Fireplace - the personification of home warmth, comfort and convenience. An incomparable pleasure is to sit near the hearth, enjoying the crackle of firewood, an unpretentious game of flames. Many, until recently, believed that it was possible to have a fireplace only in prestigious houses and less often in apartments. This is due to some complexity of the design, you need a special place in the home, you need to take care of fire safety, to ensure the presence of the chimney, ventilation ducts, etc. In addition, there is a need for a qualified craftsman who is able to perform high-quality installation.

As a result, the price of comfort and heat is quite high. Therefore, the developers began to look for alternative solutions. Thus, in our life entered electric, gas fireplaces and eco-fireplaces. The latter, despite the fact that they appeared only recently, became a real hit. Consider the pros and cons of this type of fireplace.


  • Environmental friendliness. Ecofuel is used as a combustible raw material.It is a safe blend based on ethyl alcohol. When used, it does not form toxic products of combustion, therefore, does not pose a threat to humans and the environment.
  • Mobility. Such a fireplace does not require installation of flue pipes, so you can install it in a regular apartment, and for this you do not have to do a special redevelopment. Very high prevalence of eco-fireplaces received among the owners of such housing as an eco-house.
  • Fireproof. The frame and parts are made of materials resistant to high temperatures, and heat-resistant glass. As a rule, ecological fireplaces have a balanced shape, which reduces the risk of accidental tipping. However, during operation, it is still necessary to follow the general rules for handling open fire.
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  • Low heat output. Due to the relatively small size and small flame, adapting an eco-fireplace for heating is not the best idea, especially if the area of ​​the room is large enough. Physically, they are not able to heat a large room. Therefore, the prerogative of use - as an aesthetic element of the interior.
  • Effect on air composition. Of course, ecological fuel does not emit harmful substances, but it should be remembered that open fire significantly absorbs oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to provide additional access of fresh air to the room.
  • Insufficient availability of eco-fuel. Unfortunately, the fuel for such a fireplace is not easy to find in regular stores. And the cost of it is still quite high.

The design of ecological fireplaces can be very diverse. It can be classic views that mimic the usual stationary fireplace, as well as models in the form of furnaces, glass, oval and round. By type of location, they can be floor, wall and even desktop, which are very small in size. Of the decorations are popular ceramic mural logs, which give the fireplace quite realistic look.

There is an opinion that eco-fireplaces have a high cost. Recently, however, this situation has changed somewhat. Now you can easily choose the model of the fireplace economy class.

With regard to consumer feedback on fireplaces of this type, it should be noted that most of them are satisfied with such an acquisition.In particular, they are noted as the most economical. Comparing the time and money spent on the installation of a stationary fireplace, many come to the conclusion that a portable fireplace for eco-fuel will be much cheaper both in purchasing and in operation.

Proponents of the idea of ​​preserving pure ecology also make a choice in favor of an eco-fireplace, since this type eliminates the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere. For the same reason, buy such models and people prone to allergic reactions. For some people, design mobility is important, as well as a variety of design options.

The disadvantages most often include the failure of the eco-fireplace as a heating element. Often, consumers are faced with such a problem as high fuel consumption, which, moreover, is also problematic to get. However, most often this is due to the fact that by setting the burner to the maximum level, the owner tries to use the device as a heater, which, as we have already noted, is not adapted to the eco-fireplace.

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