Falshkamina from a cardboard box with their own hands

The presence of a fireplace gives zest to the house. Currently, the fireplace has lost its true purpose: there is no need to warm up before it in the cold and cook food. It has become a beautiful piece of furniture that successfully performs a decorative function.

Installing this fireplace is troublesome and not everyone can place it in his apartment. But if you really want to revive your interior, then a false fireplace will help to cope with this task. Moreover, to make it yourself is quite simple.

Necessary materials

To make a fake fireplace, requires a minimum investment. The main material is a dense three-layer cardboard. Therefore, you will need cardboard boxes left over from purchases of household appliances. They are easy to cut with a stationery knife (any sharp knife will do for lack of it).

For additional fixation of the elements we will use a construction tape with a paper base.

Glue the details will help liquid nails or glue PVA.

For decoration, foam moldings, wallpaper, acrylic or water-based paint, color schemes are suitable.

Manufacturing process

At the first stage, it is necessary to determine the model of the future fireplace (corner, wall) and perform the drawing. On whatever version of the fireplace you stop, the step-by-step instructions for making will be the same.

In accordance with the drawing, marking lines are drawn with a ruler and marker. The easiest option is to create a fireplace from a large-sized cardboard box in which a TV was purchased. In her absence, the fireplace is created from individual parts. Wherein to make the product durable, it is recommended to duplicate each element and glue them together. On such a mantelpiece, you can place additional elements of decor and not worry that it is deformed.

The cutting knife perfectly handles the stationery knife. In the process it is important that it rests on the line. Then the lines will be smooth.

The window for the fire can be rectangular or in the form of an arch. The cut is done in such a way that the resulting blade can be glued to the back of the structure.

The base is made more than the fireplace itself by 5-10 cm.For its strength, several cardboard strips are inserted inwards across the width.

Falshkamin needs a mantelpiece. To do this, use an additional box that fits on top of the resulting structure.

All parts are glued with liquid nails or PVA glue, the joints are spatula.

Do not be alarmed if the cardboard becomes soft with glue. After drying, the product will become hard again.

Finishing options

After the chimney box is assembled, proceed to the finishing of the fireplace. The easiest way - wallpapering. Ideal in this regard, non-woven, which perfectly mask the joints between the boxes; irregularities and flaws, if any. As a basis, a thin sheet of foam will be suitable, on which wallpaper sheets are glued with liquid nails.

However, using conventional materials, you can make a false fireplace, which apparently will not differ from the present.

    One of the beautiful options is stone or brickwork. Her imitation is available in several versions:

    • Cardboard. Rectangles are cut out of cardboard, playing the role of bricks. They glue the pre-painted acrylic paint box, leaving a small space between the "bricks".In this technology, the right solution would be to use contrasting colors: a brown base and white bricks.

    If you want to add volume to “bricks”, then glue napkins or toilet paper soaked in PVA glue (papier-mâché technique) on them. After drying, we get an uneven textured surface resembling an aged brick or stone.

    • Styrofoam. Polyfoam allows you to create a very beautiful decor in the form of masonry. On a solid piece of this airy material, the contours of stones of different sizes are cut with a knife. On them hollows are hollowed out, separating stones from each other. The effect of antiquity will help to perform a hard iron brush, which handles the surface of the product.

    For painting using ordinary paint brush. To make the stones look as natural as possible, the color in the recesses between them must be darker than the “stone” itself. The final stage of painting - light tinted white.

    Polyfoam allows you to create a brickwork. For this, each brick is cut individually and glued to a cardboard base. After dyeing, the space between the foam parts is filled with a putty, to which a color is added. It is important that this composition be darker than the color of "bricks".

    Victorian style fireplace of the last century with stucco will help to create polystyrene foam moldings that can be easily found in any hardware store. After sticking, the fireplace is painted white.

    Imitation of stucco or woodcarving can be done with the help of cardboard parts. The floral ornament looks very nice. Glued parts are covered with decorative putty and varnish.

    Fireplace grille is easy to make from thick cable. After painting it in black or bronze color, it seems that the lattice is really made of real iron. Due to the plasticity of the material, it is easy to imitate iron forging. The individual elements are interconnected with tape or Moment glue.

    Extra Decor

    Firewood will look great in the firebox of the fireplace. Since our fireplace is not real, decorative firewood will be quite appropriate and harmoniously fit into the overall look of such an interesting piece of furniture.

    For the manufacture of decorative logs you will need corrugated cardboard, from which tubes of different thickness are twisted. To smaller "logs" paper tape attached "smaller",performing the role of lateral knots and branches. After that, "logs" are painted in white. If desired, you can add naturalness. For example, apply black strokes that imitate birch.

    If you decide to use real logs, then scattering red, pink and yellow transparent stones between them, you will achieve the effect of damped embers.

    You can use Christmas garland. It will create an additional glow and fill the house with comfort.

    Candles of different diameters and heights, arranged in a chaotic manner in the white fake fireplace, look very stylish.

    Christmas is a special category of decorative fireplaces. They need a certain decor. Christmas pads are very beautiful, which are displayed on the mantelpiece. They are decorated with Christmas-tree toys, luminous garlands, bright socks hanging from the hearth. All this creates an amazing magical mood of Christmas and New Year.

    As you can see, making a cardboard fireplace with your own hands is not difficult. It takes time, but the result is worth it. You will revive your interior, give it originality and surprise your friends and acquaintances.

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