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How nice, after returning home after a bustling day, to relax, sitting in a chair and looking at the flames, or gathering friends for hearth gatherings near the fireplace with a glass of wine and soul talk. Do you think that fireplaces are a luxurious piece of furniture that only owners of a private country house can afford? Far from it.

In the modern world, a fireplace can be installed in the apartment of a multi-storey building. Examples are electric fireplaces: they do not require special permission to install. To work, they do not need fuel (wood or gas), it is enough to connect an electric fireplace to the network, and you can enjoy the flames.

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Compared to other fireplaces (for example, wood, gas), electric fireplaces have several advantages:

  1. Acceptable price - for the construction of "real" fireplace will have to pay a serious amount.
  2. Electrofireplaces can be installed in an apartment in a high-rise building that is not equipped with additional ventilation or a chimney, and not be afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  3. You do not have to incur additional costs for the purchase of fuel (logs, wood chips or coal).
  4. The room will not produce soot, soot or smoke, which are inherent in wood-burning fireplaces. You do not have to constantly clean up the garbage that often occurs when using a wood fireplace.
  5. Electrofireplaces are very easy to operate - just turn on the network and select the heating mode or just the fire demonstration mode.
  6. Silent work - you can relax and enjoy the crackle of coals in the fireplace.
  7. In modern fireplaces, fire is very accurately and realistically transmitted, so you cannot distinguish it from real and real flame.
  8. Electrofireplaces are safe for health and the environment, since their work does not produce carbon monoxide or smoke.
  9. Imitation of a flame and heating of the room do not depend from each other. So that you can enjoy watching the flame, even on a hot, hot day.
  10. Electrofireplaces very quickly heat the room in which they are located. You will not have to wait long for the coals to ignite and the fireplace will start to heat the room.


Depending on how the electric fireplace is installed for the home, there are such models:

  • Corner electric fireplaces - installed in the corner of the room.Their advantages are that they can heat not one, but two or three adjacent rooms.
  • Electrofireplaces recessed into the wall - For these models will require a special fireplace portal. The advantage of the fireplace built into the wall is that it does not occupy the living space of the room.
  • Wall and floor models of electric fireplaces - You can hang on the wall, as a picture or use as a bedside table under the TV.
  • Electric fireplaces that stand alone - they do not need a special place. These are mobile devices, which, if desired, can be moved to another room.

Electric fireplace for the home can perform decorative functions, just turn off the heating function. You can enjoy such a decorative fireplace even in summer. In addition, if the heating function is turned off, the electric fireplace consumes very little electricity, but how many positive emotions it brings!

Modern electric fireplaces for homes designed to maximize the naturalness of the flame. For this, a variety of ribbons, colored lamps, mirrors and even fans are used.

When thinking about purchasing an electric fireplace for the house, you should choose a model in which the most realistic is the image of the flame and hot coals. Manufacturers of electric fires have tried their best. You can choose a product equipped with a special device, transmitting the crackling of hot coals or equipped with a special flavor with a smell of a fire.

Expensive models of electric fireplace for the home are equipped with a humidifier. In this case, even when the heating function is on, the air in the room will not become dry. On the contrary, it will be moistened, which will have a beneficial effect on your health. In addition, in such models of electric fireplace, flames are transmitted so clearly and clearly that you can not distinguish them from the real hearth. Water vapor has a special highlight, so that creates the impression of a real flame.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the electric heater is simple: in the middle of its body there is a heating element. It can be both open and closed. The heating element is the wire, which is wound on a ceramic rod or spiral, placed in a quartz tube.The main disadvantage of such electric fireplaces is that they “dry” the air, that is, the humidity in the room is significantly reduced.

There are also modern models of electric fireplaces that heat the room with infrared radiation. The air does not come into contact with the heating element, and oxygen is not lost. The heat waves in the electric fire are not dispersed on the sides, but sent forward.

Modern electric fireplaces are equipped with special sensors that help maintain a certain temperature in the room, reducing the consumption of electrical energy. As soon as a certain room temperature is reached, the sensor turns off the heating function of the fireplace and turns it on again as soon as the temperature decreases slightly. This feature also helps protect the heating element itself from overheating.

Modern models are equipped with a special control panel. So you do not have to get up and toss the logs in the hearth. It is enough to press the button on the control panel and adjust the brightness of the fire or the temperature of the room heating.

Small electric fireplaces are also called modern electric stoves. They can be transported, thanks to the presence of handles or move around the room, thanks to the presence of wheels. Such electric stoves do not need fireplace portals or other decorations.


You can install an electric fireplace yourself without any help with your own hands, but first make sure that there is an outlet in the place where it will be located.

Determine the place in the apartment where the electric fireplace will be located. Insert the hearth into the portal (niche) for the fireplace. Then you need to install a protective frame and the front part of the panel (it may be absent in certain models of electric fire). The electric fireplace is ready for operation, now you can install it in the place where it will work. Turn it on and have fun.

The case of an electrofireplace does not heat up, therefore, even when it works, you can touch it, without being afraid to burn yourself.

Electric fireplace you can place on the wall, like a regular picture or a plasma TV. An electric fireplace in the apartment can be installed as a TV stand.

Do not install an electric fireplace in the apartment opposite the window. If there is light on the electric fire, the brightness and brilliance of the fire in it will significantly decrease.

If you buy an electric fireplace for a country house, in which there was already a fireplace, then you must install a chimney so that the heat does not go down the chimney. Chimney draft can also have negative consequences for the operation of an electric fireplace.


Electric fireplaces can have a varied decor. Built-in models of electric fireplaces can be trimmed with stone (natural or artificial). Framing electric fireplaces can also be wooden, plastic or ceramic.

Decorating an electric fireplace depends on the style and interior of the room:

  • Classic interior will decorate the portal for electric fireplace with stone or wood trim. He has strict forms and lines, no frills. Traditional decorations should be placed on the mantel: large mirrors, paintings and lighting.
  • Country style electrofireplace is commonly used for corner fireplaces, which are located in country houses. This fireplace is very massive, may have a finish in the form of brickwork.
  • Electrofireplaces for modern interiors. They are characterized by mixing styles, a combination of modern furniture and finished models of electric fireplaces. Electrofireplaces can have unusual placement, for example, hang on the wall, like a plasma TV.
  • For the style of minimalism or high-tech electric fireplaces are installed with a minimum number of decorations. They can also be built into furniture. High-tech electric fireplaces are decorated with metal and glass.

When choosing a particular finish for facing the portal, remember that it should be combined with the style of the hearth.


The most popular manufacturers of electric fireplaces on the domestic market:

  • Dimplex - Irish Brand. You can purchase an electric fireplace from this manufacturer with the most realistic image of a flame, which is formed by water vapor and illuminated with halogen lamps.
  • Blaze - electric fireplaces from the Chinese manufacturer SBLT. Differ in good quality and reasonable price.
  • Electrolux - Swedish company that produces electric fireplaces.Products of this brand are distinguished by modern stylish design and democratic price.
  • Olmo is a Danish brand. Olmo electrofireplaces have a standard set of functions, a stylish design, are remotely controlled using the remote control, they also work without heating.

If you want to enjoy the heat and the view of burning fire without additional efforts, then you should opt for electric fireplaces. They are very simply “fired up” and also just “extinguished”, for this it is enough to press a button on the control panel.

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