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Fireplace. We always associate this word with home comfort, warmth and well-being. Speaking of the fireplace, images of quiet medieval castles, ancient architecture and greatness of classics emerge in memory. In the modern rhythm of life more than ever, you want emotional family gatherings for the melodious crackling of logs in the hearth.

Today, the fireplace is no longer a luxury item, manufacturers offer a wide range of foci for any room, for every taste and wallet. The fireplace can be installed both in a country house and in an apartment, hotel, salon-shop, if the interior requires it.

Foci are wood, gas, electric and biofireplaces. Depending on the space of the room where the fireplace will be installed, you can choose a stove of any size and design, taking into account the color of the room itself, furniture and other interior items.

In a specialized store, you can purchase a hotbed of any model and shape along with a portal of the desired size. The fireplace portal is an arch, inside of which the hearth will be organically entered.On the decorative portals for the fireplace and will be discussed in this article.

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Types of portals

The portal for the fireplace can be purchased already complete with the hearth, or ordered from the manufacturing company according to the design you like, or you can do it yourself. The portal can be decorated in various style and color variations and equipped with additional accessories. Fireplace portals can be made of brick, marble, natural stone, plaster, polyurethane - the choice depends on individual preferences, interior design and type of hearth.

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Wooden design is one of the classic options for decorating the hearth. Wooden portals are eco-friendly, durable and outwardly very attractive, they will undoubtedly decorate any room. Wooden portals can be made in any style. Portals, decorated with carvings, figures of animals, birds, faces of ancient heroes of Antiquity, look luxurious. Fireplaces with columns will suit a more strict interior, and hearths framed by floorboard will complement any modern interior.

Wooden fireplaces can be wide for a large hall, narrow and angular - a more compact option for a city apartment. Fireplaces can be decorated with solid wood or veneer.Modern chemical means allow toned wood in any color, but still the most popular are natural shades of oak, walnut, wangi.

When choosing a wooden portal, one should take into account the fact that despite the additional processing by special means that give the tree resistance to dry air, this material will not be suitable for homes with temperature changes. In addition, the wooden portal is quite expensive and requires regular maintenance.

The wooden portal is more suitable for closed spaces, where it ideally complements antique furniture, antique paintings and other wooden objects. If space and interior allows, it is better to choose a marble fireplace.


Portals made of marble, as a rule, are made in a classic style with elements of antiquity, which makes them magnificent. With the help of polishing marble can be made glossy or matte, it can be aged or supplemented with a chip, which will give the interior extra antiquity and refinement. Marble combined with glass elements will successfully fit into the high-tech interior.

Marble - a material of heterogeneous structure,thanks to the admixture of organic substances, there may be streaks of different colors in it. Conventionally, marble is divided into white, gray and color. Most often, the basis of the fireplace is made of white or gray marble, and the decor is already producing a colored version of it. Looks great portal from white marble, having silver and pink streaks, in the interior - the flame, reflected from the surface of the fireplace, creates a fascinating spectacle. The portal made of colored marble looks unusual.

Portals made of marble have high strength, durability, environmental friendliness. In addition, modern marble fireplaces do not require careful care, provided that the inner surface is made of brick or stone.

From natural stone

Such a material design fireplace, like a stone, easy to use, fireproof, absolutely harmless to humans. Stone portal will give the room aristocratic beauty. Today, due to its ability to fit into any interior, stone portals are often purchased despite their high cost. A portal made of natural stone is an ideal option for framing an electric fireplace for an apartment. Stone - this is the material that never goes out of fashion.


The fireplace from a brick will organically look in the lobby of a country house or in a street arbor. For framing the hearth, a figured refractory brick is used, as a rule, of a noble red color. Decorated with wrought iron elements, mosaics or ceramic tiles, a brick fireplace will become a favorite place to relax during winter evenings.

Of plaster

Gypsum is the most economical material in the production of the portal. Fireplaces made of gypsum are distinguished by environmental safety and ease of implementation - the gypsum fireplace can be completely constructed independently. The portal made of plaster can be decorated with decorative inserts, combined with the general style of the room, paint it in any color, give the structure of wood or stone. Refractory gypsum is perfect for decorating foci with a live flame. Gypsum portal perfectly decorate the house, apartment or cottage.


More effective for the manufacture of a fireplace portal than gypsum, is polyurethane. Modern, heat-resistant, incredibly durable material with time does not crumble, unlike plaster. Portals of this material are durable, environmentally friendly and look good in the interior.Polyurethane is an incredibly durable material that allows you to make a fireplace in the most incredible performance. Most often, the polyurethane construction is covered with white paint based on acrylic, decorated on the sides with gilding or silver paint.

Fireplace designs

The form of fireplaces can be traditional U-shaped, square, round, and depending on the purpose in the interior can be the most unimaginable designs:

Wall fireplaces. Such portals are the easiest to install. Usually, ready-made pockets with a portal are purchased and put in the right place.

Corner fireplaces. Corner portals are a kind of wall structures that do not require special installation skills.

Island portals. It is enough to put mobile island fireplaces (biofireplaces) on the necessary non-slip surface resistant to heat and admire a new piece of interior.

Built-in fireplaces. The most difficult in terms of installation are built-in portals. The installation of such a fireplace begins with the selection of its type and preparation of the niche and ends with the stylistic design of the portal.

Modern suspended structures are a fairly new type of fireplace that requires additional ceiling mounts. The choice of fireplace construction directly depends on the type of fireplace and the professionalism of the installer.

Modern raised fireplaces

Those who wish to reproduce an old element of interior in their home can use so-called false fireplaces. False fireplace is a portal without a hearth. The use of portals in the interior, made of various materials, decorated with patterns, frescoes, stucco, color, will make the room cozy and stylish.

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To give the portal the warmth of a living fire, you can use candles. A false fireplace decorated in such a way will become an unforgettable component of a romantic evening - the tongues of candle flame reflected from the fireplace will not leave anyone indifferent.

The equipment of a false fireplace with a mantelpiece will serve as an additional place for placing figurines, photographs in frames, boxes, candlesticks and other trifles necessary for creating home comfort.

Regardless of whether it is real or a false fireplace, a decorative portal will transform your interior,will give it an aristocratic gloss and bring home comfort.

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