Wood fireplaces for home

In recent years, the owners of country houses and cottages decide to install a wood burning fireplace in their home. This type of heating is affordable, although some consider it a luxury item that only wealthy people can afford. The fireplace can not only heat the room well, but also give a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort. A wood fireplace will help its owner during periods when the heating is turned off or for some reason it is not in the house. This heat source has been serving people for many centuries and today it does not lose its relevance and relevance.

Features and benefits

Among the features and advantages of wood fireplaces, the following qualities should be noted:

  • wood burning fireplace for a private house is more economical, because such a unit does not depend on the electrical network, which is expensive. If you make a comparison of the price category of firewood and electricity, the first option will cost you a much smaller amount;
  • during the work of a fireplace you will be able to admire the real tongues of flame.No light bulbs can imitate this action;
  • almost every wood portal has high power. With the help of them you can heat entire homes with minimal energy consumption;
  • cast iron fireplaces are resistant to temperature changes and are not prone to deformation.

Device and design

Because of its design, wood-burning portal can only be installed in a private house. Not every apartment allows the installation of the chimney, which is required for the heating unit. Also, this is due to the type of fuel that is used in wood portals. Its operation in an apartment building is not allowed according to fire safety requirements.

When installing the fireplace, you will need to take into account that the logs will require additional space. If all of the above requirements would be difficult to fulfill in apartment buildings, then in a country cottage the portal will recreate a unique atmosphere and play the role of an additional source of heat or even means for cooking food.

The fireplace is a stove, in which there is a direct chimney and a fire chamber. These elements refer to the key details of the construction of the unit.Directly in the furnace burns fuel, due to which the work of the entire unit. The chimney, which is a vertical pipe, which is responsible not only for bringing the products of combustion to the outside, but also for the draft.

In addition to these elements, the design contains other details:

  • smoke box. It is a special camera under which the open firebox is located. The part controls the smooth discharge of gases into the pipe;
  • portal. This is the front part of the fireplace, which is a decorative element. There are various types of portal, they may have the shape of the letter "P" or "D";
  • the grid-iron lattice made of cast iron. She placed logs;
  • ashpot. This component is responsible for collecting the ash;
  • smoke tooth. It is located on the rear wall and protects the home from the entry of smoke, cold air flows from the street.

Modern fireplaces of their stones and bricks have a similar design. Today portals can be made from metal, for example, cast iron. The structure of the cast iron fireplace will be different from the above option. In addition to the firebox and chimney, it has other elements:

  • portal made of fire-resistant materials;
  • radiator;
  • doors (often there are models with a glass fire chamber, where the doors are made of fire-resistant glass, on which there is no soot or soot left);

In specialized salons offers a wide range of fireplaces, among which you can choose the option that matches your taste and financial capabilities. In order not to be confused in various types of portals, it is necessary to know their main categories.


Fireplaces can vary in their method of location, functionality and forms. By way of installation, wood portals are divided into:

  • central;
  • facial;
  • fireplaces of any type;
  • corner structures (symmetric and asymmetrical type);
  • stepping on a corner.

Fireplaces are also divided into:

  • built into the wall, which are mounted when laying the building;
  • wall mounted along the wall without windows;
  • island installed in the center of the room. Such units can be bypassed in a circle.

Wall fireplaces are the most sought after type. They are set back to the house wall. They are suitable for both large, as well as for a small room, because this portal may have a compact size, or vice versa, large.The form of such a fireplace is varied: straight, ledge-shaped with a narrowed chimney.

Install wall-mounted fireplaces should face to the wall. This option will be especially useful if you want to divide the room into two halves. In the structure of the portal there is a firebox made of metal, double-sided or closed.

Corner portals are divided into two types:

  • mounted on the outer corners;
  • mounted in one corner. These fireplaces connect the two walls on the diagonal.

The fireplace, which is located on the outer corners, is mounted in large rooms with a special layout. Such a portal can not only decorate the interior, but will also become an additional source of light in the house. The second type of corner portal is convenient due to the small size. It is suitable for a small room and can have any shape.

Island fireplaces are not in contact with the house walls. Most often they are placed in the center of the room. Such a portal is made of bricks and metal, they can have any shape.

