Design of fireplaces in the interior space

The fireplace is a symbol of the hearth, a sign of financial solvency and family well-being. That is how it is accepted in public opinion to consider owners of fireplaces in their dwelling.


Luxuriously and particularly spectacular home, lit by bright tongues of flame. The fireplace becomes a highlight in an interior of any room irrespective of its general stylistics. It is curious that fireplaces are created from the most ancient times, but even today the interest in them does not fade. Fireplaces are provided both by owners of private houses and private houses, as well as ordinary apartments.

The variety of fireplaces is great: from massive stoves with solid fuels and real flames to portable electric fireplaces.

If you want to warm the room, a fireplace that is heated with wood is suitable. There is no possibility to install the duct? You can choose a fireplace for biofuel, gas or electric. They are no worse than give an atmosphere of comfort.And in some electric fires with artificial fire, you can even turn on the sound of crackling logs!

And if the hearth is needed only to give an individuality to a dwelling, then fireplaces with artificial fire will do as well. Or imitation fireplace.

But before you dreamily represent the hearth in your home, you should think about their varieties. After all, the design ideas of the fireplace depends on both the taste and the style of the room.

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In private houses in which there are huge living rooms, a fireplace is not uncommon. It is superbly located along the wall. Sometimes it is a cast iron stove that looks gorgeous and warms the space. In the living room of small dimensions, the hearth is usually warm in the corner.

In the living room most often you can find a fireplace, made in the classic version. This style is not called a classic by chance - time over it is not powerful and the fashion for it will not disappear. And most importantly - it will be successfully combined with any interior. Classics are smooth lines, regular shapes, and neutral colors.

However, when the design of the room is unusual and you want to add a drop of creativity, you should choose a high-tech fireplace. This style occupies one of the leading places in the market of demand."Hi-tech" is translated as "high technology." The methods of its manufacture and appearance keep up with modernity. There are many elements of glass, plastic and steel. It can be in the middle of the room and have a fire for long-term maintenance of heat.

But if the living room is part of an apartment, then you should look at the fireplace with biofuel. It has no combustion products, which means there is no need for a chimney.


Nowadays, more and more often, a fireplace is being installed not only in the living room, but at the place of eating. You can see the dancing fire in the dining room of a luxury cottage, and in the apartment kitchen. It can be like a decorative fireplace without heating function. And maybe with real fire. Fireplace, "hidden" inside the bar counters, it is good to attach near the sofa - a kind of comfort zone right in the dining room.

If the kitchen is small, then the fireplace is built into the wall. As a rule, these are electrofireplaces of high-tech style.

In the spacious dining room asking for a fireplace in the Greek style. It is an open, unguarded fire that looks unusual and elegant. Or an English-style fireplace - elegant and rigorous. It looks like a simple little furnace without decor.It is appropriate not only in the dining room, but also in the office, hall.


In a small studio apartment optimal fireplace, powered by electricity. And it is not necessary to have a stove with firewood to get warm and cozy. The hearth can be made in a minimalist style. This is a miniature fireplace with a light focus that fits into any room decoration. A real find for small apartments.

Or another option - a two-sided fireplace. It is quite original when the kitchen and the bedroom are separated by a wall with a fireplace from glass walls on both sides. Refractory glass allows you to admire the flame from the kitchen as well as from the side of the room. It will only remain on soft ottomans and enjoy the moment.


In the hallway, as a rule, there is not much excess space. But if you want to bring a zest to the design, it is better to choose a classic-style electric fireplace. He will give warmth and a sense of home right from the doorway.

If you need not so much warmth as beauty, then you should choose a biofireplace. Or a false fireplace. When, as such, there is no fireplace, but there are lights in the wall niche. These can be candles of different sizes. Or a soft light that lights up from the net.


An interesting solution is to place the fireplace under the stairs between the floors of a private house. The place will not be empty and will give the room originality. Better when the fireplace is lined with the same materials as the steps on the stairs. Or just fits into the overall look of the room.


The bedroom is a place where you can relax and, wrapped in a blanket, melancholically contemplate the dance of fire. The style depends on the room itself.

A fire with real fire in the bedroom should be avoided due to fire safety, and even the slightest spark can damage furniture. But an ecocamine or electric fireplace will create the optimum atmosphere of comfort. Often in the bedroom hearth stands opposite the bed. And then you can fall asleep, enjoying the view of the burning flame.

If the bedroom itself adheres to the country style, then the fireplace will be well revetted with stone. When the bedroom is in light pastel colors, the fireplace is a great complement to perfectly white. For small apartment bedrooms, a fireplace in a minimalist style will do.


The unique feeling of magic in the New Year can be enhanced where there is a fireplace. For example, if there are more light colors in the interior, you can decorate the fireplace with silver candles and coniferous garlands.

If there are mantels, you can fill them with fabulous figures.In the light of the evening fire, they will happily excite the imagination of children. On the stones you can draw deer. A garland of Christmas toys in the interweaving of beads can frame the fireplace. Original will look with a fireplace cones, fruit, pine branches. And on the eaves of the fireplace you can scatter small snowflakes.


