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Those who chose an electric fireplace, know that these designs are fashionable and modern, and also look beautiful along with a small price. They can be operated even in a multi-storey building, unlike a full-fledged wood portal. An important task when choosing an electric fire is the correct selection of the model to the setting, that its appearance did not disturb the harmony and style of the interior. A lot of positive features, along with additional features, allows devices to win a large number of fans around the world.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Electric fireplaces have many advantages compared with the traditional type of hearth. The positive qualities include:

  • possibility of installation at any time, even if it was not previously provided;
  • you do not need to think about the chimney and the ventilation system, nor do you need the consent of your neighbors and the execution of the necessary documentation.Such fireplaces take up little space and are able to successfully fit into any environment;
  • Electrofireplace is ideal for families with children. These constructions are absolutely safe, as they do not heat up and it is impossible to get a burn from them. Their use minimizes the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • these centers do not require special care, just as you do not need to constantly buy firewood. You do not need to remove the ashes and clean the firebox, because smoke and soot do not form when burning;
  • You can put the electric fire in any room, they warm the room well in the cold season;
  • Unlike the traditional portal, the electric fireplace can be turned on even in summer. You will need to turn off the heating function and admire the beautiful "flame" on summer evenings.
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If we talk about the shortcomings of these devices, the following should be noted:

  • increased power consumption. Everyone who has used electrical appliances for space heating knows that this is not very profitable. It should be noted that when using the fireplace only for decorative purposes, significantly reduces the expenditure on energy;
  • to install an electric fire, a power connection will be required, and for devices that have a smoke imitation option, access to the water supply will be required.

Types of electric fireplaces

The electrofireplace is an electric heater by means of which there is an imitation of fire and heat. With the help of such a device you can transform your room, giving it a cozy family atmosphere in which each of the household members will like it. You will certainly enjoy the tradition of gathering in the evenings in front of the fireplace with the whole family.

Electric fireplaces are divided into several types, based on certain criteria: the type of hearth, mode of operation, location, the material from which the fireplace is made and the type of the portal itself, along with functionality and power. Fireplaces with open hearth or closed, large and small, thin and wide, can be purchased. Modern manufacturers offer unusual shapes with additional features.

If we talk about the type of installation, then home electric fireplaces are:

  • corner;
  • built-in;
  • outdoor;
  • mounted;
  • standing alone;
  • portable.

Small appliances are called electric furnaces.They may contain handles for transportation as well as wheels. They are considered the most affordable electric fireplaces in the price category. Portable electric fireplace can be moved throughout the apartment or get only at the moment when it is needed.

Wall mounted appliances are an embedded model that can save the area of ​​a country house or apartment. It is worth noting that such an electrofireplace is not so easy to hang, because you must first equip a niche, in accordance with the size of the device. This type resembles TV, in which live fire is the center of attention. Such an electric fireplace can be hung above the TV, or there are more expensive versions in which the TV is mounted with the Real Flame function. In these models, a believable atmosphere of fire is created. True, the price of such a fireplace is very high.

Corner fireplaces are popular in small apartments. These mini-portals have all the options of a traditional front fireplace. Corner stove will perfectly decorate the corner of your room and bring a bit of exoticness and charm in the room.

There is also a category of compact electric fireplaces in which there is no framing. They take up very little space and look like a stove. You can put a vase or a statuette or any other object on such a device.

Modern manufacturers began to equip electric fireplaces with additional functions. This contributed to the increase in demand for devices that performed a number of useful functions:

  • Not so long ago there were models with a humidifier. A distinctive feature of such a room device is the replacement of fire for steam. Small drops of water create an imitation of burning wood with real smoke. Models with a steam generator can not only admire the fire, but they also moisten the air in the room. The device is refilled using ordinary water;
  • popular infrared electric fireplace. This device is a simple and affordable option. His work is based on a reflector, the focus of which is the heating component. Due to the reflection of heat rays from the surface, infrared radiation is emitted. There are several models that produce radiation in one, two, or three directions.

If we talk about unusual solutions, among them there are two types of electrofireplace:

  • A modern high-tech electric fireplace immediately won the favor of many apartment owners and country houses. Its unusual design with unusual shapes attracts attention and brings zest to the overall style of the house. There are fireplaces in the form of a prism, a ball, a semicircular, and even a triangle. Such devices can be mounted to the wall, put on the floor or mounted on a column. With this fireplace you can realize any fantasy, ranging from electric fireplace in the form of a coffee table, ending with a rotating device with a waterfall;
  • There are multimedia fireplaces with copper pipes. In these portals there is a special stand for a TV or multimedia system. Such a device copes with the decorative function and plays the role of a stand under the players, under the TV, speaker system. Due to the convenient height of the electric fire, you can put a TV on it or place the device above it.