There are also suspended options. The main feature of such a heating unit is their unsuitability for small rooms.They require a lot of space with a high ceiling, but they give the atmosphere a special comfort and warmth.

In order to install the hanging fireplace, a reliable fastening in the interfloor overlap is required, since such structures have a large mass. Suspended portal is not able to warm the room, it plays an aesthetic function.

The built-in fireplace has several types, depending on the installation method. The best option is a fireplace with a chimney in the outer wall of the house. Its benefits include:

  • small occupied space, because it is located on the outer part;
  • fireplace is suitable for improving the design of small rooms.

Wood fireplaces differ not only in their location in the room, but also in exterior design. This parameter is important because portals today play a greater role as a decorative device.

There are various interpretations in modern styles, it is possible to purchase a fireplace in the classical style or in the modern style. There are fireplaces with a round shape, rectangular, square and even in the form of a triangle.

Classic units are usually installed in the wall. They may have a different shape, color and are suitable only for a room decorated in the classics. On special mantels, clocks and statuettes are set to give the portal an exquisite appearance. When choosing such a fireplace, it should be borne in mind that the room must also maintain the interior, observing strict forms, a certain color and shape of objects.

Recently, wood fireplaces for summer cottages have become popular. Based on the functions of the device, there are portals for heating, with a water circuit, with a hob. There are modern options with a barbecue. They differ in forms, materials, functionality and thermal power.

Portals of long burning, equipped with a water circuit, are able to heat several rooms at a time. In their structure there is a heat exchanger that drives hot water through pipes installed in other rooms. The advantage of this portal is its versatility. In addition to heating, it can heat water for domestic use.

There are cassette fireplaces. The essence of the action is based on the movement of air masses with the help of special devices and channels. The air is heated inside the cassette due to wood, as in any wood unit.The exit of heated air flows is made using channels that are located in the lower part of the body of the cassette itself. They are called ventilating. Warm air replaces the cold, which also heats up and enters the room.

Based on your preferences, you can choose a large fireplace, a mini-portal, a portal with an open hearth, in order to watch the flames. Manufacturers offer designs with glass, which increases the level of security in the room. You can not only admire the fire, but also exclude the option of getting a burn. Fireplaces with stove suitable for giving, because they you can cook food.


Wood fireplaces not only differ among themselves in all possible shapes and sizes, but also in the material from which they are made. The cost of fireplaces also varies, based on this factor. In a private house, a fireplace is often installed in the office or in the living room. As a rule, brick is used for laying.

The main nuance in the construction of brick fireplaces is the strict observance of the correct proportion between the depth and height of the firebox. It is necessary to maintain a ratio of 1: 2.Otherwise, your portal will weakly give off heat and smoke.

Many builders choose fireplaces from metal. Iron units have become popular with the advent of high-tech style. Such a center is produced by well-known companies and professional craftsmen, offering all kinds of designs and forms. Metal portal can be made collapsible, removing it in the summer before winter.

Cast iron fireplaces look fashionable. In the manufacture of such a portal should buy a regular furnace of cast iron and edging her cast iron. Steel structures are not inferior in popularity, along with the combined type.

Fireplaces with tiles increase portal productivity by up to 80% and make the heating system more efficient. You can make a stone fireplace or use stone cladding. Marble or granite will emphasize the style of the room, showing the status of the owner.

Color solutions

The color of the wood fireplace will vary, depending on the style you choose. You can make the portal lining in white color, use the appearance of natural stone or wood. Even low-cost profiles can mimic different materials.

When choosing colors for your fireplace, you should think over everything in detail. The portal is selected for a long period, so you need to take the choice of decoration with maximum responsibility. This piece of furniture will not only perform its function, but also transform the design of the room, harmoniously combined with other items.

How to choose

When choosing a fireplace you need to decide on its functionality. Open portals are unable to fully perform the role of a heating device, because the air supply in the unit is not controlled. In this case, the unit will be a kind of pump that takes the air out of the room. Therefore, if you plan to use a wood burning fireplace for heating, stop your choice on a closed firebox.

In the design there is a door made of refractory glass in a frame made of metal. The fireplace gives out more heat and you can admire the flame through the transparent door. These portals look good in the interiors and easy to maintain.

The used air heating system in closed fireplaces will be able to heat all the rooms in the house. If you need heating of several rooms, choose this option.There are several types of convection heating. When choosing a system, pay attention to the method of installation, the method of heating and air supply to the room.

