Wood burning fireplaces

Fireplaces in trend. Buy them for installation in the country, in a country house and apartment. It is good to come home from work, listen to the quiet crackling of firewood in the firebox and look at the game of flames in the portal. Rest will recuperate. The person will calm down after a hard day's work. If earlier people put up with the nondescript appearance of the fireplace, today they choose among models with a unique style to make the interior of the cottage solid. With all the variety of models, wood fireplaces with a water circuit are chosen more often than electric fireplaces and fireplaces with a steam generator. They cope perfectly with the decorative function and heat the house.

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  • Efficiency. The harsh Russian winter forces us to solve the heating problem long before the first cold weather. Look for an efficient way to heat a country house. The problem primarily concerns owners of non-gasified plots.For them, it is not an option to buy an electric boiler or electric heater. They are expensive, and besides, the house has to be supplied with electricity, which entails additional costs. Wood is a cheap material. Carefully putting it into the furnace, the owner heats the house. If a model with a hob or grill, cook different dishes on it or heat water to use it for technical purposes;
  • Efficiency of 70%. High-quality heating of the dwelling due to embedding into the system of radiators and the system of “warm” floors;
  • The abundance of design solutions. Wide range of. Satisfying the needs of each customer due to the perfect fit in the interior style;
  • Infrequent service. Health safety.

The list of advantages is impressive, but there is a drawback. If the house is large, a working fireplace with high efficiency will not heat all the rooms, and if it does, the heat in them will have to be maintained by placing firewood in the furnace continuously. Due to this serious drawback, they refuse to install a wood-burning fireplace with a water circuit, and they buy it only for dacha. Some still have no choice.So come the owners of land, which have not yet been connected to the gas pipeline. If powerful electrification is not foreseen, it is better not to invent a solution.

Features of work

In the firebox on the wood is a curved tube system. It is needed to heat the fluid. In a different way, the tube system is called a heat exchanger. Passing through the tubes, the water enters the storage tank. In the storage tank is its redistribution. A part will fall into the system of radiators, and the other into the pipes of the “warm” floor. When the process of heat release is complete, the cooled water will be transferred back to the heat exchanger. And its heating will start over.


  • Wood burning fireplace with closed-type water circuit. Included sell battery and circulation pump. The principle of operation is similar to the operation of the furnace. It heats a large house in size. It has a long heating system of pipes and radiators. Fluid circulation is hampered by the installation of the simplest model. There will be no problems with heating, as the automatic system is provided in the equipment. It imposes control over the flow rate of the fluid. Regulation of heating is without the participation of the homeowner;
  • Fireplaces with open-type water circuit, working on wood. Water circulation goes naturally. No accessories available. For effective work above a fire chamber establish an accumulative tank;
  • The highest efficiency - up to 86% in a double-hearth fireplace. For more efficient combustion of fuel, the principle of top-down combustion is implemented in the models. Air from the atmosphere enters the heating chamber. From there it moves to the sliding duct. Due to the fact that the air is preheated, cleaning of soot is rarely carried out and the smoke from the combustion chamber during melting does not go.
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How to do it yourself?

The assembly of such a fireplace does not cause problems even among non-professionals. The only thing you have to suffer with is with the master of the welding machine. The fireplace has the same shape as the stove - a rectangle. He stands on his legs. For removal of decay products lay the exhaust pipe.

The furnace is equipped with a double "shirt". Its assembly is possible in two ways. Gather it separately from the design of the stove, do not forget to insert the coil. After that, carry out the connection with other elements. Another way is to assemble the structure, but without mounting the top roof.As soon as it is ready, insert and fix the shell of the “shirt” inside. It remains to collect the coil.

After assembling the unit, install a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the coolant. In order to create a comfortable living temperature for households, in the future they put more firewood in the furnace or open / close the valve, increasing / reducing the flow of air masses.

Fireplaces with an evaporator, for example, with a steam generator another device. About them we can not say that they work on the water. Water is poured into the container, which is heated, vaporized and illuminated to create the illusion of a flame. They cope less well with the heating of large areas, besides, the power consumption is wild.

In the case of a wood-burning fireplace with a water circuit for self-assembly will need a circulation pump. His task is to adjust the work of the fireplace when the furnace is located at the same level or slightly above the pipes. When heated, the water rises, and the cold drops down. Circulation is disrupted when the coil is located above the radiators. If you do not install the pump, the coil will boil, and water circulation will not occur.Since the pump is noisy, it is installed in the basement or near the house so that the noise it creates does not interfere with the rest of the household.

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