If you want your fireplace to be in the corner, you will need to first assemble the base and then mount the structure into the wall.The remaining types of fireplaces involve the assembly of the frame part directly on the wall.
  3. Profile metal cut, taking into account the markings on the wall. Then you can already collect the back of the portal. The base is attached by screws, dowels, nails are useful for attaching the frame to the wall.
  4. Collect the base gradually and constantly check the drawing. Otherwise, you can get confused in the calculations, and eventually you get a curved structure. To give the portal stability, place struts every 30 centimeters. In case your fireplace has an arch, cuts should be made on the sides of the profile, after which you can do the shaping of the arc.
  5. Now you can cut drywall. As the tool the hacksaw or a usual fret saw will approach. If you do not have these tools, then take an ordinary knife. Measure each side before cutting. Details are screwed to the base with a 25 mm self-tapping screw.
  6. Now you have the base for the decorative portal ready and you can start facing the construction.
  7. Many apartment owners install their fireplace in the wall of the headset.Above the "hearth" is a TV, which looks very impressive. To equip your project with lighting, you will need to connect to the power supply or ordinary candles.

Out of the box

The portal of the boxes is easy to do yourself. For these purposes, you will need a cardboard, a knife, a ruler, a simple pencil, scissors, a stapler and an adhesive tape for construction. To create a sustainable design, it is better to choose a box from under household appliances.

Draw a sketch of the future portal, and transfer the image to the box. Cut off the extra elements from the box and secure the fireplace with a stapler. All joints of the box are sealed with construction tape. Fireplace is cut out with a knife. You can cut only the top and side of the firebox. Fold the material into the box, creating a shelf. It must also be secured with construction tape.

Now you can attach the structure to the wall. You will need double-sided adhesive tape for construction. Use for facing wallpaper, which should be pasted over the portal. If you do not want to spend a lot of time, you can simply purchase a film on a self-adhesive, brick-patterned basis.The top of the fireplace is decorated with a cardboard shelf or parts of foam.


Such a fireplace is easy to assemble and can also be moved around the house. You can buy an ordinary sheet of plywood and decorate it with wallpaper or purchase sheets with three-dimensional drawings.

What is necessary for work:

  • screwdriver and screws;
  • roulette;
  • plywood cutting tool;
  • wooden boards for the base of the portal;
  • furniture legs.

Once you have at hand all the necessary materials, you can get to work. Start with the drawing, noting the size and frame of the product. Bars of wood should be cut to the required length and sign.

Bars should be connected with screws. Furniture legs are screwed to the base board, after which the finished frame is attached to the base. Then a mantel is installed. At each stage of work, make a verification with the drawing.

The portal itself is cut out of plywood. Glue the place of cutting with masking tape or tape. Cutting material should be with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. Grinding should be done in a circle.

If you use ordinary plywood in your work, which you will later paste over with wallpaper, then make special threaded screws or wire nails.If decorative plywood is used, use a special glue for wooden products.

Apply a special impregnation to the wood so that the fireplace will serve you for a long time.

From foam

There are many options for creating false fireplace from foam. The most common is the portal of foam on the basis of cardboard.

What is required for work:

  • box;
  • foam plate;
  • decorative plinth;
  • scissors or knife;
  • construction tape;
  • glue;
  • tassel;
  • water paint;
  • putty.

The creation of this type of fireplace, like any other, should begin with the development of a drawing, which is subsequently transferred to cardboard. Then you should cut the cardboard base. In the place where the “hearth” will be located, it is necessary to make cuts and bend their edges deep into the box, taping.

The next step is the pasting of the structure with foam. You will need to create a countertop, which is made of foam or plywood. Next, use decorative skirting to decorate the portal. Apply a thin layer of putty to the fireplace and cover the surface with water-based paint.

Your decorative fireplace is ready.Install a screen that will simulate a fire, or use a LED backlight, a garland, candles on a battery.

From chipboard

It is best to use laminated chipboard, as it is as easy as possible to create a decorative fireplace. The only difficulty in working with this material is cutting the material. You can cut the plates with your own hands or contact the specialists.

Specify the correct sequence of sizes: the first digit is the size of the fiber (along the figure), the second digit is responsible for the dimensions across the fibers. Do not forget to select the edge as a finishing material. It is glued with a heated iron. If you decide to make a fireplace from particle board, then it is enough to cut the sheets in size, because the box itself will be decorated.

Always use the drawing when assembling. The first stage is the installation of the frame. It is made of slats, which are made of metal or wood. Use the outline to draw on the wall or floor in full-size format. You can assemble the frame separately and make the back wall of chipboard.A similar box can be placed near the wall as furniture.

If you chose chipboard as a material, then the fireplace is ready for you; you will need to think about finishing when working with chipboard. You can use a variety of options, ranging from decorative stones, natural wood, to fabric. It all depends on your desire and financial capabilities.

