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In the XXI century, more and more people, chasing clean ecology, fresh air and serene life without a large number of people and cars, without traffic jams and constant stress, choose life outside the city in clean ecological areas, where it would be comfortable and cozy for the whole family. Many, in pursuit of this very comfort and coziness, acquire or build private houses themselves. It can be as a small one-story house with a small area where you can grow flowers, vegetables and fruits, as well as a huge mansion, where there is plenty of room for the whole large family. Fireplace is the home of the family hearth. It occupies a central place in a country house and in a country house.

The presence of a fireplace in the house, in the country, and even in an ordinary apartment brings a touch of romance and family idyll. When a fire burns in the fireplace, it seems that you can look at it for hours. "And let the whole world wait". The best and most memorable moments of life are when everyone is close.Charges by the fireplace will help unite the family, create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The creation of a home hearth is usually occupied by representatives of the strong half of society. When deciding to buy and install a fireplace in the country, the question arises: which option is better and better?

How to choose?

Wood fireplaces for summer cottages are a good way to heat not only part of the room, but the whole house. The whole house can be heated by installing a fireplace with a heat exchanger. Firewood does not require any special expenses, there is not so much dust and dirt from them, as, for example, from coal.

There are many different types of wood fireplaces, starting with the size and ending with the material from which they are made.

  • Fireplaces made of brick look like Russian stoves that can heat small houses.
  • Cast-iron fireplaces are installed in the house rather as an interior item that completes the holistic look of the living room or kitchen.
  • Steel fireplaces are designed not only to keep the house warm, but also with the help of additional devices (a hob or a stove) to feed the inhabitants of the dwelling.

Types of wood fireplaces:


  • Heated by air. Principle of operation: cold air flows from below, then it passes through a closed fire chamber into the fireplace body, it heats up and comes out through special ventilation grilles.
  • Heated by water. Principle of action: burning firewood heats cold water. Liquid is fed to the heat exchanger, where it is heated and carried around the perimeter of the room circulating pumps.

Such options for fireplaces will warm the entire area of ​​the house, which heats up quite quickly and does not require much energy. They are considered a decorative version of a conventional heating system. With such a fireplace in your home will be not only warm but also beautiful.


Such variants of fireplaces are most often made of bricks, they are of large size, chimney and chimney. An open fireplace will not be able to warm up the whole house, but the crackling firewood and hot flames will make the frosty winter evenings a little warmer, cozier and more fabulous.

Fireplace and stove at the same time

In Russia, there are many manufacturers of such fireplaces. The fireplace-stove allows not only to make the house warmer, but also to prepare a delicious dinner for the family table.

There are several varieties of such miracle stoves:

Bavaria Ekokamin Company

This option has in its complete set an oven and even a whole stove.

The model is popular for its low price, high efficiency.The fireplace has a body made of durable cast iron, ceramic veneer. The hole for firewood lined with refractory bricks from clay fireclay.

The door has a glass of transparent quartz. Quartz - quite resistant and durable material. Quartz glass temperature drops and too hot a flame uneasy.

A furnace with a 9 kW heat exchanger can heat a room equal to a small apartment.

It has an aesthetic appearance. You can choose a lining of any color range, and clear glass will allow you to enjoy the raging flames.

As a “food” for such a fireplace, it is better to use slightly damp firewood.

Cinderella. Termofor company

This name was due to its appearance. Too similar to the stove from the cartoon of the same name.

This option is famous for its compactness, ability to "live" even in the smallest room.

The stove has a steel body, due to which it heats up quickly. The door is round, very comfortable to use, has a strong lock. The glass inside the door is made of heat-resistant high-quality material.

The cooking cover is located on top, which is quite convenient and allows you to cook or reheat any dish.

Its power is slightly less than Bavaria - only 4 kilowatts, which allows to heat only a small portion of space. But there is a plus - such a "baby" does not require a lot of fuel.

Tango trio. Company "Teplodar"

Made of stainless steel.

Individual differences - glass from three sides, allowing to observe the fire from any angle and location. They expand the boundaries of the review.

At the bottom of such a stove, a cast-iron grate — a grate — was installed, and a cell for a stack of firewood was built under it. This allows you to make the furnace more comfortable for the owners of the house, does not create excess dirt.

In this fireplace is set to double combustion, thus, the wood almost disappears inside. The advantage of this model is the ability to regulate the flow of air using buttons that are mounted in the door and in the upper zone above it.

Differs in medium size. Can be placed on almost any area.

Neva. Meta Company

Power 6 kilowatts. Heats the air quickly. Treats the category of furnaces of long burning. Works up to six hours with one tab.

It is made from high quality European materials.

Feature - angular design with ceramic veneer. This oven will be a worthy decoration of any interior.

You can heat not only wood but also coal.

Due to the shape of the prism, the fireplace will look very aesthetic in the house, and the panoramic view is always pleasing to the eye.

Angara. Meta Company

This model will be able to fill with heat the entire area of ​​the house, as it provides water heating. It can be connected to your system.

The glass and tiles on the sides are made of ceramic, which makes the appearance of the stove more accurate.

The fireplace is made of steel, has high strength, is very reliable, can withstand high pressure and temperature.

The stove must be located near the wall. It is possible to heat both wood and coal.

Yenisei. Meta Company

This wood burning stove has a high power of 11 kilowatts.

Almost the most popular model of this company. It has a relatively small size, panoramic view, which is provided by glasses in the amount of three pieces.

The chimney is made separately. 2 connection options: rear or top.

In addition to ready-made fireplaces of normal size, manufactured in production, there are mini-fireplaces that can be built with your own hands.

How to make yourself?

First, you need to measure the area of ​​the room in which the fireplace will be located. Mini - fireplace should not take up much space, it is better to make it more compact.

Making the furnace. Fireplace with his own hands built of brick. He must stand on an even and solid foundation.

The ideal material for your own fireplace will be red brick.

After we have determined the room, we have found the necessary brick and the correct foundation, we begin the laying of the firebox.

The opening should be no lower than 50 cm in height and not narrower than 40 cm in width. Further choose the sizes at your discretion.

Together with the firebox we make the firebox - the place where the firewood will be located. In depth it should be at least 30 centimeters. If you do less, then the flame can "burst" into the room.

Together with the walls and the pipe are two channels. They should be on the sides. They will receive cold air, and warm return and warm the room.

A ready-made wood-burning brick fireplace may not be completely level. This can be fixed by covering it with steel sheets.

There are models of fireplaces that can only be placed against the wall, there are built-in fireplaces.They take up little space and look quite appropriate in any interior. There are also adjustable models. Such can be put even in the center of the room.

Wood fireplaces are a universal means of maintaining heat in a country house.

Fireplaces receive a sufficient amount of positive feedback. Norwegian convector fireplaces are quite popular among consumers. They have a special hot air distribution system. Norway is currently the leader in the production of fireplaces and stoves. Norwegian fireplaces are of high quality and have a long service life.

Do not be afraid to install fireplaces in your home in the country. They will become not only an excellent design solution, but also bring warmth and comfort to your family.

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