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Create a fireplace in the country - this is an excellent solution. The fireplace will be the heart of the house, a place where the whole family will gather in long winter evenings with a cup of tea and pleasant conversations. Fireplaces will add a warm, pleasant atmosphere of calm and comfort, as well as be a great addition to the interior of the room. In addition to its beautiful appearance, fireplaces can be used for their intended purpose - for heating the house.


First decide what kind of fireplace you want to install. Fireplaces for country houses are of different types and each of them has its own characteristics:

  • wood stoves - fireplaces. Such fireplaces are made of brick, cast iron and steel and have the function of a heat exchanger. Such fireplaces are open, half-open and closed. Such fireplaces work on solid fuel - wood or coal. Firewood is considered the most affordable type of fuel. Also, the tree has an excellent ability to absorb carbon dioxide;
  • gas country fireplaces are also very popular, they work on the principle of a stove, but have a beautiful design. They are used not only to heat the house, but also simply as an interior decoration.
  • electric fireplaces; The main advantages of such fireplaces are their safety and ease of use. If you do not want to spend your time on the kindling of the fireplace, then electric fire will be an ideal option for you. Such an installation serves as a heating device as well as an element of decor in the house;
  • decorative (fake) fireplace is considered one of the most affordable and budget. It is installed in the event that they want to simply diversify the interior of the room. This fireplace is only suitable for decorative purposes. It is quite easy to install and can be decorated at your discretion;
  • It makes sense to choose a stove with a water circuit if you need to regularly heat a large area of ​​the room. This design heats up quickly and heat spreads to all rooms.
  • eco-fireplaces; such fireplaces are the safest and environmentally friendly. This type of fireplace works on liquid fuel - bioethanol.When burning this substance does not emit substances hazardous to health. The disadvantages of such models include the high price and high consumption of liquid fuel;
  • mini fireplaces; This is a portable miniature fireplace. Due to its small size, it can be located anywhere, for example on a table;
  • oven stove; very simple, compact and affordable form of heating. The operation of the stove stoves is only slightly more difficult to use the fireplace, however, fuel is saved much better;
  • Garden ovens, barbecues, grills, barbecues are indispensable helpers for cooking kebabs and cooking other dishes in the country. Such stoves are small and can be transported to any place by one person;
  • convection oven is used for cooking meat, fish, bread and other dishes. Convection ovens are compact and easy to operate;
  • cassette fireplace - iron or cast-iron firebox, closed glass. It is inserted into the furnace or is finished with various materials (for example, brick). Closed firebox does not require constant monitoring, which, of course, is an advantage of this type of furnace.

How to choose

When choosing a fireplace in the first place, pay attention to its efficiency, simplicity and ease of use. Carefully study the technical characteristics of the fireplace.What is important is not only the appearance and design, but also the power of the fireplace and what kind of fuel you will use.

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Good reviews are received by Bavaria stoves. Such fireplaces have high efficiency, due to which the heated room heats up pretty quickly. Also, Bavaria is equipped with a system of slow burning of firewood, which makes the stove economical to use. Bavaria models are not only low-cost, but also outwardly attractive and fit perfectly into your country house.

The fireplace for the street is best to install in the gazebo or on the veranda, that is, under a canopy. This will help cover the fireplace from the threat of destruction due to weather conditions. For this reason, the outdoor fireplace should be made of wear-resistant material, such as brick or stone. You can make a steel fireplace with a barbecue so that it performs not only a decorative function.

How to do it yourself

Once you decide on the type of fireplace, you can begin to build it. First you need to think about the project of building a fireplace, that is, ordering. The order of the fireplace, you can draw your own, taking into account all the technical characteristics of the fireplace.The order will be easiest to draw on plain paper in a cage.

Arranging the fireplace will help you figure out how much material is needed to prepare it in advance. The best material for such a fireplace would be a brick. If it is good to burn a brick, then the fireplace can be laid out from it entirely. Mortar for stove stoves can be purchased ready for use, you only need to dilute the mixture with water.

You can also make homemade masonry clay mud solution. To do this, you need fat clay and washed sand without impurities. Clay should be clean, with a minimum sand content. It is better to take the blue clay, although it is suitable and red. Before preparing the solution, the clay must be soaked for several days and filtered through a sieve to remove the pebbles.

It is important to respect the proportion in which the clay is mixed with sand. You need to consider that an excess of clay is much better than its lack.

Once you have the foundation of the fireplace ready, you need to fill it with durable concrete. If your fireplace will stand against a wall of combustible material, you will need to install fire protection.

The first row should be laid out as smoothly as possible. Further brick laying is carried out in accordance with the layout plan. Laying should start from the corners and monitor the horizontal level between them. Excess mortar can be removed with a trowel, and a dirty brick can be wiped with a wet rag.

Brick outdoor stoves, fireplaces can be built on the same technology as the home. First, you should determine where the fireplace will be located. Next, you should draw a plan diagram of the fireplace and indicate in it all the dimensions and amount of building material that you will use.

For such a fireplace, it is necessary to use heat-resistant brick, as it is quite reliable and durable. Once the foundation is settled, it will be possible to go to the brickwork.

Design examples in the interior of the room: modern ideas

Today fireplaces are becoming especially popular. This results from the fact that installation of a fireplace allows to avoid monotony and does your room cozy, interesting and modern. Agree that it is extremely pleasant to bring friends together near the fireplace, and in the winter long evenings to listen to the crackle of wood, to feel warm, to enjoy peace and quiet. Without a doubt, the fireplace is the perfect solution for your country house.

It is extremely important that the fireplace fit into the layout of your holiday home in design and style. Interior decoration should be done so that there is a combination of the color of the fireplace with your chosen style of the room.

Wall fireplaces should also be combined with the style of the room. For example, if your living room is made in a classic style, then the wall fireplace should be decorated with high-quality wood or heat-resistant finishing material. A necessary element is a shelf made of marble or wood, where you can install beautiful candlesticks or cute figurines.

If you are a fan of minimalism in the interior, you can choose a fireplace that is quite simple in its style.

Since modern fireplaces do not require a lot of space, you will have more space for other decorative elements.

Angular fireplaces have become very popular in modern homes.

The dream of any modern person is to combine a fireplace and a TV in one room.

If you decide to install a fireplace and a TV in the cottage together, you should remember that they should be about the same size so that a larger or too small object does not attract attention.Then this solution will ideally fit into the interior design of your villa living room.

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