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Thanks to advanced technologies, the interior of country houses and even small apartments can be decorated with an electric fireplace. Installation is safe, ergonomic, easy to clean. And most importantly, with the help of electric fire, you can create the effect of a real firebox, enjoying the flames during cloudy autumn weather or the snow-covered landscapes of the metropolis. There is a wide variety of models on the market, ranging from classic versions to modern installations in the style of hi-tech, modern.

One of the most successful, time-tested brands was Glen Dimplex, a leader in the production of electric household heating appliances.

About the company

The success of the company is associated with continuous investments, dedication to the highest quality standards. Her "Irish" roots lead from the city of Newot. In the year of its foundation, 1973, the Glen Dimplex group of companies became popular all over the world. Even then, the company had more than 8,000 personnel at its factory, and the amount of sales in a decade exceeded the threshold of 1.2 billion euros.Today, a huge corporation includes such brands as Blanella (manufacturers of electric blankets), Sona Mellerware (kitchen appliances), the British Morphy Richards (manufacturers of small heating systems), Burco Maxol, etc.

At one time, Glen Dimplex was a marketing division of Siemens, and since 1992 it has begun to literally seize large organizations like Westcan, Chromalux, Belling. They even include a British radio station, manufacturers of German vacuum cleaners (EIO) and other household appliances.

The company adheres to high quality standards. Thanks to the strict control of each stage in production, the end user receives an ideal heating system for homes, apartments, and public institutions. All products of the company successfully fit into any style of interior, do not take up much space, but create a tremendous effect!

Important features of the production are:

  • ISO9000 compliance;
  • safety in home use, confirmed by certificates BEAB, TUV, VDE, etc .;
  • effective heating of the room;
  • wide model range (floor, built-in, wall);
  • various flame effects, focal types, etc.

The company creates such devices that are as close as possible to real fireplaces, but their work requires only an outlet.

Features and advantages of products

Collections of electric fireplaces Dimplex have a number of advantages, demonstrate effective technologies, look as natural and attractive as possible.

The following features can be distinguished:

  • models give a complete atmosphere of comfort due to the flickering lights, imitation of crackle;
  • electric fireplaces demonstrate the effect of a real flame Opti-Myst;
  • All Dimplex products will be an excellent accent for any style of interiors;
  • products are quite simple to install, operate (only need a socket);
  • the equipment is mobile, which makes it possible to mount it in any place and easily change the position;
  • in multifunctional electric fireplaces, you can easily turn on or off the heating function;
  • inexpensive to use models of Dimplex consume energy in minimal quantities;
  • during the operation of such fireplaces no combustion products (smoke, soot) are produced;
  • all models are safe to use, so they are intended even for children's rooms;
  • electric fireplaces are much cheaper than gas or wood equipment.

All lines are equipped with plasma panels, LED screens, which convey the most realistic picture, sound, create the atmosphere of a warm, cozy home.Some models are built into the wall, others have impressive dimensions, while others have special Purifire filters for air purification.

Differences and Construction Features

In a wide range of consumer can choose their "smart" system for heating, inspiration and interior decoration. Electrofireplaces of Dimplex are divided into several categories, which are distinguished by their structural features.

Built-in fireplace

Embedded models of Avola, Viotta, Lydon Brass, Synergy, etc. are in great demand. They create a unique design in the house and demonstrate an exact imitation of fire. Before you is a prototype of a classic wood fireplace, with which you will be assured of the safety of your property and tenants. Are you in love with the interiors of country houses? Now nothing prevents you from creating a summer atmosphere in your apartment.

Opti-Myst technology

One of the most popular models in the world is the electric fireplace with Opti-Myst technology. For the first time in 2009, the manufacturer used a steam generator that realistically conveyed the effect of living flames, glowing wood. Ultrasonic, he created cool steam. The “trick” of such a model lies in the rapid heating and effective illumination thanks to halogen lamps and light filters.Marvel at the graceful dance, the movements of the steam under the different color of the fire.

Wall and corner

Plasma SP 29, Magic SP 8, Obsidian, and many others are made of glass, metal, or plastic. The use of such products is safe. The wide model range is a variety of interesting options. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are ergonomic, do not occupy too much space in the house. The size of the most dimensional products does not exceed 120 x 60 cm. They can be transferred and hung on different walls.

The electric version is suitable for a city apartment, because it does not require the installation of a chimney. Wall designs successfully decorate the overall decor of the interior. Most often they are embedded in a niche or hung above the bed. Such design project visually practically does not differ from a natural fire chamber.

Models from Dimplex perform such practical tasks as heating and room lighting. Their power ranges from 1 to 2 kW. This is enough to heat a room up to 20 m2.

There are also angular versions, which include such models as Verona, Toronto, Pierre Luxe, etc. They work on the same principle as built-in, wall. They are often equipped with a wide table top, which is used as a shelf. They look more than impressive in classic, avant-garde interiors.

Model overview

Each model has its own characteristics and advantages. When choosing an electric center, give preference not only to aesthetic qualities, but also to internal functionality. A wide range of products from the company Dimplex will help you make the right choice. Ready heater just enough to connect to the power supply.

Fireplace Series Opti-myst characterized by imitation of the "living" flame, performed from stone, wood. Each model in this series has an anti-stress effect. Also, the fireplace heats the room at the expense of mirror reflectors, a heat fan. The quality models of the Opti-Myst series come with a steam function, and the Opti-V series with an impressive 5D effect.

Attention deserves a collection Vega ("Vega") and Synergy with built-in focus and flame effect Optiflame. Interesting for small apartments will be the Juneau device, which is used with or without a portal. It demonstrates a stunning flickering of the flame, works in a decorative mode and creates the feeling of a natural smoke from the fire.

You will certainly enjoy the functionality of the models. Albany, Modern, Symphony 26working on a remote control.

But electric heater Cassette 1000 - this is the equipment in which firewood is delivered with a smoldering effect. It will certainly create a cozy atmosphere at home, where you are always welcome!

Products like Piccolo, "Lagoon", Bingham will work regardless of the heating mode. They can be installed permanently or near a wall.


During installation, the model does not need any permissions from special services, an additional gas pipe and any specialists. Installation can be made personally. Also, no tools are needed for mounting and servicing equipment. All that has to be expected is the replacement of lamps or the repair if necessary.

Cost of

The price of branded models from Dimplex is quite acceptable, inferior to expensive burners, furnaces, classic fireplaces of any type (open, closed). During operation, the electric “stove” functions both as a heater and as an object for complete relaxation. The main difference lies not only in the technology and principles of operation of devices, but also in your wallet. It is not necessary to throw out money with the electric fireplace every month for the purchase of firewood, chimney cleaning, etc.Acquisition of a model from Dimplex has practically no effect on your payment for electricity, since it consumes it in minimal quantities.


As noted by the happy owners of electric fireplaces from the company Dimplex, all the declared characteristics of the manufacturer are real. Numerous customer reviews "tell" about the advantages of individual series, their quality and functionality. Most like the opportunity not to kindle fireplaces, not to support their burning, not to extinguish. The important role is played by fire safety of such installations. The person independently decides when to enable or disable the room heating function.

Many prefer it to electric fires because of the affordable price, at times less than other types of furnaces. You do not need to worry about fuel for the hearth and additional waste for firewood, briquettes, etc.

Most owners of electric fireplaces like their decorative component. They become a bright accent in any room, complement and transform any style: from retro, art nouveau, vintage to urban-chic, modern, hi-tech.

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