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Special features

The stove is an excellent option for installation in the country, as it has significant advantages compared to a conventional firebox: ease of installation due to the lack of a convection duct, the ability to equip the hob, the ability to change the orientation and location of the stove.

When choosing a stove for giving, it must be remembered that, unlike a home fireplace, where the heating function is usually secondary, here it is used primarily for space heating. Therefore, when choosing a furnace power should be a determining factor.

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All the variety of models of stoves for giving can be divided into the following types:

  • Potbelly stove. The easiest and cheapest version of the furnace. It has a number of significant drawbacks - it heats only when it is heated, it cools quickly, has an increased fire hazard, not an aesthetic look.
  • Mini oven. It is used in small rooms, occupies a minimum amount of space, but at the same time is quite effective.In the case of execution in the version with glass gives a feeling of comfort and lively fire, despite its modest size.
  • Oven with hob. Such stoves allow you to cook food, boil water, which greatly simplifies the suburban life. Have one or several rings. To give the stove with a stove - a great option, since it completely solves the problem of cooking and at the same time well heat the room.
  • Furnaces with a heat exchanger - a hybrid furnace and a heating boiler. Inside the furnace there is a heat exchanger in which the coolant, usually water, is heated. The heat exchanger is located in the rear or side walls of the furnace. Using the coolant in heating devices can significantly improve the efficiency and uniformity of space heating and the duration of heat preservation. In addition, only using a furnace with a heat exchanger it is possible to heat isolated rooms that are not connected with the volume of air with the room where the furnace is located. Such a double-circuit oven can also provide hot water in conditions of separation from civilization.
  • Convection ovens. Most modern fireplaces are convection.This means that inside the structure there is space for the passage of air, which actually turns the furnace into a heating device that quickly and efficiently heats the air in the room. A small volume of air heated inside the furnace is compensated by greater heating and more intensive air circulation.
  • Long-burning stove. Such technology is offered in most models currently sold. The bottom line is that by adjusting the flow of air you can control the intensity of burning. The structural features make it possible to stabilize the process of combustion and gas formation and to keep it at the same level for a long time. This allows you to fully use the device for heating, eliminating the need to constantly throw up firewood. Setting up the furnace allows you to both quickly heat it, and make the wood burn for a long time.

There are also furnaces that work not only on wood, but also on pellets, coal, and other types of fuel. Models that are fired with coal are the most economical, you can put coal in them once a day, which is very convenient for permanent residence.


According to the materials of the furnace to give can be divided into two types: brick and metal. Furnaces from different materials have their own characteristics of installation and operation:

Brick kilns retain heat for a long time, but they weigh a lot and require an impressive foundation, take up a lot of space and heat up for a very long time. Also, do not forget that in order to lay down a high-quality brick kiln you will need a good expensive brick, including chamotte (fire-resistant) brick for the firebox. Even an ordinary professional stove can build a quality even an ordinary three-knee brick kiln; these services are not cheap.

The iron stove is compact, quickly warms up the room, takes up little space, but also cools quickly. This is especially true of steel furnaces, cast iron have greater thermal inertia, but weigh more and cost much more than steel ones. In addition, the metal furnace with a glass door is much more beautiful than their brick counterparts.

In general, it is preferable to give metal furnaces, and for additional heat preservation, you can install a stove, lined with talco magnesite - a special stove stone.Such a furnace heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time.

How to choose

The main criterion for the choice of stove for giving should be functionality. First you need to calculate the required power for heating the room. To do this, it is necessary to take into account whether the stove is to be fired constantly or periodically, whether it is supposed to be used in the winter or only in the spring-summer-autumn period, to calculate the volume of the heated room.

For long stays it is recommended to use long-burning stoves, lined with talcomagnesite. In addition, you need to understand what additional functions of the stove you need - a hob, a heat exchanger and others; the price of the fire box depends very much on their availability.

