Electrofireplace in an interior

Installation Features

Everyone dreamed of having their own fireplace, and, being like different characters from books, spend quiet evenings watching the fire. But not everyone has the opportunity to install this fireplace, especially in ordinary urban apartments. However, do not be upset, it is for this purpose that electric fireplaces have appeared on the market for a long time and are in demand.

Electrofireplace - a simple, but interesting thing. It easily replaces the classic fireplace, and most importantly, it is easy to install in the apartment.

You do not need to do a hood, woodpile and spend money on wood or coal. And it is easier to dismantle.

To properly install an electric fireplace, it is enough to follow four simple rules:

  • The first thing to remember is access to a power outlet. To install the electric heater does not become a headache for you, it is better to immediately determine the place where access to the outlet will be free and you will not have to pull extension cords (the visibility of the wires can ruin the whole effect), or make holes in the wall for an additional outlet.
  • Consider windows, lamps and other light sources. Excessive hit of light on an electrofireplace can worsen quality of a luminescence of fire. In other words, the flame from the fireplace can become dim and lose all its beauty.
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  • It is not recommended to install electric heater under the TV. In addition to the aesthetic function, electric fire has some properties of heaters. The heat that it emits, with long-term close exposure, can adversely affect other electronics in the house.
  • Carefully approach the issue of stability of the fireplace. It must stand firmly on the floor or be firmly attached to the wall. Any fall can break the expensive item.

As you can see, there are no special rules in the installation of electric fire. And the main role here can play except the dimensions of the electric heater and the free space. There are many different electric fireplaces on the market.

Classification of fireplaces by type of installation

Let us analyze the main types of fireplaces, classify them by type of installation:

  • Floor
  • Attachment
  • Wall
  • Built in
  • Island


Most often they have the form of small metal stoves, with legs and a decorative door. However, there are other types of outdoor fireplaces. For example, they can be made in the form of a round metal barrel without legs, be in the form of a horizontal cylinder or rectangle, and from above, have a cut, where the decorative flame is located. There are many options for such an electric fireplace, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on design.

In terms of installation, the outdoor electric fire is the easiest. It can perfectly fit both near the wall and in the middle of the room (depending on the design). And also it is easy to transport.


This type of electric fireplaces can be called classic. An attached fireplace most accurately imitates real fireplaces, the very ones that we used to see in the cinema, in the photo of old houses of the XIX century. Distinctive feature of added electrofireplaces is the design. Or rather, facing around the hearth. Facing is usually made of decorative stone, which gives a wide field of creativity. In addition, such an electric fireplace can be supplemented by an upper shelf, on which various decorative objects can be placed, emphasizing the design of the fireplace and the room.

Stopping the choice on an attached electrofireplace, it is worth being defined precisely in where it will stand. An attached electric fire is often massive and located near the wall. For this reason, it may be difficult to find a place for an attached electric fireplace, if you suddenly want to drastically change the interior of the room.


Wall or hinged electric fireplaces are great for small spaces. They are narrow, do not occupy space on the floor. Wall-mounted electric fires are usually fixed at a height of about a meter from the floor. Design of fireplaces more sophisticated. Most often made in the style of "minimalism" or "hi-tech". There are other options with a more classic performance.

When installing wall-mounted electrofireplaces, you should carefully consider the issue of mounting. The weight of fireplaces varies from 10 to 25kg. It is necessary to fasten such construction as firmly as possible It is best to use anchor bolts, because this is the most reliable type of fastening. Screws with a dowel of a large diameter and the maximum possible length, relative to the thickness of the walls, are also suitable.

Built in

The built-in type of electrofireplaces meets less often, but such fireplace attracts more attention.The built-in fireplace looks spectacular, because it seems to be embedded in the wall, which makes it an integral part of the whole house. Recessed electric fireplaces are of different types. This may be a deep niche in the wall with an open hearth, where you can reach out. Or the fireplace hearth can be closed with glass, thus forming a practically smooth surface with a wall. It may have a frame that highlights it on the wall (like a hinged fireplace), but with a deeper hearth that goes deep into the wall.

The built-in electric fireplace is the most difficult to install.

The first way is to make a niche directly in the wall itself. Here the main problem may be the thickness of the wall, it may not be enough. The second thing to remember is whether it is a wall bearing. If yes, then it is absolutely not recommended to violate the integrity of the wall.

The easiest option is to build up a wall with the help of drywall or gas blocks, having previously left space for a built-in fireplace. However, this method "steals" the space and is only suitable for large rooms.

And of course, do not forget to leave free access to the electric heater.Otherwise, in the event of a breakdown of the electric fire, you will have to spoil the wall.


The most interesting and unusual type of electric fireplaces. It is an independent construction, characterized by the fact that there is access to the hearth from all sides. The island electric fire is suitable only for very large rooms and is the center of the whole composition. This is the first thing that catches the eye when entering the room, which means it dictates the direction of the interior.

Island electrofireplace can be various forms: round, triangular, square, rectangular. In the price category, the island type of electric fireplaces is the most expensive. However, his appearance, the impression he makes, easily pays for all investments.

There is no particular problem with installing such a fireplace. The main thing is to find the right place where an island electric heater will not interfere. The difficulty may arise with the transport of electric heater. As a rule, they are very massive. And you also need to think carefully about how to hide the wires, because most often island electric fireplaces are placed in the center of the room.

Choosing a fireplace location

Where better to place a fireplace? In fact, there are no special rules.Electrofireplaces can be in any room. The usual option - the location of the electric heater in the hall where people most often gather. It helps to create a friendly atmosphere. A good solution for the hall will be to place the electric fire directly under the TV; this is the place that is most often the center of the room.

The second most popular place where have a fireplace, is a bedroom. In the bedroom, an electric fireplace helps to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. You can arrange a fireplace in front of the bed. This will help calm the nerves and relax after a hard day’s work. Wall-mounted electric fireplace can be placed right at the head of the bed, thanks to which it will be possible to enjoy the sound of the flame.

Style directions in design

Modern electric fireplaces are not limited in design. There is a huge variety of beautiful models made in classical or modern directions. The market presents both simple models of outdoor fireplaces, as well as complex architectural structures of side-mounted fireplaces. The design of side fireplaces can be completely taken under your control. You can choose the facing stone, color and material of the shelf, all accessories.

In addition, in all electric fireplaces, the hearth itself may have its own design. Here you can choose almost any material, ranging from wood to marble.

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