Do it yourself

If you want to make a fireplace with your own hands, remember the need to prepare for construction. Carefully read the drawings. They must have all the views of the fireplace: straight, from above, from the side and in the cuts. Such a project will help eliminate errors in construction and in calculating the required amount of materials.

The next step will be the calculation and construction of the foundation. The basis for the future portal should be reliable. Remember that the foundation for the wall and the fireplace should be different, because they bear different loads. For this, between the base of the portal and another foundation, a gap of five centimeters is left, and it is covered with sand.

The width of the foundation should be 5 centimeters greater than the fireplace table, and the depth should be 50 centimeters. Use gravel, crushed stone, bricks, cementing them with cement mortar

After these actions, you will need to study the scheme in detail and install the chimney. The laying of the chimney will be different, depending on the material used. It is best to buy a brick.The erection process consists of the foundation, order, solution, mop, tip and smoke.

When installing the chimney, remember about thermal expansion, which can destroy the tightness of the duct during use. Before construction, determine the amount of material that will be required for laying and facing the fireplace.

When installing the chimney, remember about thermal expansion, which can destroy the tightness of the duct during use. Before construction, determine the amount of material that will be required for laying and facing the fireplace.

Overview of popular manufacturers

The most popular Russian manufacturer of wood fireplaces is the Meta trademark, which cooperates with foreign companies. "Meta" offers a wide selection of quality portals, which differ in their form and price category. One of the models of this company is a fireplace "Angara" with water heating.

For summer cottage manufacturer offers a fireplace "Yenisei". The portal is characterized by high performance and is able to heat a room of 90 square meters.

Any stoves and fireplaces of Belarusian production "Teplodar" will be not only a wonderful decoration of the room, but also a full-fledged device for heating the home. The company offers units with a capacity of 6-12 kW.

If we talk about foreign manufacturers, we can note the following portals:

  • Fireplaces from the Tulikivi, Harvia and NunnaUun brands stood out among Finnish production. Finland is among the popular manufacturers, as their portals are of high quality and good performance;
  • Swedish brands “Contura” and “Teddy” offer high quality fireplaces. A wide range of products and their various forms will help determine the choice of each customer;
  • French wood fireplaces are popular not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. Such companies as: “Cheminees philippe”, “Focus”, and “Supra” have gained fame;
  • Germany is represented by the Camina trade brand. The distinctive feature of the products is their design with natural stone with beautiful shades. Fireplaces have a classic style and are characterized by German quality and reliability in operation;
  • Czech companies that have become famous: “AVH”, “Romotop”. The Liseo brand, which is a joint work of the Czech Republic and Germany, deserves attention. German Liseo fireboxes are the best option for any wood burning fireplace.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The most popular is the classic portal. In most cases, it is embedded in the wall and has a U-shaped form. It is characterized by simplicity and clarity of lines, symmetry. As the scenery, you can use the bas-reliefs, false-columns and ornament.

Designers recommend installing a special shelf over the fireplace, where vases, small objects and figurines will flaunt. As decoration you can use marble, granite. Wrought iron grilles can serve as an additional decoration.

Pay attention to the rustic style or country. Such portals have a D-shape, along with small or medium parameters. Mandatory attribute for such a fireplace is considered to be a beam of wood above the firebox, on which there are all sorts of small objects.

Above the fireplace in a rustic style, you can position the casing. It will perform only a decorative function.Rustic style includes a corner or wall brick portal. For cladding, shell rock or sandstone is used.

Loft style gained its popularity in the 60-70s. It is characterized by high ceilings and spacious rooms with plastered walls. In rooms with such a design, an island metal fireplace with glass doors will look great. Keep in mind that the loft does not provide for family comfort. Therefore, the minimum number of pieces of furniture and plenty of free space should be located in the room.

Minimalism is present in modernity. Unlike the previous version, this interior provides for smooth lines, attention to detail and competent color solutions. In such a room will look harmoniously fireplaces with a concise form and color, as well as metal and glass devices.

Modern high-tech style includes fireplaces made of steel, chrome, refractory glass and plastic. The portal can have any form. Often in such a device only the back wall is opaque. High-tech wood fireplaces are an exclusive option that is made to order.

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