Particular attention should be paid to the chimney, because without a properly made chimney, the stove cannot function normally, if the chimney is already built in the house, it is necessary to relate its characteristics to the requirements of the stove for bracing, which are indicated in the instructions.

Ultimately, in the matter of choosing a stove, you are limited only by the manufacturer’s fantasy and price.

Top models rating

The modern market of heating devices offers a huge selection of stoves for every taste and wallet.The top kilns of European manufacturers are Jotul (Norway), Supra (France), Tim Sistem (Serbia) and others. In the catalogs of these brands dozens of stylish high-quality stoves, fireplaces of various capacities and configurations, each of which will serve as an excellent addition to the interior of the house.

For example, Diana (Serbia) wood-burning stove, Tim Sistem company, with a small size and power of 7 kW, heats the room to 70 sq. M, thanks to the convection type of work. Ceramic inserts on the side surfaces are not only for decoration, but also allow for a long time to keep the room warm after the process of the fire is completed. The small weight of the furnace, due to the manufacture of thin, but durable sheet steel, allows you to install it not only on the ground floors, but also above. In combination with a relatively budget price (from 15,000 rubles), this makes this model an excellent option for installation in a country house.

Domestic manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces also demonstrate a huge selection of models. One of the most famous Russian companies, EkoKamin, has developed a line of Bavaria furnaces, which harmoniously combine price, quality and appearance.

The power of all the Bavaria furnaces is 9 kW, which is sufficient for heating rooms ranging from 80 to 150 sq. M.All models are equipped with hobs, some more expensive, equipped with ovens. Also, all models have observation windows that allow you to observe the play of the flame. The combustion chambers are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean.

Furnaces of the Termofor company perfectly combine compactness and functionality, and also stylish "company" appearance. All models of this company are characterized by a vertical load of firewood, with a capacity of from 6 to 10 kW. Each oven is equipped with a cast-iron cooking surface and a deep ash drawer.

Model Static Tetra Mini - one of the smallest stoves among all existing models. With a power of 6kW and a weight of 45kg, it heats the room up to 1000 cubic meters. and is a great solution for a small country house.

Meta Group represents several dozen models of steel and cast iron stoves, fireplaces, including a water circuit. Each of the main models - Angara, Baikal, Narva, Amur and others, have several configurations. For most models, a certain monumentality is characteristic - weight over 120kg, power over 9kW, impressive dimensions.Many ovens are equipped with cooking surfaces and convenient recesses for storing firewood.

Cost of

In the final choice of the stove for giving, cost plays an important role. At the same time, selecting the optimal model, it is necessary to lay the cost of the furnace along with the installation into the budget, because for safety and prevention of fires, it is better to entrust this work to qualified specialists. As a rule, when buying a stove in the salon, the store will offer you the installation service itself.

The price range for stoves is very large. Quite acceptable options can be found from 11 000-16 000 rubles. (Bella Thalia, Serbia, Meta, Russia), and the upper limit can reach several hundred thousand (furnaces are a company Supra, France or Harvia, Finland).

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How to make

When designing the stove in the interior, as a rule, there is no difficulty, as a modern stove is in itself a design object with high aesthetic appeal. Basically, the design of the furnace concerns the fireproof zone around it and the correlation between the style of the furnace and the style of the room.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Furnace-fireplace will always be the main element of the interior and the center of the composition of the room.

Lovers of all original and extravagant perfectly fit hanging furnace-fireplace, which is attached to the wall or to the ceiling. The only disadvantage of this solution is the low heating capacity of this unit.

Cast iron stoves decorated with monograms and bas-reliefs are perfect for creating the old atmosphere. Laconic metal fireplace will highlight the modern style of the room.

To save space, stoves are often built into the wall or using corner models. The center built into the staircase looks originally.

However, with all the endless imagination of designers, do not forget that the stove is, first of all, a functional heating device and should be installed taking into account all the requirements of fire safety.

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