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Eurokom - a company offering its customers a wide range of stoves and freestanding fireplaces. This company appeared in 1992 in Poland, and today it is present not only in the Polish, but also in many European markets. The main advantages of Eurokom products are high quality, sophisticated design, energy efficiency and reasonable price. The range of products offered by the company includes such a functional model as a stove.

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Features and benefits

The Eurokom stove is completely independent, depending on the power of the chosen model, such a stove is able to heat a certain area. The peculiarity of the stove is that it is able to give pleasure from admiring the flame, but it absolutely does not need to arrange the chimney. Such models in addition to heating the room allow you to prepare food or heat water.

The advantages of a stove include:

  1. Weight. The light weight of the product, in contrast to the traditional fireplace, allows it to be located anywhere, for example, on the second floor of a two-story cottage.In addition, the foundation on which the furnace is installed does not need additional reinforcement of the structure.
  2. Material. Eurokom stove is made of steel and cast iron (Richard antique bronze). These materials perfectly heat and at the same time withstand both high temperatures and exposure to water.
  3. Efficiency The efficiency of Eurokom products is 78 percent! Such a high percentage is achieved thanks to the technology of repeated afterburning, as a result of which the maximum heat from the fuel is generated.
  4. Self-cleaning system. This feature is present in almost all models of the company Eurokom - for example, the model Ambra, Baron and Pineto. Due to this, the furnace itself copes with the cleaning of high-temperature resistant glass. This allows you to admire the beauty of the flame without human intervention.
  5. Functionality. Eurokom stoves not only serve as a fireplace, but are also used as a water circuit or hob (Gustav with hob, Oskar with hob).
  6. Design. The company's products are able to adapt to any interior. In the model range you can find products of various styles. Techno, retro, a vivid representative of which are the models Merlin, Ingrid and Demeter, classic (Harold, Sven, Vilhelm) and traditional (Hit, Oswald,) styles are able to satisfy any desire of the buyer.

Additional qualities

Customer reviews of Eurokom products are emphasized primarily on a wide range of products. Because of this, you can easily choose the right model for every taste.

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A larger number of stoves as fuel requires the use of firewood. However, Eurokom offers models that are able to carry out their work with the help of not only firewood, but also the angle. This is facilitated by the presence of a special grille, thanks to which it becomes possible to use various fuels.

Eurokom models are absolutely safe to use. Existing glass can withstand a temperature of 750 degrees. The production of the company itself is carried out exclusively with the use of high technologies, which allows the use of automated equipment. So, for example, stele cutting is carried out through the use of laser machines, and a robotic welding machine performs all tasks with absolute precision. The use of these technologies not only speaks of safety, but also guarantees a durable service life of products.

The developers took care of the environment, endowing their products with a special system that helps reduce the emission of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

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