Electric fireplace in the apartment

Many people think about the placement of an electric fireplace in an apartment and often ask questions about their safety, placement in the interior, cost and installation.

Features and benefits

Electric fireplaces heat the house during the cold season and often become the main part of the interior. This hearth has a low weight and no open flame, it can be decorated with a unique design. The advantage of such a fireplace is that it heats the air in the room and is environmentally friendly. From such an acquisition in the apartment there will be no dirt and it can be left unattended for a long time without fearing for the children.

How to choose

When choosing you need to know the exact location and purpose of the fireplace, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the model.

Devices with a steam generator perfectly humidify the indoor air, this is a unique acquisition for a family with children. Most electric fireplaces are equipped with a remote control, air filtration system, sleep mode, and temperature control.

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Be sure to pay attention to the availability of the warranty. It is necessary to buy electric fire from a manufacturer with service centers in your area.


Portal fireplaces or fireplace sets are the easiest way to shop. Ready electrofireplace - the center with a portal does not require a lot of time and special devices. A device made of natural or artificial stone will harmoniously fit into the interior in the style of a chalet or loft. As it becomes soiled, just wipe the case with a damp cloth.

  • 3D electrofireplaces. Nowadays, 3D technology allows you to create very beautiful images, as well as high-quality effects of artificial flame and imitation of burning and cod logs. The main feature of 3D is the increased safety of products, which allows you to safely install such acquisitions in homes and apartments.
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  • Electric furnaces - a great alternative to a fire fireplace in a country house, solves the problem of all those who like to warm the soul and body at the burning hearth. Elements for the design of electrotocks are very diverse, doors and other items can be made to order.
  • Mini electric fireplaces multifunctional - a wide selection of styles, power, ease of management. They are easy to use, they can be placed anywhere and not limited to the interior styling. Installation does not require large costs. The effect of the work, which shows this little electric fire, will always surprise and delight. Such a hearth will give you the joy of contemplating a fascinating game of fire.
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  • Classic fireplaces Baroque style. This is a great option for large rooms in a simple style. Often such fire keepers have magnificent forms and are decorated with plant elements.
  • Bio Fireplaces - their fire can be enjoyed anywhere, in the apartment, in the country and in other places, since almost all models have a small weight. This type of device is a stainless steel body, where special environmentally friendly biofuel is poured. Biofireplaces are stand-alone and recessed, from modern hi-tech to classic models.

Type of construction

  • Outdoor - one of the most popular types. In appearance resemble classic wood burning fireplace. They can be moved to any place of the apartment.They are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.
  • Portable - An excellent option for lovers of urban and country life. Portable fireplaces are very light, they can be rearranged to any place in the house and taken with them to the cottage. They are completely safe to use and can be installed against a wall.
  • Wall mounted - the most common interior items in modern apartments. They create coziness and atmosphere in the house, they work at the expense of electricity or biofuels. Easy to maintain, it is enough to periodically make a wet cleaning, as for any furniture. You can install not only in the bedroom or living room, but also in the hallway and corridor.
  • EmbeddedThat fireplace will be the brightest part of the room, it catches the eye and creates a unique atmosphere. It has a large heating capacity, is installed in any portal, niche or wall.
  • Fireplace baskets. The appearance resembles firewood, made of metal rods. Filled with models of glowing logs or coals.

Types of fire imitation:

  • With the effect of live fire. Such models are many and often they work on biofuel, which is safe and environmentally friendly for indoor air.
  • Broadcast fireplaces.The image is displayed on the LCD monitor.Special effects make the picture realistic. On the screen you can play the aquarium and other topics. At an angle, image clarity deteriorates.
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  • Electrofireplaces with air humidifier - ideal for most families, because they have a built-in steam generator. For the device to work properly, you need time to fill the tank with water. When water is enough, the fireplace connects to the mains. Such devices require special care, they need to be cleaned every few weeks. The reason for this care is a lime scale that may appear inside the device.


It is possible to issue a fireplace as with the help of the master, and independently. To install, you need to install an iron frame to which you need to attach drywall, then finish it with your own hands as your heart desires. Making a fireplace made of wood is not the best option, because it will crack from the hot air. Firewood, stones and other items are suitable for decoration.

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Polyurethane decor

This decor is suitable for a variety of styles. It can be easily done by hand. Polyurethane is well protected from mechanical stress and is a heat-resistant material. It can be used as a portal for the fireplace.

How much is

Price depends on your choice. All of them are very diverse, there are expensive, such as portal prototypes, wall electrofireplaces. There is also a mini, which cost is not too high.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Corner fireplace in a studio apartment - a noble and elegant option. With it you can mask the lack of finishes and the size of the room. It has an indisputable advantage over the frontal ones - they can be placed even in the smallest room in area. A wide range of forms, dimensions and materials is presented on the modern market.

In the living room, the fireplace plays the main role, and based on its location, further placement of furniture and decorative elements is planned. Thanks to him, the living room is transformed into a cozy fireplace room for evening family recreation and friendly gatherings.

In the bedroom, a crackling hearth will accentuate the romantic atmosphere and will create an irreplaceable comfort. It can be placed both in front of the bed and in the corner. The main thing is not to make the fireplace too catchy,he will stand out from the interior of the bedroom and attract undue attention. It should be done in pastel colors and decorated with various ornaments.

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