Doors with glass for the fireplace

Fireplace doors made of glass - a harmonious combination of beauty, comfort and safetyA fireplace with a fascinating dance of flames, near loved ones, children - probably, for many, this is a picture of an ideal family holiday after a busy day. Beautiful, calm, cozy ... But it is not always safe! The fire is as terrible as it is beautiful. Flying sparks can cause a fire, young children are not always aware of the danger of being near a fire, it is possible to smoke the room from firewood burning in an open firebox, and oxygen is burned.

This problem can be solved by purchasing and installing a special door for the fireplace.

Necessity or extra waste

By purchasing this product, you eliminate these problems, make your home even safer and more comfortable. We will try to help you make the right choice to satisfy your needs. The main factors that determine the choice - safety, style and ease of use.

It is worth noting that the modern market offers a wide range of these products: metal, ceramic, glass or combined heat-resistant doors are produced.

Deaf metal products in comparison with glass seem more reliable. They will certainly make the fireplace safe, but will close access to the contemplation of the hearth. Such doors are acceptable in homes where the fireplace serves only as a heating device.

The ideal and most popular in our time are the doors with glass for the fireplace, giving the opportunity to observe the beauty of the playing flame, while controlling the burning, each time without opening the firebox. Fireplace doors prevent ingress of smoke and combustion products into the living room, protect against soot, soot, and prevent the combustion of oxygen. Also, glass protects against painful and unsafe heat from the flame. The insulation created at the same time will eliminate the annoying crackling of burning firewood. And most importantly: a fireplace with such a door is much safer and even more economical than an open hearth.

Requirements for materials

For chimney doors, a high-strength and heat-resistant thermal glass is used, which has undergone special hardening and processing. It can withstand up to 10,000 C for several thousand hours of direct use. This glass contains elements such as heat-resistant quartz, transparent crystalline ceramic. Quartz glass is most popular because it has the smallest expansion when heated. Such material is not inferior in its strength even to metal products. The use of the usual thermal glass (in order to save) is impractical because it does not withstand temperatures of more than 1500 ° C and may crack at the first use.

Glass can be of various sizes, depending on the parameters of the fireplace, a variety of geometric shapes and curvature.

It is possible to use tinted glass, which will mute the bright light of the flame. Installed double or laminated glass will contribute to safer use.

When choosing glass you need to consider:

  • heat resistance, paying attention to the type of fuel;
  • lifetime,
  • glass screen thickness (at least 3.5 - 4mm).

Refractory glass has a drawback: it is quite heavy. This must be taken into account when choosing the fastening of doors and the methods of their functioning, creating the most comfortable conditions for handling this device.

Door decoration

There are two principles of operation of chimney doors: mechanical or automatic. With the mechanical principle of operation, the design is opened manually, with automatic - with the help of a special electric motor, which is controlled automatically. Given the relatively large weight of the devices, automatic mechanisms are recommended that provide additional protection against burns.

Glass doors can be closed in several ways. There are lifting and sliding options. The most common are double hinged doors, when both doors in the center are fastened, hung on the side hinges, and hinged, in which one of the doors is fixed on the side hinges; at the same time the doors close up. Modern designers have developed a model that opens on the guillotine principle, allowing the fireplace to be operated with both closed and open fireboxes. Perhaps the convergence of doors using magnets.Magnetic doors prevent incomplete closure or accidental opening.

When choosing an attachment, you should pay attention to the fact that complex structures will be more expensive than simple ones.

The chimney door is fixed with special hinges on a steel or cast iron frame-frame. Handles are made of non-heated material. The choice between steel and cast iron frame depends on the decorative preferences of the customer. Recently, however, still preferred steel frames, as cast iron, withstanding high temperatures, subject to physical wear.

The door is the front component of any fireplace, so when choosing it, not only functional, but also aesthetic parameters are important. Registration depends on the functions of the fireplace, and the wishes of the buyer. It is possible as standard equipment, including a frame with a metal frame, as well as individual options using decorative forged elements, ornaments, stained glass windows.

Care and Installation Tips

When caring for glass fireplace doors, you must follow certain rules:

  • clean only after complete cooling;
  • use special formulations that form an additional protective film and facilitate subsequent care.

To facilitate maintenance, self-cleaning refractory glass coated with an invisible layer of metal oxide can be purchased, which, with an increase in temperature, promotes the complete combustion of the settling soot.

Experts recommend to purchase the door before the start of the brickwork, as it is quite difficult to choose the door to the already finished firebox.

The acquisition and installation of fireplaces and related accessories is a trend of modern living space design. And buying certified glass doors for the fireplace you can be sure that you have made your home not only comfortable, but also safe.

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