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The rhythm of the life of the modern world differs at an enormous speed, and from this every person more than ever wants to, when he comes home, feel comfort and warmth. And a real home is just that which can provide both. However, not everyone lives in country houses, they have enough money or the necessary area of ​​an apartment to afford such pleasure. And yet you should not despair, because now the popularity is gaining quite adequate alternative to this fireplace, its electronic counterpart.

There are many types of such a furnace: from very small desktop to elongated flat screens, with the effect of a living flame, with logs that seem to smolder inside, even heating, etc. So, we can say with confidence that now the fireplace is no longer a luxury, but a very pleasant and functional piece of furniture, accessible to everyone.

What is good?

Not without reason, electrofireplaces are becoming so popular, because they have a lot of advantages:

  1. Do not require complex installation and special equipment.
  2. It requires almost no maintenance and cleaning.
  3. There are absolutely any size, which makes it possible to purchase it even for a small apartment.
  4. Look realistic. In many of these electronic foci, there is not only an imitation of logs, but even a sound imitating the crackling of firewood.
  5. It warms almost like a real one, which is very important during the cold season.
  6. Work silently.
  7. Absolute security. Such a furnace does not heat up, and it can even be left overnight, because there is no danger that ember will provoke a fire.
  8. A good accessory that gives the room extra comfort.

Types of artificial foci

According to the method of installation, electrofireplaces can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Intra-wall-based on the name implies a logical conclusion that such a furnace is mounted directly into the wall.
  • Side-mounted - this view can be located directly against the wall, or, which gives it a special grace, in the corner, but when installed in the corner, it will take a lot more space.
  • Standalone is an option that can be placed anywhere, where there is a power outlet and even move from room to room.

By way of creating a flame:

  1. In the most budgetary models, the flame is created due to the optical effect, when metal plates reflect light, or cloth patches, which are illuminated and driven by a fan.
  2. Models of the average price category use LEDs, which can create the effect of glowing wood or coal
  3. In expensive options, the most realistic, so-called cold flame is created. It is very similar to the present, but it does not cause any harm.

There are also many options for the appearance of the firebox, as well as the fireplaces themselves, these can be: ember, hot stones, firewood, even colored flames, etc.


Nowadays, models that exclusively imitate combustion are rarely found, mostly all have a heating function. If desired, you can always turn it off and just enjoy the view of the flame. Many options have additional features, such as: humidification or air purification. In principle, these options can be quite useful: sometimes the electronics over-dry the air, and this can damage furniture, and allergic reactions and respiratory diseases can appear.

To eliminate this drawback, you can separately buy a humidifier, or you can simply buy a fireplace with a steam generator built into it. This will prevent the air from becoming too dry, and will also make the flame more realistic due to the effect of smoke.

For lovers of complete realism, fireplaces with sound effects, crackling firewood and even with the smell effect, the aroma of burning firewood are produced.

Where to install?

In many ways, the appearance and size of the fireplace will depend on where you intend to put it. Of course, first of all, when choosing a hearth, you should take into account your desires and tastes, but no less attention should be paid to how it will look indoors. If this is a small bedroom, then it’s simply not worthwhile to dwell on a large version and mount it on the wall, it will look too cumbersome and inappropriate. A medium and even a small floor furnace will be enough not only to decorate the room, but also to warm it.

If this is an office with massive wooden furniture and shelves for books from floor to ceiling, then the center should look accordingly massive.A small hearth there simply will not be noticeable and there will be little sense from it.

Price policy

As for the price of the dream center, it can vary greatly and, of course, it depends on the set of functions. The greater the capacity of the furnace, the greater the price. For example, a compact autonomous fireplace, which performs its basic functions, namely, mimics the flame and heats, will be quite inexpensive, it is possible to find options that cost less than 10 thousand. If it is a long fireplace with many functions, its value can exceed even 100 thousand.

Comfort with your own hands

A good alternative to buying electric fireplaces can be made by yourself. The process of making a hearth is simple and practically does not require special skills, and the main thing is that at home you can make not only a simple electric fire, but completely heaped up with a flame effect and even the sound of burning logs.

Creating a fireplace consists of two parts:

  1. Portal. It can be made of different materials, but most often used drywall. Based on the size and style of the room, a drawing of the fireplace is being worked out, a metal profile is mounted on the chosen place, and drywall is mounted on top of it.Next, the seams are plastered, the surface is primed and, when it dries, the portal can be decorated as you please: with tiles, decorative stone, just paint, etc.
  2. To make a hearth with imitation of a flame, you need a radiofire circuit. The design of such a radio circuit is quite simple, the details for it are easy to find, and they are quite inexpensive. The scheme of the center consists of three nodes. The first two - the usual garlands of 220 V. The essence lies in the flickering of these garlands in combination with unsystematic crackling, this creates the effect of burning firewood. The operation of this radio circuit is based on the widely used system of switching on garland bulbs in series with the starter from fluorescent lamps. The volume of the clicks is easily tuned by the resistor R2.
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