Fireplace electric with effect of a 3D flame

Features and benefits

The fireplace gives a special comfort to any living space, makes it comfortable and original. But to equip a fireplace to a resident of an apartment building is not possible. Yes, and for owners of private houses is a fairly large-scale and expensive event. Therefore, an electric fireplace with the effect of a 3D flame can be a great alternative to a real fireplace. It will warm in cold autumn and winter evenings, and imitation of live fire will become a wonderful element of decor and make any interior unique.

An electric fireplace with 3D has some other advantages over a natural fireplace. For example, an electric fireplace is more acceptable in any residential area from the point of view of fire safety, because it does not need to be heated with firewood and ensure that sparks from the fire do not ignite the interior elements, there is no need to provide a special place for storing firewood and accessories for the fireplace.

Electrofireplaces are easy to use - all you need to do is turn on the fireplace in the socket and you can enjoy the warmth and beautiful view of the burning hearth. In some models, you also need to add water to start producing steam and create the effect of smoke during combustion.

An electric fireplace perfectly heats the room, but at the same time it is safer than a real fireplace, because it does not allow to burn oneself during careless handling. In addition, thanks to the control panel and console, you can adjust the heating and the brightness of the fireplace to suit your preferences.

Now various manufacturers offer many options for electric fireplaces designed in accordance with different styles - the hearth can be made of stone, wood, ceramics or various artificial materials that skillfully imitate all of the above. Also different may be the color solutions in which fireplaces are executed. Usually it is white, matt black, gray, steel or brown. So, choosing a fireplace suitable for an individual unique home interior will not be difficult.

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Where to place

One of the most original ways of placing the electric fire is its installation in the bathroom, on the loggia or in the bedroom.

The traditional is considered the placement of the fireplace in the dining room, living room opposite a comfortable corner sofa or a large dining table. Such an environment is most conducive to family or friendly cozy gatherings or a romantic evening with your loved one.


A modern electric fireplace with a 3D flame effect has several modes of operation, and therein lies its undeniable advantage. It can work as a heater, but without the inclusion of a 3D effect, and, on the contrary, it can please you with its decorative look, but not generate heat. This approach is the most environmentally friendly because it allows you to intelligently consume electrical energy.

There is also a basic function, in which both the heating and the 3D effect work. In this case, some models have a function that allows you to adjust the intensity of heating and the brightness of the "flame".


Wall mounted electric fireplace with 3D will be the perfect solution for small spaces or offices.Wall mounted electric fireplaces in the interior look original and unusual. The best options for installing wall fireplaces in the room are found in the interior, made in the style of hi-tech, modern or minimalism.

The undoubted advantage of a wall fireplace is its compact size. As for the form, today, manufacturers offer a wide range - here and square, and rectangular, and oval, and round models of fireplaces.

With steam

In order for the 3D effect of the flame to be as close to reality as possible, electric fireplaces are equipped with a special steam system, which, in combination with the operation of halogen backlights, creates a feeling of smoke when burning firewood. In such electric fires, fire looks the most realistic.

Built in

For small rooms, for the office of the head or for the interior, made in the style of "modern" or "high-tech", a built-in electric fireplace can be an excellent solution. It can be built into the wall or into pieces of furniture.

Original hanging models of electric fireplaces in the interior, made in the style of hi-tech.

With sound

Electric fireplaces, which are equipped with built-in audio systems, are very popular.While turning on the 3D effect, such fireplaces make crackling firewood sounds, which further reinforces the feeling of realism and creates the impression that you are sitting in front of a real fireplace. In addition, in such audio systems there are recordings of various musical compositions to create a romantic or friendly atmosphere.

Popular models

As mentioned above, various models of electric fireplaces with a 3D flame effect are currently a great variety. Let us dwell on the most popular of them, these fireplaces have already proven themselves in the market and continue to be popular with buyers.

One of such models is the fireplace Vulkan-3D. Its flame looks very natural - there is a glowing wood effect, a burning sound effect, as well as a steam effect that creates the illusion of smoke.

Another popular fireplace model is the Helios company fireplace. This manufacturer has both floor and recessed models that are equally popular with different groups of customers. Characteristic features of the models is the ability to switch modes of combustion effects and heating modes.In addition, such a fireplace can not be turned on without adding water, which protects it from the occurrence of faults associated with incorrect inclusion of the fireplace.

Dimplex's Danville Chrome Opti-Myst fireplace model has an original design and chrome-plated housing. In addition, thanks to the built-in thermostat, the owner can control the intensity of heating.

Another popular Dimplex fireplace is the Silverton model, which combines two functions - a 3D flame effect and air humidification. Thanks to a very compact size, such a fireplace can be installed anywhere in a residential area, thus creating an absolutely unique homeliness and comfort with your own hands.

The 3D-flame Bingham fireplace has impressive dimensions and is therefore most similar to a real living flame fireplace. It is equipped with a thermostat and is perfect for large and medium-sized rooms. As for the placement of the fireplace in the interior, there may be various options. For example, you can build such a fireplace in a drywall niche, place an electric fireplace on the wall, or simply place it in a place convenient for the owner of the room.

Cost of

The cost of an electric fireplace is influenced by many factors, such as size, appearance, manufacturing company, functionality, power,

The most budget and compact model of an electric fireplace with a 3D effect costs about 6 thousand rubles.

A large electrofireplace made in an interesting design solution that combines the built-in audio system, control panel, functions of a separate activation of heating modes and a 3D flame effect, as well as the function of air humidification can cost about 60 thousand rubles and more.

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Customer Reviews

Customers note the safety of electric fireplaces with the 3D flame effect, their compactness and even mobility compared to real fireplaces. They can be placed in rooms with small children and not be afraid that children will burn about the flames, trying to consider them. You do not need to look for a special place to place a firewood, a special protective screen that can be installed with active firewood to protect the surrounding interior from sparks, as well as other accessories for the fireplace, such as poker, tongs, broom and dustpan, serviter, bellows .

Electrofireplaces are easy to maintain - they can be simply wiped off with a cloth from dust, and models that require water should be cleaned once or a couple of times a month from a lime scale with a special brush.

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