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In the modern world, a fireplace is no longer considered solely as a source of heat. This initial function, of course, is of great importance - especially for residents of private houses - but today the fireplace has also become an element of the interior, the decor, which adds originality and uniqueness to the whole room. The kindling of the fireplace for many has become a real ritual, and the room in which it is located is a gathering place for the whole family, attracting with its atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Features and principle of operation

The work of the fireplace is based on the principle of the release into the surrounding space of heat obtained from the combustion of wood in the furnace. The room is heated by convection: the movement of hot and cold air. The fireplace has a larger, compared with a conventional wood-burning stove, the firebox, which improves the air supply and worsens the traction. It is because of poor traction efficiency of most modern wood fireplaces does not exceed 10-20%. For this reason, using a fireplace as the main source of heating is not a good idea; although in some cases this is also possible.

In addition to low efficiency, the features of the fireplace include a wide price range and many different designs and models: the buyer always has the opportunity to choose from an impressive number of options.

When choosing, you must take into account the overall style and features of the interior and the size of the room. All this is a laborious process, but nothing creates a warm and cozy atmosphere as much as a fireplace does!

Types of models


Traditional and most versatile models, as presented in a variety of sizes and can be installed in almost any home. Usually have a rectangular shape.

There are two subgroups in this category:

  • Fireplaces adjacent rear wall to the wall of the room. There are a large number of models of different sizes and designs. They are preferred for installation in spacious rooms, for example, in living rooms, as they themselves often have impressive dimensions.
  • Fireplaces adjacent to the wall of the room end wall. Such models usually have a relatively small size, so they are best suited for installation in rooms of medium size.


Make up a whole with the wall of the building. Can be embedded in both external and internal, delimiting wall. In the first case, the chimney is also located in the outer wall and does not take place in the room, therefore, such models are usually more preferable. In the case of a fireplace built into the inner wall, only the portal goes directly into the room.

Embedded models are the most compact and often perform an exclusively decorative function.


These models, as well as wall, can be divided into two categories:

  • Located in the outer (outer) corner. Such fireplaces are designed for spacious rooms with non-standard layout. The combustion chambers are located at the junction of two rooms, and the fireplace itself adorns two rooms at once, therefore, the design choice should be approached with great care.
  • Located in the inner corner. Models of this type connect the walls of a room diagonally. They are more common than the previous category, and more compact, therefore suitable for installation in rooms that have a relatively small area.Sizes and shapes are very variable; may have additional parts and elements.

Below are a few more categories, selected on the basis of the functional features of fireplaces.

Long burning

Fireplaces that can heat a room for ten or more hours with one kindling are usually referred to as long burning models. However, in practice, such indicators show only special furnaces with the function of gas generation, therefore, in the household sense, a long burning fireplace is one that is able to heat a room on one fuel insert for five hours or more. Such models, by the way, can work not only on wood: coal can also be fuel for them.


Outdoor fireplaces are electric models, the advantage of which is the relative ease of installation and visual component. In addition, these models are distinguished by the ability to move from one room to another.


Models in this category can either be mounted to the wall or be literally suspended from the ceiling. The advantage of fireplaces of this type is their elegant appearance, but they are not suitable for any interior.


Mobile electric heating models. There is a huge variety of shapes and designs that are most suitable for modern style interiors. Many modern manufacturers of heating equipment rely on the mobility and compactness of their fireplaces, so they are available on the market in a very wide range.

With boiler

Features of the design and construction of some houses allow combining the fireplace with the main heating system in this case, the fireplace connected to the water circuit, in addition to performing the heating function, also becomes a solid fuel boiler. The boiler is quite functional and safe.

Of course, there are other models of fireplaces, not allocated to a separate group, but deserving no less attention. On the modern market are many models, among which are quite original: for example, double-sided fireplaces with a panoramic glass furnace. Such fireplaces are mounted in the wall that separates the two rooms and serves to simultaneously heat and decorate the two rooms. In general, glass elements are widely used in the design of various models of fireplaces and stoves,bringing additional charm and elegance to their appearance.

Some firms specialize in the production of fireplaces without chimney. Such models are called eco fireplace and, instead of smoke, they emit harmless combustion products into the environment. Acquisition of a fireplace operating on bioethanol will make a contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Fireplaces without a foundation are also found on the market - in common vernacular “stoves”. These mobile and compact mini-stoves are used not only for heating, but also for cooking, which makes them an excellent option to give.

Home fireplaces have a wide range; for a bath, the best option would be a classic wood-burning fireplace with a closed firebox - it will allow you to quickly achieve the desired temperature in the room and hold it for a long time.

Selection features

Of course, the choice of a fireplace in a house or apartment is a process that requires a significant investment of time and labor: you must decide on your preferred model, take into account all the nuances of the room, choose the appropriate option, and then install it.

Special attention should be paid to some manufacturers of heating equipment.

Teplodar (Russia). The company has existed since 1997 and offers a wide range of fireplaces: more than twenty different models and over a hundred modifications of stoves. In addition, a wide price range and reputation make the brand particularly attractive in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Meta (Russia). Another veteran in the domestic market. The company guarantees the buyer the reliability of its products, an impressive range and a wide price range (a large range allows you to find models of both economy and premium class). In addition, an indisputable advantage is the service to create a fireplace on an individual request, allowing to meet the needs of even the most picky customers. On the basis of the company there is a workshop that implements such orders.

