Electric wall fireplace

In the modern world, a fireplace is no less popular than in the Middle Ages. But now you can see the classic stone fireplace not everywhere; the classic wall was replaced by an electric wall fireplace. This modern building combines both the elements of decor and the main function of the fireplace - heating the room.

Features and specifications

Electrofireplaces usually look like a plasma screen, inside which is a burner with a flame. The principle of operation of the wall structure is carried out by converting electricity into heat energy. To imitate the burning process, decorative logs and coals are placed on the bottom of the firebox. For greater likelihood, special lamps and a mirror are installed in the mini-fireplace, which together create a flame effect.

Technical characteristics of an electrofireplace directly depend on the producer and design of the mini-center. These include:

  1. Size (depth, height, width).In this regard, fireplaces can be both small (10 cm / 30 cm / 50 cm) and large (40 cm / 200 cm / 250 cm).
  2. Power. This characteristic ranges from 1 kW to 2.5 kW. The greater the power, the larger the area can be heated by electric heaters.
  3. Material. Fireplace body is often thin, so it consists of glass, plastic or metal. But the front panel is always made of glass so that the flame can be clearly seen.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces have 4 main features:

  1. Heating. Usually the air is heated using a convector, but there is another option - a special heater. The second option is combined with a fan, which contributes to the rapid heating of the room. And the electronic thermostat is able to maintain the desired temperature.
  2. Sound accompaniment. In order for the electronic fireplace to be more complete, a turntable is built into it that reproduces the sounds of glowing logs. In addition, you can use a special connector to install a flash drive with your favorite music.
  3. Remote control. You can control the work of the wall fireplace from any location, so the modern device in the kit has a remote control. With its help such functions as speed and a stage of burning, brightness of light and an operating mode are regulated.High-tech devices are controlled via a smartphone.
  4. Air purification system. The mini-fireplace in its design has a filter that removes from the air not only dust particles, but also harmful bacteria and various resins. Ultrasonic steam generator is able to moisten the air with steam, while creating the effect of smoke behind the front panel of the fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Selection

To choose the right and suitable fireplace for your home, even before you buy, determine for yourself all the features that you want to see in it. And also do not forget about the color solution, so that the fireplace does not stand out much against the background of your interior.

Ask the question: should the fireplace warm the room, or is it only required of it to blend in beautifully with the interior? If you want to bask in an electronic fireplace, then be sure when buying a device with the highest power. If the function of a mini-fireplace is the service as a night light, then in this case you should pay attention to the period of its continuous operation.

At the very end, you must determine the location of the wall fireplace in your home. From this will depend on the size and design of the mini-hearth.

Installation Instructions

How to install a wall fireplace:

  1. Before installation it is necessary to choose the right wall to place the fireplace.
  2. Electrical wiring to the installation site. Mounting sockets and power buttons.
  3. Determining the type of installation: Install or hang. A wall-mounted fireplace can be neatly placed in a cabinet niche, or you can simply hang it on the wall.
  4. Fastening the mounting plate to the wall. If you need to mount a fireplace on a concrete wall, then for this you will need a dowel of more than 50 mm. And on the plasterboard walls, the fireplace is fixed by means of polypropylene dowels. After fixing, you can insert the cord into the outlet, and turn on the fireplace.

During installation, remember about fire safety and then you get an excellent and multifunctional design in your home.

In the interior

The best place for a wall fireplace is the widest wall in the room, opposite which there is a sofa or a bed. It follows that the fireplace can be easily installed both in the bedroom and in the living room.

Placing on the wall is convenient because the installation does not require special knowledge and time. Also, the wall of the hearth always looks beautiful and does not take up too much space.

There are several prohibitions regarding the placement of a wall fireplace in the room. Mini-hearth is strictly prohibited to have next to the window. In this case, the visual effect of contemplating the fireplace will evaporate. Also, do not hang a fireplace on the wall, which is covered with photographs or paintings. No matter what size these attributes should not be at all, otherwise the beauty of the fireplace will fade against their background.

There are no rules and special fashion trends regarding the choice of a wall fireplace does not exist. Therefore, you can choose a fireplace absolutely in any style, paying attention only to your own desire and financial capabilities. A wall-mounted fireplace can be made in a very different style and to have a minimum or maximum functionality, it all depends on you. Do not forget about the main function of a modern fireplace, which is not heating, but decoration. Properly chosen fireplace will serve you a long service life, pleasing you and your household.

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