Brick fireplaces for the house

If you are a happy owner of your own country house or cottage, then you can afford such an excellent functional detail of the interior, like a real wood burning fireplace. Wood fireplaces made of brick for the house fit perfectly into the interior, give it a special comfort, and, most importantly - effectively heat a large area of ​​the room. To build such a fireplace is not easy, but, if desired, it is quite possible - you just need to carefully study the principles and features of its construction and follow all the recommendations at each subsequent stage.


  • Open fireplace. A good choice for large spaces. The installation of such a fireplace is usually done in the middle of the room, due to which uniform heat distribution will occur;
  • Closed fireplace. Installation of this type of fireplaces is made only when building a house. If you try to build it in an already inhabited room, it is fraught with large expenditures of money, as well as a number of technical difficulties;
  • Semi-open fireplace.As the name implies, this is a cross between the first and second options. The most successful choice, since it can be erected in a residential area, and its location - near the wall or its inside - saves living space;
  • Corner fireplace. Its location is also very good, as it helps to heat adjacent rooms.

Preparation of the project and drawings

Having decided to independently build a wood-burning fireplace from a brick, you must be prepared for the fact that this process is rather time-consuming and requires special knowledge on laying bricks, an understanding of the principle of the fireplace. First, draw a diagram of the future device and prepare building materials. A typical wood burning fireplace consists of the following parts:

  • Firebox. The place where firewood is burning;
  • Smoke chamber (the so-called smoke box). It collects the harmful products of combustion;
  • Chimney (chimney). Designed to bring smoke out.

The scheme must be shown ordering - step by step laying of the fireplace in rows.

Algorithm of construction of a wood brick fireplace

  • First, the foundation is laid.For this, a pit is being prepared about 60 centimeters deep, rubble is poured into it. Wooden formwork is installed on the sides, the walls are leveled and the concrete solution is poured. It will take about three weeks to harden the foundation;
  • The next stage is the laying of the fireplace itself. It is necessary to start it from the corners and constantly check the order of the order;
  • The penultimate stage is the construction of a chimney. It is necessary to carefully study all the nuances and tricks of its design, since the health and safety of your entire family depends on the correct installation of the chimney, since dangerous carbon monoxide is concentrated in it. Clay is used for masonry up to the roof level, and cement solution after. In order to protect the roof and floors from high temperatures, it is desirable to lay thermal protection in the form of felt soaked in a clay solution. To protect the chimney from precipitation, a special overlap must be made above the roof;
  • And finally, the decorative trim of the fireplace. You can skip this step if you have built a fireplace of beautiful high-quality brick, without chips and cracks - it will be enough just to gently process the seams with a special grout.But if you are still unhappy with such a “pristine” appearance of the fireplace, then the following finishing materials are at your service:
  1. "Wild stone";
  2. facing brick;
  3. plaster;
  4. facing tile;
  5. marble tiles;
  6. concrete with imitation of wood, etc.

In addition to decoration, a fireplace can be decorated with other decorative elements - statuettes, cast-iron casting grates, pick up elegant fireplace tongs, beautifully lay out a pile of firewood next to it.

Materials needed for the construction of a wood brick fireplace for the house

So, when building a wood brick fireplace for the house, you will need:

  • Solid red refractory brick;
  • Cement;
  • Sifted river sand;
  • Cambrian Brown Clay;
  • Wooden planed boards;
  • Ruberoid;
  • Felt in roll or felt plate;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Grate;
  • Protective screen;
  • Smoke damper.


In order for your wood-burning brick fireplace to serve for many years, you need to properly take care of it - regularly clean the chimney and chimney.

Cleaning methods

  1. dry cleaning - cleaning with the use of special liquid or powdery means, which easily remove soot and prevent its appearance;
  2. brushing. Such brushes consist of several collapsible links, which must be joined in the process of inserting the brush into the chimney. When the brush in the chimney encounters an obstacle, it is necessary to stop its further advancement, clean the chimney from obstruction and disassemble the brush in the reverse order;
  3. cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner. In the process of cleaning the vacuum cleaner sucks all the soot from the chimney in a certain way. It is considered the most "clean" cleaning option, but is used only with a small accumulation of soot.
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