Wood fireplace do it yourself

Erecting a house for housing or a cottage, people often wonder how to arrange heating in it. In this case, it may be thought about building a wood fireplace with your own hands.

Many will say that it is easier to buy ready-made, especially since the market has a huge selection of metal fireplaces for different types of fuel. But this is a sample option. Make the same stone fireplace, putting into it a piece of his soul, you can only.

The main issue in the construction of fireplaces with chimneys in the house - for what you are planning their construction. Purely for decoration - this is one option, the second - it will carry the main heating function.

But in any case, you will need step by step instructions. Here are the main stages of the construction of the fireplace yourself:

  • operating principle;
  • material selection;
  • location selection;
  • dimensions calculations;
  • arrangement of reliable chimney;
  • care.
When building a fireplace with your own hands, it should be noted that the shape of the stove should be wide, but very shallow.Laying make uneven, with additional protrusions, thereby increasing the area of ​​elements that give off heat.

Operating principle

The work of fireplaces is very simple. Firewood, burning in the firebox, heat the furnace walls, which, in turn, give off heat and heat the air in the room. The fireplace consists of two main components:

  • the oven itself;
  • chimney.

What to do

For the construction of the fireplace is suitable red ceramic brick or heat-resistant brick. But it is not recommended to interfere with two types of bricks among themselves due to the fact that the physical properties of the materials from which they are made are different, and when heated they behave differently. If they are combined during the construction of the fireplace, can damage the masonry.

As a binder, you need to use a mixture based on clay. It can be purchased ready-made or made independently.

The second type of material is natural stone. Very expensive, but the fireplace will look much richer from it.

The third type is monolithic with formwork.

You can use special fireplace designs, which are then lined with brick. They are usually closed cast portal, thus increasing the burning time of firewood, and therefore raise the efficiency value several times.

Due to the fact that the construction of a brick wood fireplace will weigh about one ton, it needs a foundation. It is not recommended to put the house and the fireplace on one base, since the shrinkage of these objects will be different.

The budget version of the foundation - the construction of its reinforced concrete.

Fireplace decoration should be made of heat-resistant materials that hold for a long time and give off heat. These include stone, tile, ceramics, decorative plaster.

Where to place

First you need to determine where to place the fireplace. There are three places to install:

  • angular;
  • wall;
  • central.

It all depends on the size of the room in which you plan to install the oven.

Corner or wall placement is suitable for not too large rooms. But if the room is of impressive size, then installing a fireplace in the center is an excellent solution. This is due to the fact that it does not have to heat the street wall, thereby not losing heat, and such a fireplace works much more efficiently.

But the fireplace in the corner will help save not only space, but also money for materials during its construction.

What are calculations for?

Before you start building a fireplace, you need to make all the calculations and make a project.This is necessary so that, firstly, the fireplace is safe, and secondly, that its efficiency is as large as possible.

You can use a ready-made project, according to which your friends built a fireplace at home or order it at a company engaged in their construction.

Drawing up a competent order is one of the main components of a successful fireplace construction.

Basic requirements for a fireplace with wood

In the place where the pipe begins, it is necessary to organize a visor. In order to be able to extinguish sparks flying out of the hearth, as well as to reduce pressure in order to avoid smoke. pipe to the street.

How to lay out

Laying should be done so that you get one monolithic structure, for which it is necessary to make a dressing in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

The most difficult thing is to lay out the chimney.

Fireplace chimneys are a vertical pipe for removing smoke and carbon dioxide. Its wall should be no thinner than half a brick. Provided that the pipe will subsequently be plastered, it is allowed to lay out 1/4 thickness.

It is not recommended to lay out the chimney with chipped bricks inside, as soot will settle on the walls.

The main brickwork is also performed as the fireplace itself. Particular attention should be paid to the passage of the pipe through the roofing material. Usually to ensure fire safety in the attic do the cutting, that is, increase the area of ​​the chimney. Pipe out above the roof about two rows, then arrange an otter. Finish the chimney head.

Also, instead of a brick, you can use an asbestos-cement pipe or a ceramic pipe. It is much easier to equip it. But such a pipe cools down quickly, and melting the furnace again with it will be very problematic.

For heating

If you decide to make a fireplace for heating, then you need to connect radiators to it. For this purpose, it is necessary to install contour pipes in the furnace, which, in turn, introduce into the main heating of the room. In this case, the fireplace can be used as a primary or alternative source of thermal energy.


Stone and brick fireplace with wood does not require special care. But for the purpose of fire safety, it is necessary to inspect and diagnose it twice a year and, if necessary, clean it.chimney. For this purpose, special doors are installed in the chimney, which will easily allow to inspect and clean the chimney.

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