Viking (Russia). A series of models released by Meta. Fireplaces of the Viking line are distinguished by their efficiency and reliability. Their advantages include safety, the ability to control thrust, rapid heating of the room and the duration of burning.

Vesuvius (Russia). The manufacturer assures thatUsing advanced technologies and the latest developments in the field of heating equipment, it was possible to achieve quality comparable to the world-famous Finnish stoves. The company bribes reasonable prices with high quality and reliability of models.

Foreign manufacturers also offer a wide range of fireplaces, designed for a wide range of customer needs. Among them, one can find both technological and expensive premium models (for example, fireplaces produced by Konig Feuer and Thorma), as well as more economical options.

The most famous in the Russian market are the foreign manufacturers Kratki (Poland), Ferlux (Spain), Nordica (Italy) and Hitze (Poland), and they are in fairly high demand. For example, Polish Kratki fireplaces bribe a client with a variety of models that differ significantly in price and functionality.

Around the world, Finnish stoves and fireplaces are widespread and very popular. The most famous companies are Tulikivi and Nunnauuni. Using the recognition of customers around the world, Finnish manufacturers are forcing the rest of the companies to equal themselves.

Economy class

Cheap fireplaces of the already mentioned firms Meta and Teplodar are very popular. The simplest models are distinguished by their pragmatic design and low price, which makes them preferable for buyers. Polish and Czech fireplaces, for example, from Kratki and Liseo, are widely represented in Russian online stores.

In general, buyers leave quite positive reviews about the fireplaces, both domestic and foreign production.

Form and Dimensions

Fireplace dimensions should be determined by the size of the room in which the installation will be made. In the spacious rooms and living rooms you can install a large fireplace, which will change the vision of the whole interior; in the room, it is advisable to use small and narrow electric fireplaces that complement the interior, but do not change its appearance radically.

Although the classic rectangle is the traditional form of the fireplace, there are original designer models. They can be of any shape, including a round, trapezoidal and rounded rectangle.


The material affects the ability of the fireplace to heat, its reliability and service life.

Brick models of wood-burning fireplaces are traditional and serve to heat the room as quickly as possible. Their efficiency is low, but they do not require a lot of fuel and are presented in a very wide range and price range.

Metal - cast iron and steel - fireplaces have a higher rate of efficiency, as they are used in the assembly of materials and technologies that provide the best heat transfer. The firebox can be both open and closed. Models of this type are somewhat more versatile than their brick counterparts: in addition to the cooking surface, many metal fireplaces are also equipped with a water or air circuit for heating purposes (fireplaces-boilers).

Glass is also often used in the assembly of fireplaces, however, more often for decorative purposes. There are also models made entirely of glass. This design approach allows you to enjoy the contemplation of the flame from anywhere in the room. Of course, the glass for wood fireplaces must meet a number of requirements, first of all, to be durable and heat-resistant.


Most often fireplaces are installed in private homes: in country cottages and cottages.The requirements for the model in this case are not too complicated and are dictated mainly by the area of ​​the room and the interior design. From the stoves for the bath requires more power and heat transfer. Indoor models should be compact, reliable and mobile, since a relatively small area of ​​space is at the buyer's disposal.

Country fireplaces usually do not differ in refined design, for them reliability and functionality is of greater importance. As well as stoves for baths, they must quickly and efficiently heat the room, minimally consuming fuel; often a country fireplace is also used as a boiler or mini-stove.

Portal decoration

Cladding is one of the most important details of the design, forming the look of the entire fireplace. Most often in the decoration of the portal tile is used - the easiest and most common option. Quite a few independently undertake the installation of such a finish. In this case, materials such as porcelain stoneware, majolica and terracotta are most commonly used.

Artificial stone is also often used when facing a portal.Its advantages include durability, ease of installation and versatility. Using artificial stone as a fireplace design element often becomes a winning solution.

For fireplaces on wood with panoramic glass, it is advisable to use a radius portal. This can create a more harmonious combination.

Despite the fact that you can veneer the fireplace yourself, it is better to entrust the selection and installation of materials to professionals: this will help to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies that lead to difficulties in operation and deterioration of the appearance of the fireplace.

Design examples in the interior

In the living room

Most often fireplaces are purchased for installation in the living room. This is not surprising - it is the living room that is the traditional gathering place for the whole family, and it requires warmth, comfort and a homely atmosphere. Beautiful fireplaces are a great tool for creating such an atmosphere. Various design options, decorative portals, cladding of various materials - manufacturers offer a lot of options for various types of interior.

There are several common styles of interiors and their respective types of fireplaces.


Usually it is brick wood fireplaces. Traditional appearance is quite versatile, and can go to the interior of various rooms, including living rooms and classrooms. At the same time, a strict and stylish appearance will never go out of fashion and will always be popular. It is characterized by a clear geometry, symmetry of forms and a neutral color palette.


In the living rooms and rooms, made in a modern "modern" style, most often used electric fireplaces: suspended, floor and portable. The design of such fireplaces is distinguished by originality, extravagance and at the same time attractiveness and harmony. The goal of people choosing this style for interior decoration is to find an unusual combination of elements, to create a beautiful and expressive artistic ensemble.

All these features should be considered when choosing a fireplace in the cottage, and in the apartment, both in the living room and in the living room or office. It is important to remember one thing - in the interior design the main role is played by its harmony and completeness. A beautiful and stately fireplace will look ridiculous in a small, poorly furnished living room.The correct model will not look outrageous, but at the same time emphasizes the originality and uniqueness of the entire room.

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