Depending on your taste preferences and room design, you can choose a narrow electric fireplace, a device with a vertical shape or a standard floor option. The latest model is completely similar to traditional portals and can be of any size.Based on the area of ​​the room, you can buy a long electric fire, or vice versa, a mini version.

Types of finishes

Most electric fireplaces are made of metals and are an ordinary furnace with a transparent glass door. However, the stores offer a wide range of models of electric fireplaces with different styles. If you do not plan to independently engage in the finishing of your portal, make sure that the future furnace will suit you in its color and size.

Alas, not all of our dreams of the hearth are realized by designers who work in companies that produce electric fireplaces. For this reason, many people order individual options or are engaged in finishing themselves.

Be aware that you should not limit yourself to the choice of materials for finishing, because electric fireplaces are not characterized by the transmission of heat and heating of the veneering material.

Models from a tree, from artificial stones and natural, tiles, a stucco molding, from marble and even wall-paper are in demand in classical style. If you want to make a frame in an improved fashionable style, pay attention to glass, glass-ceramic, mirror, as well as plastic lining.Look good models of electric fireplaces in modern style, for which you can use the basic elements of the classics, marble, wood, stone, glass, only in a more modern version, with sophistication, ease and elegance.

Design solutions for installation

When we voice the phrase: “Home”, our imagination instantly draws a picture of the dancing flames in a cozy atmosphere, where there is peace and warmth. On many, such a wave of fantasies rolls in that they decide to install a fireplace in their house. If we talk about a country house, the portal in it is not uncommon, but in a city apartment to install such a unit is problematic.

For this reason, many apartment owners install electric fireplaces in their rooms, which take up little space and are equipped with additional features. Competently integrated into the interior electric fireplace will help to create a no less comfortable and homely atmosphere than a traditional portal.

If you decide to install an electric fireplace in the sauna, pay attention to models with a steam generator. Such devices have a trendy design, they are reliable and practical.You do not need to think about the fuel, because the device works on the network. With their help, you can get a dry or wet type of steam for the sauna, based on their preferences.

As a rule, in a sauna, an electric fireplace is placed at the door, but its small size allows installation anywhere. A special railing is installed around the device as a fire safety measure.

If you plan to put an electric fire in the hall, it is not recommended to purchase built-in models in the TV rack. If both devices work at the same time, you will not be able to focus on one thing. It is best to place the fireplace in the opposite corner in order to enjoy its view when reading newspapers or having a cup of coffee. In the room you can put any fireplace, focusing on the area and design of the room.

For the kitchen perfectly suited floor or hinged electric fire. This option is able to turn an ordinary dinner into a significant event and help create a soulful atmosphere when meeting with friends and family.

Installing an electric fireplace in the bathroom allows you to equip a bathroom and spa area.You can pleasantly bask in the fluffy foam, enjoying the crackle of firewood. You can put wood balls near the electric fireplace, soaking them with essential oils. This action will turn your bathroom into a private hammam.

If you are thinking about how to equip a bedroom, pay attention to the mounted fireplaces. In this room, electric fire can take place over the bed or in a small boudoir. For a small room suitable fireplace stand. Put a mirror or a TV on it and save space in a small room.

Owner reviews

Those people who have installed an electric fireplace in their home, leave only positive comments about such equipment. In the first place, among the reviews of the owners there is beauty. People like to admire electrofireplaces, imitation of a live flame and to listen to sounds of crackling firewood.

Most say that these devices look great in any interior, ranging from classic to modern. Those who put added fireplaces in their apartment shared the successful placement of an aquarium, figurines and even a sound system on it.

Another category marks the ease of maintenance and the absence of chips, compared with traditional types of portals. Owners note the absence of chimney, soot and soot.

Each of their customers noted that the electric fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, gives warmth and pleasure, despite the weather outside. Even in the slush you can sit in a warm and romantic atmosphere, chat with family and friends.

No matter what type of electric fire you choose for yourself, this equipment will bring spice and style to your home. You will be able to impress your friends with the novelty of the interior and to spend free evenings next to the electric fireplace.

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