Fireplace doors - the aesthetic guarantee of your safety

Features and need?

The features of modern fireplaces are compactness, ease of use, durability, minimal operating costs. All of them have an original and presentable appearance thanks to the decorative doors.

Any product consists of a hearth and a fireplace portal, can be equipped with a door. The latter is created in a certain style, made of various materials: from stone to high-quality plastic. The structural element can be non-collapsible and collapsible, supplied complete with a hearth, and its size varies from compact to super-wide.

In the manufacture of doors using only high-quality materials, such as iron, refractory glass, precious wood with a fire layer, which is used for electric fireplaces, the usual furnaces. Stone portals are perfect for a country house, decorate the interior of an ordinary apartment. Models are made mainly of granite, marble, composite, onyx, sandstone, etc.

During operation of the stove, fireplaces, fire safety of the premises and its occupants remains a priority. Specially equipped doors for such devices allow you to protect yourself from accidental sparks from the furnaces on the furniture. Such an element is necessary if only because it regulates the intensity of fuel burning, craving, and protects from fire. The design of the door should be designed in such a way as not to spoil the aesthetic properties of the fireplace itself. A person buys equipment not only for heating, but also the opportunity to admire the dance of fire.


A wide range of components of various fireboxes allows you to choose a suitable accessory for individual requirements. Glass, wrought iron, cast iron - you yourself design the interior of your home with the help of such a luxurious accent as a fireplace door.

Due to the high temperature in the firebox, the doors are mainly made of refractory metal or heat-resistant glass. Steel structures show amazing designs, inserts of glass, stained glass that can withstand temperatures up to + 800 ° C. In shape, they can be in the form of a prism, convex and flat.


Transparent models create a panoramic effect. Look for those options that are equipped with a metal frame lined with insulation.

Top sellers in this category are Valte new vision. Excellent ceramic German glass features Schott robax for fireplaces like Chazelles Blanzek La Nordica etc. The oven doors are often made of heat-resistant steel with a thickness of up to 4 mm, are unpretentious in maintenance and durable. See also the characteristics of the models from the collections. Kaw-met, kratki.

Fire-resistant glass is cut out in various forms: rounded, rectangular, arched, trapezoid, etc. All this will help to create an individual interior decor.


Due to the fact that the models are operated at high temperatures, the fireplace insert provides protection from sparks. Doors must be made deaf. During the heating season, special door vent pipes will allow more efficient use of fuel. However, many consider the closed "blinders" not aesthetic, as they block the beautiful view of the fire. Manufacturers are trying to make the original chimney doors, maximally “opening” the image of the flame.

Forged, the door can be made in chic Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo, Art Nouveau, etc.When closed, it will complement the interior of the apartment, and in the open it will allow you to enjoy the crackle of the logs, the movement of sparks.

Cast iron

Greater wear resistance is shown in steel structures. However, during operation, the "wins" is still cast iron. It heats up more slowly, provides better fire safety. Often, deaf or closed doors are made with a small hole at the top. This provides some air flow and removes the flame itself from the door.


If, when choosing a product, you pursue only the decorative qualities of the model, then you should look for exclusive fireplace mantels. In this case, the supervision of a working and blazing fireplace is obligatory, because the grill cannot stop a suddenly formed fire.


The doors for the fireplace, from which they would not have been made, perform several functions:

  • ensure the safety of the premises, preventing the burning of embers, sparks outside;
  • eliminate odors that emanate from the furnace during fuel combustion;
  • provide excellent noise insulation from cracking firewood;
  • make it possible to use fireplaces not only in country cottages, but also apartment buildings;
  • create high-quality heat transfer due to strong traction inside the closed firebox;
  • models of heat-resistant glass will allow everything else to enjoy the beauty of a burning fire and a cozy panoramic view.

When buying a fireplace, take care not only of its appearance, but also of its functionality, its own security.

How to choose?

Whatever model of doors you choose, they are obliged to protect from open fire, flying coals. Best of all, if the design will be metal, massive, equipped with shutters of panoramic or prismatic glass. So you can enjoy the flame, feel the heat in the room.

It is important that the door directly adjoins the fireplace. Cast iron and steel models will withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C, which cannot be said about bronze, copper products. Manufacturers are trying to make the design as luxurious, refined from ordinary steel. Give preference to proven brands, as well as companies providing a warranty period.


Any installation of the door will require tools such as a cord, anchorage on the anchor, platbands for sealing. Purchase the door in accordance with the dimensions of the furnace itself. Experts will tell in detail how to open or close the door and add fire-resistant furnace sealant. When installing the door, remember that its width should not exceed 70 cm.

You will also need to equip the seat for the frame, protect the fireplace screen with a grinder, insert the door into the grooves.

How to do it yourself?

With your own hands, you can stylishly decorate fireplaces and stoves. Interesting and original ideas, the drawing of which can be found on the Internet on specialized resources, will be fully embodied in your case. So, choosing a glass version, you can create a lamination or tint.

Organize an exceptional combination of metal and glass, turn on the elements of forging. Having knowledge in mechanics it will also be possible to build a structure that opens not with the help of sashes, but opens upwards.

Overview of ready-made options

In online stores and specialized stores you can buy ready-made versions of products. So, the Promo 700 model shows excellent performance. It is suitable for the construction of closed fireplaces. It is installed directly into the brickwork, instantly increases the efficiency of the furnace. In order to competently mount the system, it is necessary to weld the frame from steel corners.

Forged and cast iron products are suitable for fireplaces "Meta", "Vesuvius", "Hot." Such elements will have a positive effect on the degree of security in the room, as well as its effective heating.

Cost of

The cost of doors for furnaces varies depending on the brand, the manufacturer. The most expensive, the elite is considered to be heat-resistant glass, and save on cast iron, steel structures. “Golden mean” is considered to be ceramics, but caring for it is much more difficult than in other cases. The installation of the system will also be expensive, so you can independently study the stages of installation, planning, and find easy-to-install electric furnaces.


If it is not about electric fireplaces, then get ready to regularly clean the firebox itself from soot, soot that settle, including in the chimney, and not just on the inside of the doors. This is especially true for conifers, if you chose them as fuel. Muddy and dirty structures should not be cleaned with chemical solutions. Refer to traditional cleaning methods, such as citric acid, vinegar, soda. About how to clean the surface, well known manufacturers Hansa, Vorel, Tableau, Viadrus.

Interesting solutions in the interior

The most original design option for the home's firebox is a glass door of various sizes and shapes. It will perfectly fit into the modern styles of the interior, and most importantly, around the clock will demonstrate the graceful "dancing" of fire. Forged versions can be composed in a complex artistic drawing of medieval style. The classic interior will instantly transform with such a decision, create an enchanting atmosphere of vintage, avant-garde, luxury.

But with metal elements more will create security than the extravagant look of the room. With them you will be more secure, and you will be able to decorate the structure with the help of decorative inserts: ceramic, glass, etc. The chimney door serves to serve as a fashionable solution for the transformation of the interior in the office, country house. And it will turn out to operate electric stoves even in small-sized panel apartments and children's rooms.

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