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Fireplace - one of the most functional and beautiful elements of the decor, which has already ceased to be a luxury item. Previously, such models were used solely to enable owners to highlight their high status and demonstrate it to guests. This is due to the fact that the fireplaces differed quite impressive cost, and not everyone could afford such a purchase. But today, such models are among the most sought after and popular. Particular attention should be paid to electric fireplaces with a portal.

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Design features

The main advantage of electric fireplaces is not only beautiful design, but also safety, as there is a minimal risk that during its operation ignition will occur. It should be noted that the structures can be installed both in private houses and in spacious apartments. At installation additional arrangement of a flue and dimensional elements is not required.

One of the main components of any fireplace is the portal. Such an element is used in constructions for quite a long period, and its main role is to ensure safety. Previously, to create a portal, special stones were used, which were laid out in the form of a circle. Such a decision at the heart of prevented the fire. It is worth noting that the first portals for fireplaces had a not very attractive and aesthetic look, so over time these options were amenable to improvement.

As for the models that are being created today, unlike the old-sized overall constructions with volumetric portals, they look much better. Modern design, the use of high-quality and safe materials, a wide variety - all this allows you to choose a fireplace in accordance with their own preferences.

As noted above, the most popular options to date are electric models. They do not take up much space and you can arrange the design in any room. Another nice feature of fireplaces is that many people are engaged in the creation of the frame and decoration by themselves.The work is not complicated, all that is required of you in this process is to prepare materials and strictly follow the instructions.

Material selection

The advantage of electric fireplaces is the absence of open fire or the presence of heating components that could create an unpleasant situation, glowing heat. Modern manufacturers are based on many protective parts and surfaces that provide complete safety during use.

As for the choice of material for the manufacture of the frame, in this matter you can safely rely on your own preferences. In order to decide on a suitable option, you need to compare several of the most common types.

The first, and the most attractive in appearance, is a tree. The main advantages of this option include:

  • durability;
  • combined with any direction in the interior;
  • has environmental cleanliness.

But when choosing such a material, keep in mind that with constant exposure to heat, wood begins to crack and deform. Over time, the frame may lose its external qualities and properties.

No less common material that is used for decoration is a stone. It has a chic and rich appearance, so it is often used at the base. This option is best used to create a fireplace in a private house, as the material creates a large load on the floor.

The best choice for the manufacture of construction will be drywall. It meets all fire safety requirements, is light in weight and lends itself well to handling.

From the list it is worth excluding such options as chipboard, plywood and other types based on wood. In comparison with the natural counterpart, these materials can trigger inflammation. This is due to the fact that glue is present in the composition of each type.

Hearth: how to choose

The important moment is the choice of the suitable center for an electrofireplace. This element is essential in the internal design, so it is worth taking a responsible approach to the purchase. You need to decide in advance on the style and size. Pay special attention to functionality.

During the purchase of the hearth, be guided by the idea that you will embody while creating an electric fireplace for the house.A universal option is a neutral look, as it fits any style of room.

It is worth paying attention to the size of the hearth. If the room is spacious, and you plan to create a large fireplace, then the internal element should correspond in size. In the case of a small room, it is best to turn to compact models. A good choice for small rooms would be an electric fire built into the wall.

DIY creation

If this is your first encounter with such a process, then it is best to choose the simple form of the portal as the basis. In this case, special attention will need to be paid to the decoration in order for the design to have an attractive appearance and adorn the room.

First you need to create drawings that you can navigate in the process. In the scheme designate all elements, their location and size. Count the amount of material required for the job.

After completing this item, you can begin to assemble the frame. You need to do this, starting at the bottom, creating a rectangle or a triangle. Vertical elements are fixed on this structure, providing the top piping.The finished portal should be installed in the chosen place, having fixed it on the corner parts of the walls.

At this stage it is necessary to install the material on the base with self-tapping screws. At the same time, you need to fix the top shelf. At the final stages, finishing works are done: cover up the seams and joints.

The last, and important process is the installation of the center inside. After that, the manufacture of the fireplace will be completed. All that remains to be done is to decorate the base with decorative elements.

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