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More and more modern houses have a fireplace as a fashionable and stylish interior element. Electric fireplaces are safe, no need to stock up on firewood to enjoy the beautiful and warm flame. The market offers many options for fireplaces from various manufacturers, one of which is Electrolux.


The Swedish company Electrolux has long been a leader in the manufacture and sale of equipment for the home. The main direction of the manufacturer are refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and heaters. All equipment produced by this brand is distinguished by unsurpassed quality, modern design and functionality of models, the constant replenishment of the range with the addition of new functions.

Not so long ago, the company became involved in the production of modern types of heaters. Electrolux electric fireplaces give you the opportunity to install in your apartment a beautiful and stylish fireplace that will not only warm you in the cold, but also deliver aesthetic pleasure to all inhabitants of the house.This type of fireplace is a great opportunity to enjoy the view of a beautifully playing flame, if it is not possible to install a real wood model.

Many Russians have already been able to test the fireplace of the Electrolux company in action and were satisfied. Judging by the reviews of buyers, the fireplace of this brand is a real salvation in the harsh winter, when the heating system simply can not cope. The compactness of the electric heating system allows you to install it even in rooms with a small area. A huge variety of models, differing in design and function, allow you to choose a cheaper option as well as an expensive luxury fireplace with all the amenities offered.



Outdoor version of the fireplace company Electrolux is considered a classic, made in the style of an English stove with a live flame. Unlike the English comrade, the Swedish fireplace has only a simulated flame, which is difficult to distinguish from the present. Outdoor fireplaces of the Swedish brand are made in a variety of designs that allow for each interior to find a suitable model.

Outdoor fireplaces have earned the recognition of customers for their compactness and mobility.The fireplace can be moved to another room or part of the room at any time. Corner models are completely merged with the wall, creating the effect of an integrated fireplace. The most popular among Electrolux outdoor fireplaces are considered to be models of class EFP / F 100 and EFP C 1000 RC. The first option is distinguished by high-quality finishing of the metal case with MDF panels. Despite the massive appearance, the weight of the whole structure is only 20 kilograms.

The second model is considered a classic, but is characterized by the presence of modern functions. The compactness of the fireplace allows you to install it in an apartment without harm to valuable space.

Wall mounted

The Swedish manufacturer of home appliances Electrolux is always trying to surprise its customers with new original solutions for electric fireplaces. Wall fireplaces are a work of art that allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the flame and get a pleasant warmth.

Wall models of fireplaces are distinguished by extraordinary subtlety, which makes it easy to install them on the wall. The effect of the real flame is achieved with the help of bulk red firewood and red-hot stones. This feature is inherent in the EFP / W-1100 URCL model.

The Electrolux collection of wall-mounted fireplaces also features unusual vertical models, for example, EFP / W 1200 RCL. The fireplace of this type looks quite original and is a real object of admiration, both among the owners and guests of the house.

Models in the horizontal version are presented not in the form of compact models, but also in the form of wide massive fireplaces. They are perfect for spacious rooms in which a miniature fireplace is simply lost.


Mounted fireplaces are considered a type of wall models, but, unlike them, are placed in a special niche in the wall. This results in the effect of an embedded model. In order to install a wall mounted fireplace on the wall, it is necessary to prepare a wall in advance. The wall can be sheathed with plasterboard, while the distance between the main wall and the plasterboard should be equal to the thickness of the fireplace.

If you decide that the hinged fireplace is exactly what you need, then note that the room will lose a few centimeters. But in return, you will receive a stylish design detail that will not only be a great decoration for your home, but also make it possible not to freeze in the cold.EFP / W 2000 S is a unique modern model of a suspended fireplace, which is a mirror canvas. Such a fireplace is a real highlight of any interior.

As a rule, mounted models of fireplaces are a great solution for the interior in the style of high technology, so few people are afraid to make additional repairs for the niche of the fireplace. The ability to be in a trend helps to overcome all difficulties.


Built-in fireplaces are considered to be true classic electric heaters. Built-in models are also called portal, as they are installed in a pre-prepared portal. The place under the fireplace can be absolutely anyone, it all depends on your imagination or the imagination of the designer with whom you work. For maximum naturalness, many people prefer to make a portal out of bricks, which makes an electric fireplace as similar to a real one as possible.

Due to the large thickness of the built-in fireplace, it allows you to create the most believable effect of a living flame.

All Electrolux models of fireplaces are equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust the level of heat and the intensity of the flame,without getting up from a cozy and warm chair. In addition, many models are equipped with a timer on and off. The fireplace will turn itself off after you fall asleep, and in the morning it will meet you with a playing flame.

A variety of colors fireplaces allow you to choose the option for any interior. The white fireplace is one of the most popular models and fits perfectly into the modern interior.

Principle of operation

All electric fireplaces Electrolux work from the network, for which it is necessary to have an outlet in the house with a voltage output of 220 volts. All instructions for the use of fireplaces are presented in several languages, including Russian. Therefore, you will not be difficult to understand the principle of operation of the heating device. Illustrative illustrations do not spend much time reading long instructions on the use of the fireplace.

The remote control is powered by batteries or a battery; even a child can understand its use.

Interior design

The electric fireplace of the Electrolux company is a unique design solution of both a city apartment with all the amenities and a country house.In any case, an electric fireplace is the best substitute for the present, when you do not want to bother with firewood, heat up the fireplace for a long time, and then wait for the air in the room to start heating.

For each type of interior, whether it is youth design or classic, there is its own version of the electric fireplace. The lightness and compactness of the models makes them versatile and mobile. A black fireplace is the most common option and is suitable for most rooms. But if you value refinement, then choose white or mirror options. They are extraordinary and are combined only with a special interior room.

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