From foam blocks

For work you will need foam blocks, glue, putty, trowel, timber, trowel with a hacksaw. Before you start, decide on the size, choose a place for the future portal and draw a sketch.

Foam concrete slab, the height of the base of which is not more than 10 cm, should be laid on the floor with a special glue. For sidewalls, use vertical blocks, for wide designs make laying horizontally.

The blocks are easy to cut, so you can cut them into bricks. In this way, brickwork is simulated, and the elements are fixed with glue or mortar from cement and sand. After the side walls are installed, glue over the block plate. It will serve as the top shelf.

If you have too much space left under the firebox, then the front part can be cut out of plywood. The arch can be made in the form of an arch or be just a flat surface.On the front panel, you can use a corrugation, which should be well smeared with glue and putty. Using a spatula, place the composition on the trowel, and apply the solution from the bottom up.

The first layer should be left to dry completely, after which the procedure should be repeated. The surface is treated with sandpaper. Do not forget about facing a decorative fireplace. Any material can be used, depending on the interior of your room.

Of plaster

Gypsum has special properties, so you can make a portal of any shape from it. You should know that this design will not be able to heat the room, but if you want you can install a small source of fire.

Prepare for work:

  • Bulgarian;
  • ruler;
  • impact drill;
  • building level;
  • jigsaw;
  • drywall;
  • screws and dowels.

Preparation for work begins with the selection of a site and determination with dimensions. Do not forget that any construction work begins with the development of a drawing. As a basis for the portal, you can use a concrete pad. In accordance with the installation rules, the base must protrude at least 30 cm beyond the edges of the whole structure.The height of the pillow cannot be less than 20 cm.

Carefully clean the wall next to the fireplace. Installation of the device should be carried out with the help of metal profiles, which will be the basis of the design. Use dowels if the fireplace will stand near the concrete wall. After the profile is created, it is necessary to sheathe the structure with drywall.

The plasterboard should be strengthened with a profile. When selecting the material, take into account that it is combined with the interior of the room. The extra parts are cut, the material is fastened with self-tapping screws, and the seams are coated with putty.

Before starting work with putty, process each edge of the sheet so that it is even. Abrasive will help you in this work. Do not forget to install refractory plating. You can use for these purposes the usual foil.

Flame imitation

Anyone can cope with the creation of a decorative fireplace, but creating a fire is a difficult task. Special electrical devices are characterized by high cost, but they will imitate burning firewood, accompanying the process with a crackling sound.

Some people depict flames like in Buratino. This method is a simple decorative pattern, which depicts burning firewood. Choose small pictures and place them on the back of the firebox.

Can be used as a simulated flame bulbs or Christmas garland. Looks great fireplace from drywall, in which the real logs wound garland. A mirror fireplace with candles will help create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

Installing a small table lamp in a niche fireplace is also an original idea. Cover the firebox with a yellow translucent film and you will achieve a great effect. For this option, you should consider the option of masking the wire, because the light bulb must be turned on and off.

If there is no place in your fireplace to place objects, you can place the processed logs with beautiful candlesticks right in front of the portal.

Interesting solutions and ideas in the interior

You will be able to produce finishing work in many ways, depending on your abilities, wishes and taste preferences.The simplest option is to finish the polyurethane, which is implemented by many stores. This material has high strength and ease of installation, therefore, has won a leading position among the owners of decorative portals.

You can decorate the fireplace with ceramic tiles or use natural fireplaces. Any material for lining should be chosen, taking into account the interior of the room and your idea.

If we talk about unusual decorations for decorative fireplace, then first of all, this design performs an aesthetic role and should please the eye of its owner and his guests. It is not at all necessary to use firewood and a poker as decoration. Today designers offer a wide range of options:

  • Near traditional portals always place a clock. They are either located above the furnace or are on the shelf of the fireplace. If your home is a decorative portal, designers are advised to put the clock in a niche, or in the furnace itself. Such a fireplace will be guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests.
  • The original look can be given to the fireplace by installing several shelves in a niche.Put small statues, candles or boxes with unusual contents on them.
  • Many people like to spend time by the fireplace reading books. For this reason, experts recommend decorating square firebox with books.

Fill the niche with your favorite works with colorful covers - it will look very unusual.

  • Pictures and photographs also contribute to giving the portal an original look. Small frames can be placed around the perimeter of the fireplace, and the larger ones are better placed in a niche.
  • False fireplace can be decorated with flowers, fir branches and home flowers in pots.
  • Use your portal as a custodian of valuable collections. A niche can be used to showcase jewelry, machines, or seashells that you brought from the sea.
  • Using a fireplace instead of a bar also takes advantage of relevance. Place in the bottom niche a bottle of drinks from your collection, and put glasses on the top shelves.
  • A screen that will simulate a flame will help bring the decorative option closer to the traditional one, and create a cozy atmosphere in the room where you will gather with your family.

There are no restrictions for decorating a decorative portal, trust your imagination and create a unique item to decorate your room.

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