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Creating coziness in the room where you are going with your friends and family is very important. In a pleasant atmosphere it is much easier to relax and tune in to the desired wave. One of the proven and popular ways to make your room truly cozy is to install a fireplace in it.

Today fireplaces perform mostly decorative function. Therefore, it is very important that the selected copy fits perfectly into the overall picture.


Comfortable rooms with a fireplace are a dream of many. And to make it a reality can both owners of a private house, and those who live in an apartment.

In a private house

Of course, it is much easier for owners of private houses to install a fireplace in their rooms. As a rule, a living room is used for its placement. It can be a separate room, or a room connected to the kitchen space. If the budget allows, then a full mantel can even be installed in the house.Such a room provides complete security, because everything in it will be equipped with a source of open fire.

However, safety should not be forgotten anywhere. Even in the most luxurious interior should not place a fireplace, especially with an open fire, next to textiles, upholstered furniture or carpets.

In a city apartment

Many believe that fireplaces place only in large private homes. But this stereotype in the modern world is gradually moving aside. Many fireplaces of small sizes are designed, which can easily fit in any average apartment.

When choosing a fireplace for a city apartment, try to pay attention to its functionality. Well, if the fireplace is mounted on the wall or complemented by a TV. The latter is true for small electric fireplaces.

The fireplace should fit organically into its surrounding space. Think over in advance how it will be combined with the furniture and decide what type of fireplace you need. Indeed, in addition to the fireplace and functional furniture, there should be free space in the room.

In city apartments very often use electric fireplaces or false-fireplaces.This allows you to protect yourself and keep a maximum of free space.

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing a fireplace for a small room - it should be bright. A fireplace made of dark stone or rich chocolate-colored wood, although it looks luxurious, it visually makes the room heavier and makes it less spacious.

Types of fireplaces

In a modern living room, you can place not only classic wall fireplaces, but also other, more compact modifications.


If you have a small room, then the best option for you will be a stylish wall fireplace. It can be mounted in two ways - near the outer or inner wall. If you want the fireplace to perform not only a decorative function, it is better to mount it on the inside - otherwise the heat will go out.


Another compact option is a floor fireplace. It is good for a one-room apartment or a studio. Most often, outdoor fireplaces are electric, so use them quite safely.

Built in

For small rooms, a built-in fireplace is also suitable. It is good because it is mounted in a special niche in the wall.It is better to think over the installation of such a fireplace, of course, in advance - then you will not have to change anything in the planning of the room. Such a fireplace would be appropriate in rooms from 18 sq. M.


The most classic type of fireplace - a side. It is rather bulky, but it looks really atmospheric. The best places to house such a fireplace are the bedroom and living room.


Recently island fireplaces are gaining popularity. If you have a small studio and you want to save space, then this is a good option for you. It looks modern and stylish, takes up little space, as it is located in the very center of the room, and at the same time heats the room well.

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Fireplace options for heating

Fireplaces differ also by type of heating. Depending on what type of fuel is used, a fireplace may be a more or less economical option.

Wood burning

The most common option - wood fireplaces. Such fireplaces were found in old private houses. A large fireplace of this type is good not only for its appearance, but also because it is able to heat the room, creating the right atmosphere.

A wooden fireplace is good because its portal is able to keep warm even when the fire in the room does not burn at all. This is especially true for fireplaces built from cherry or mahogany. Such an elegant fireplace will perfectly fit into the living room, study or even a bedroom.

Modern fireplaces often use different types of exotic trees. For example, rosewood, teak or wenge. They help to emphasize the sophistication of the homeowner's taste and the uniqueness of the design as a whole. However, exquisite decorative materials can be used exclusively for decoration. Wood can be presented in a variety of colors and shades.

Often, different species or shades of wood combine with each other, which allows you to create an interesting effect. In hi-tech style or minimalism, most often, light wood colors are used. A popular option is pine covered with a transparent, high-quality primer. In the trend of aged wood. In order to achieve this effect, the surface of the tree is covered with a special paint that simulates cracks.

Wood is also often used to create traditional style fireplaces.The most popular solution is the use of mahogany, decorated with exquisite carvings or also artificially aged. Mahogany is decorated with darker colors, it looks as a result of a luxurious and attractive.


In the modern world are popular and electric fireplaces. This is a great solution for those who live in apartments. Such fireplaces are as safe and practical as possible. Of course, the electrofireplace does not give enough heat for full heating of the room, but the necessary cozy picture is still created.


Another modern solution is a small gas fireplace. It is good in that it makes it possible to save money on the purchase of firewood, since heating occurs at the expense of gas.

Raised fireplace

Also as a decorative element in the room can be used and imitation of the fireplace. For interior decoration it is quite possible to use not only purchased designs, but also fireplaces created by yourself.

Stylish arrangement

In order for the new fireplace to fit into the interior of your apartment as organically as possible, it is worth picking it up for the room design features.So, if the whole room is made in a classic style, then the fireplace should look pretentious and impressive. And under the minimalist interior it is worth picking up more simple and compact fireplaces.

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