Electric fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces can be attributed to the universal and at the same time complex structures that create coziness and comfort in the house. Such models are able to transform any interior, make it more homely and warm. The main advantage of such options is that they can be installed even in an apartment, as the electric fireplace complies with all established standards and safety rules. That is why many modern people use such designs as decorative components of the interior.

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The main advantages of the models

Modern manufacturers produce a wide variety of electric fireplaces, so the choice of a suitable model rarely causes problems. It should be noted that the installation of structures does not take much time and effort, which is one of the advantages of these systems. The electrofireplace can be established in any place of the house, and by that to decorate design of the chosen room.

Most modern experts have noted that such options have a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional types. The main advantages of electric fireplaces are:

  • installation does not require additional arrangement of the chimney;
  • electrofireplaces are autonomous installations;
  • designs do not take up much space in the room;
  • A variety of options allows you to choose a model in accordance with the interior.
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Electrofireplaces are the ideal solution for both spacious and small rooms. This is due to the fact that most models do not install as separate structures, but mount them into the wall.

You should not think that the fireplace is exclusively a decorative element. Installations possess multifunctionality, carry out a role of an additional source of heat.

As for security, such options are not capable of causing a fire or similar problems. All designs are created in accordance with the necessary standards, the front part is always equipped with special glass that does not heat up even with prolonged use of the fireplace.

Features of creation

Often it happens that people refuse to ready-made designs presented in stores, and are engaged in creating a fireplace on their own, using their own skills and knowledge. All that is needed for the work: materials, scheme and step-by-step instructions for implementation. Particular attention should be paid to creating a portal for the structure. Masters use for this a variety of materials: from brick to gypsum plasterboard.

To create finishes and foundations, it is not recommended to choose plywood or wood, as these options are not resistant to the constant movement of warm air flow. Gypsum plaster is suitable for finishing.

It is worth noting that there are a number of specific requirements that must be met during operation. These features will help to avoid mistakes during the creation of structures.

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The style of the portal and the basics should match each other. This moment is the most important in aesthetic terms. Choose durable and reliable materials that match each other in style.

The second important requirement is the arrangement of the frame.This element should always be located in front of the portal, and you need to remember this during the arrangement.

Particular attention should be paid to the size of the electric fireplace. The parameters of the portal, the basics and the area of ​​the room should be in the correct ratio. If the room is small, do not create too bulky and dimensional structures. In case the room has a rather large space, the electric fireplace is best located in the central part.

An important point is the presence of a powerful cable that is able to withstand the load during the operation of the device. Many experts argue that for arranging heating equipment it is best to create a separate line.

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How to make a design with your own hands

Once you have decided on the appropriate location of the fireplace, you must purchase all the necessary components for the arrangement of the portal and installation. The main part consists of four elements. Decide in advance with the appropriate material for the design. First you need to create a foundation portal. After that, proceed to the installation of vertical racks and furnace elements.The final component in the portal is the top cover.

Experts recommend the use of drywall for this work, as it is easily amenable to all processes and does not need long-term processing.

At the initial stage it is necessary to create a podium for the fireplace. The next step is to frame the device and laying electrical wiring for the system. The prepared crate is sheathed with material, after which they are covered with finishing options. At the final stage, the finish is applied.

It should be noted that the ready center for an electric fireplace can be got in specialized shop. Decide in advance on the design of this element, as manufacturers offer a wide variety of options.

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Finished design: how to choose

If you do not want to spend time on the arrangement of the fireplace, you can choose a finished electrical design, and order the installation. During the acquisition of the system you need to consider several important points. First, determine the main purpose of the electric fireplace. Many use such options exclusively as decorative elements, others as functional installations.

If you need a model for heating a room, the best solution would be to purchase a fireplace with a capacity of 1 kW per 10 sq. M. Pay special attention to the cross section of the wire, as the wrong option can cause trouble in the form of a circuit or ignition.

If you decide to purchase an electric fireplace, immediately exclude cheap models from sight. In general, such systems do not have high functionality and durability.

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