Attic rooms themselves are always cozy. And the appearance of the fireplace will double the strength of the attractiveness of this under-roofing area. Ideal - electrofireplace with artificial fire. Or even be decorative. A good choice of biofuel fireplace. Or false fireplaces embedded in the wall.

It is possible to revet a mansard fireplace with a stone or ceramics, a tree or even a brick. In any case, in the attic, it will look advantageous.


Balcony as a storage room is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today the balcony is a pleasant place to relax. A loggia decorated with a flame of fire will become a favorite place for all family and friends. A small fireplace can be placed against the side wall, and next to the chair. Or choose a compact corner fireplace, which will give the balcony an amazing atmosphere. By the way, in the winter on the loggia you can still warm up.Best suited compact electric fireplaces.

But to boast a stove with real fire is impossible. After all, you need a solid foundation for a heavy chimney. Yes, and unsafe in terms of fire. Yet solid fuel stoves and real flames are more practical in private homes.


In the apartment corridor, it is better to build a fireplace in the wall, so it will not occupy space. Of course, to sit beside him, blocking the passage is not very convenient. But in the corridor fireplace another plus - it is worth barely cross the threshold of the dwelling, the person immediately plunges into the special atmosphere of the hearth.


The spacious hall with an elite interior and a real flame is delightful from the first step into the house. Successfully fit forged furniture, stone or marble floors. And an extra touch - any exotic potted flowers. In addition, there is enough space in the hall for friendly gatherings near the fire.

For the stone hall is appropriate fireplace in the Art Nouveau style of marble with a rough or smooth texture. In some halls of a modern look it is worth choosing fashionable hi-tech. And in the spacious hall will decorate the immaculate Greek fireplace.


It is noticed that in the restaurant in which the fireplace “lives” customers always tend to take a place closer to the light. Therefore, the presence of such extravagance as a hearth with a flame increases the interest of visitors to this restaurant.

The style of the fireplace may be different, but it must be in harmony with the furniture, bar, columns. Type of fireplace corresponds to the overall style, which adheres to the interior of the restaurant. There is basically a fireplace place - along the wall, which is the longest. As a rule, the flames there are real. For example, a fireplace in the English style and recessed into the wall. Excellent decor - an ornament from a tree.


A special microclimate of silence and mystery will add the presence of a fireplace in the library. Probably because, in ancient times, libraries heated fireplaces to maintain the necessary heat for the safety of books. Since then, a special romance to sit by the fireplace with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Today, libraries prefer wood fireplaces with doors closed. Almost always they are made in a classic style with stone ornaments around the firebox.


On the veranda is to choose a fireplace with real fire. And it is good if it is a stone stove. Or a fireplace with classic elements.The fireplace in style rustic will successfully fit. "Rustic" is translated as "rough." Some brutal surface made of ceramics, crushed stone, wood in combination with sophisticated rich decor.

But for the fireplace on the veranda and the terrace will have to take care of the canopy, so that bad weather does not damage it. Also, the fireplace should stand so that the smoke does not fall into the house.


The fireplace inside the gazebo, of course, must be open and on the wood. For open terraces there are models combined with a brazier. This option is indispensable for joint recreation. Living fiery tongues will attract views throughout the rest.


Cottage residents often prefer the modernist style of the fireplace. These are contrasting colors interspersed with soothing hues. Plus mirrors and glass, diverse surfaces - from smooth to hilly. This fireplace fits well in spacious stone houses.

Country fireplace is also a great choice for cottages. Some old style under the Russian stove. Lined with cobblestones or even pebbles. And with almost no decor. It is associated with the center of primitive times. This fireplace looks the most in a log house.


Fireplace in the country - the fashion of many lovers of country pastime. It is there and heats, and decorates, and even feeds. In the latter case, the fireplace has a hob. Basically gardeners choose a stationary stove, less often - a mobile one, which allows changing their place of deployment. By the way, particularly advanced gardeners buy a separate firebox, and then revet it to your taste.


It's great when the look of the fireplace fits naturally into the image of the room. But on the other hand, in order to make the fireplace the center of attention, it must be contrasted to others.

So, the minimalist style of the hearth will be perfectly combined with any modern interior. A classic fireplace will decorate everything, but especially apartments. But in the cottages more appropriate fireplace, made in the spirit of country music. In general, a fireplace with a stone looks interesting in spacious living rooms and chic bedrooms. For high-tech housing, it is better to choose a fireplace with a maximum of metal and glass decorations. Luxurious fireplace in the form of a waterfall in the living room of high-tech style. For a rustic fireplace, the room should be decorated using wood and stone.

The presence of any style in the fireplace will make it attractive. Everyone wants to come where you can sit around the hearth. The fire calms, giving rise to topics for conversation under the crackle of logs and the smell of smoke. After all, as you know, a person can endlessly watch the water running, the stars shine and the fire burns.

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