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The fireplace is associated with the home hearth, it can become the highlight of your home. On its basis, you can build a very original and elegant home interior. According to old traditions, family members celebrate all significant holidays, and especially the New Year, at the fireplace. Meeting with friends by the fireplace in the living room can be very comfortable and unforgettable.

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Special features

Modern technologies allow to install various models of fireplaces both in a private house and in an apartment. The real fireplace in classic style is relevant at all times. A real brick masonry fireplace can be installed only in a private house, and you should note that the living room where the fireplace will be located should be quite spacious, it is desirable that its area be more than twenty square meters. In addition, the floor of the building must be very durable, since a brick fireplace is a rather heavy construction. It is better to entrust the installation of the fireplace to the master,who knows his business, because if you install it yourself, you can easily break the clutch, which can later lead to a fire.

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Residents of apartments can also complement the interior of their home with a fireplace, only in this case, a suitable type is an electric fireplace. He is handsome no less than natural brick. And there are many models of electric fireplaces: some act only as an element of decor, and some, besides the aesthetic function, perform the function of a heater in the living room. Such models have only positive qualities, because they are very easy to use, you can independently set the required temperature on them. This design is very beautiful and, moreover, completely safe.


As a rule, rooms in which the fireplace is installed have a more classical design, since a fireplace is a thing, as a rule, of classical design. Therefore, it is important that this design does not stand out from the general interior of an apartment or house. The modern design of fireplaces is usually different metal decor, the decor of natural stone or marble,glass and other materials.

Best of all, the fireplace will fit into the interior of the house, which is decorated in vintage style. Now this interior is very fashionable and relevant. This style is an ensemble of light walls and floors, lacquered wood furniture and stucco decor. It is very easy to choose a fireplace model for such an interior. Modern models of fireplaces are also perfect for the interior of the house, decorated in country style.

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Where to place?

As for the situation, it is best to place the fireplace against the wall opposite the sofa or chairs with a small table. It is advisable to remove all large technical devices away from the fireplace, since they will divert attention from the main part of the interior of the house - the fireplace. The fireplace can be decorated with stylish details, such as vintage watches or unusual figurines, in addition, family photos installed on the fireplace will add warmth and comfort to your home.

The fireplace will make unusual and fashionable any modern living room. You can sit around him and relax after a hard day’s work. Such a pastime will help relieve emotional tension and will have a beneficial effect on you.

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How to choose

Many wonder how to choose a fireplace for the house. Such a fireplace should, in addition to the main heating function, perform an aesthetic function, so when buying you need to pay attention to its design: this device should be well suited to the home interior. A huge selection of such fireplaces allows you to choose exactly the fireplace that best fits your home environment. Manufacturers produce fireplaces in retro style, in classic style, in modern style, Provence, hi-tech and in many other styles, one of which will certainly suit your home interior.

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It is important to consider the size of the room in which you plan to install a fireplace, since it is better if its size is proportional to the size of the room in which you will install it. Fireplaces mounted in the wall, take very little space and are suitable for small spaces. There are special portable models of electric fireplaces and biofireplaces designed specifically for small houses, they will perfectly fit even into the smallest room. Do not install too large fireplace in a small room, because it will look cumbersome and therefore can not perform a decorative function.

When choosing a fireplace model, consider which design fits you best. After all, now there is a huge number of varieties of home fireplaces: real fireplaces, biofireplaces, electric fireplaces, decorative false fireplaces. If it is important for you that the fireplace bring home only aesthetic pleasure, then any decorative designs are suitable for you. And if it is important for you that the fireplace bring heat, install a real brick fireplace with a chimney at home, and if you cannot, purchase a fireplace with a device equipped with heating elements. He will warm you up on cold evenings and help to bring the whole family together.

How to make yourself?

Such a fireplace can be made with your own hands, but this is a rather complicated process. This home fireplace can be installed only in a private house, which has a chimney. To create such a design using facing brick or stone. The first step towards creating a brick fireplace is to create a drawing that depicts the order of this building material. If you have not laid out anything out of bricks before, you should not take it, it is better to leave such work for a skilled master.

First, lay out the frame part of the fireplace, but first of all, you need to check whether the floor can withstand this rather heavy structure. A positive feature of a brick fireplace is that such an element of the interior, as a rule, no longer requires finishing, since the brick can already be considered an element of decor that is very versatile and can easily fit into any home environment. This fireplace, though very massive, but it looks very elegant and natural. Its design can be supplemented with wooden strips, on which you can arrange candles, family photos and stylish table clocks. If you want to make such a fireplace in the apartment, then you should place an electric portal inside this design that simulates a hearth;

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Cleaning the glass at home

Fireplace glass has a protective function and, first of all, it warns against direct contact with the flame. Often it is very dirty from soot and ash, or just grow cloudy from exposure to high temperatures, so many people have a question about how to clean the glass door of the fireplace on their own.If you have special glass cleaners at home, then this problem will be solved very easily. Such tools are sold in stores with household chemicals and are specifically designed for cleaning fireplaces. When buying a chemical agent for cleaning the fireplace, carefully read the instructions on its packaging, it is important that its use does not exclude the possibility of returning or replacing the glass door of the fireplace under warranty.

If you do not have a special tool on hand, you can clean the glass of the fireplace with ammonia, which is in almost every home medicine chest. The main rule - to begin cleaning the door of the fireplace should only be when it has cooled completely. To clean the fireplace glass with ammonia, dilute it in clean water, as it will slow down the evaporation of this substance from the glass surface. Some recommend adding vinegar to the mixture.

The resulting solution should be sprayed from a spray bottle onto a glass door and wiped with a dry cloth. This process should be repeated several times, depending on the complexity of the contamination and the thickness of the layer of soot and dirt.If it is rather difficult to clean the pollution, spray the solution onto the glass surface and leave it, without erasing, for a few minutes for the reaction to take place. An abrasive sponge can be used for the most difficult fouling of the fireplace door, but you need to be careful with it, because it is very tough and can therefore scratch the glass. Some owners of fireplaces are advised to use a cloth with a solution of ammonia and ash from the fire to clean the glass of the fireplace, as this chemical mixture very effectively cleans smooth surfaces.

Many dark spots on the glass door of the fireplace are formed as a result of incomplete combustion of wood particles. It is very interesting that a hot flame can also help in cleaning glass from such stains. In addition, they can even clean the chimney.

In order to make it easier for yourself to clean the glass of a home fireplace, try to wash it regularly, since old dirt is much harder to remove. If the glass of your fireplace has not been cleaned with a special chemical agent or liquid ammonia solution, then you should try to remove the dirt by gently scraping its blade, and you should be very careful not to scratch the glass.

In order for the glass of the fireplace after cleaning no cloudy stains, wipe it at the end of this process with soapy water. As soon as you light a fire inside the fireplace, the glass will instantly become transparent due to the effects of high temperatures. To keep your home fireplace as contaminated as little as possible, use dry and cleaned wood to kindle it.

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