Falshkamina in the living room interior

Few things are so firmly associated in the minds of people with the words “comfort,“ warm ”,“ home ”, as the word“ fireplace ”. From time immemorial, open fire inside the house warmed people, allowed them to prepare food and get together to the crackle of burning wood. However, today it is not necessary to perform complex construction work in order to become the owner of such a warm corner. This can help falshkamina in the interior of the living room, which will certainly attract the views and arouse the interest of all who visit your home.

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The main advantages of such decoration as an artificial fireplace are obvious to anyone who has ever thought about installing it in his living room.

  • It does not require construction work, installation of chimney and other structural changes in the room.
  • Suitable for a country house, and for an ordinary city apartment.
  • Eliminates the presence of an open fire in the room, which is safe for children and pets.
  • It is combined with any styles of the room.
  • Prost performed, does not require special skills.
  • Allows to show imagination and design abilities at installation and dressing of a portal.
  • If you have no time or desire to design the fireplace yourself, you can buy a ready-made portal in any hardware store.
  • It can carry not only a decorative function, but also be a convenient shelf for books or souvenirs.
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Where to place?

An object such as a pseudo fireplace, in theory, can be located in any room of an apartment or house. It will be appropriate in the kitchen, in the bedroom, hallway, in the office. But the most successful option for placing falshkamina - in the living room. This room is the heart of the house, where all family members spend joint evenings, celebrate holidays and meet guests. It is in the living room that a strict and “ceremonial” interior is often found, to which the fireplace portal gives the feeling of home comfort.

The place in the room where the false fireplace should be located should be chosen on the basis of the shape of the room and the location of other large interior items - a sofa or armchairs, cabinets and shelves, a TV and others. Options for placing a portal in a room can be as follows:

  • Near the wall. This classic way of placing a fireplace allows you to choose from a variety of options on which wall it will be, and what functions it will perform. For example, on the wall opposite the sofa, the portal will attract attention, and you can hang a TV above it. And it is possible to make a falshkamine a special object, around which to create a kind of recreation area, separate from the area for watching TV. For this it is better to choose one of the side walls.

  • In the corner. The fireplace is often made angular, which is extremely convenient for small rooms, as it saves space. In addition, with the help of such a reception, the geometry of the room is changing, for example, a long narrow room can be corrected. Portals curved in the shape of a semicircle look particularly impressive in the corner of the room.
    • Island. This method of placement is well suited for modern-style rooms and fireplaces that perform the function of heating. In the case of a false fireplace, this arrangement is not entirely justified, since it requires a large area of ​​the room.

    Stylistic features

    Falshkaminy are especially good because they can diversify the living room, made in any style - from artsy baroque to modern hi-tech. The main thing that distinguishes the fireplace portals in different styles is their shape and exterior finish.

    • Classic fireplace portalAs a rule, it is made or decorated with a material imitating marble or another noble stone. On the front side there are decorations in the form of columns, stucco, bas-reliefs. The colors are preferably light, mostly white. With the help of such a false fireplace, you can not only decorate a classic interior, but also diversify more modern styles so that the room does not look too strict and cold.
    • For interiors in the style of Loft, hi-tech, minimalism classic forms are unacceptable, but this is not a reason to abandon the fireplace portal in the living room. Just his form should be more concise, up to a simple “box” against the wall. The highlight can be color or finish. Rough brickwork is suitable for a loft, in the high-tech style glass and metals are actively used, and minimalism requires smooth lines and the lack of details for decoration.

    • Country style occurs less often, but without a fireplace it is difficult to imagine an imitation of a village house. For such a portal it is better to use natural materials, or as close as possible to them - brick masonry, imitation of rough stone, wooden beam as a mantel shelf will do.


    Imitation of the fireplace portal is easy to do with your own hands, even if your experience in such work is very small. First you need to determine exactly where the pseudo fireplace is and how it should look. Then remove all measurements, make a drawing. Materials for the manufacture of the frame, you can choose the following:

    • Drywall - one of the most successful options, it is easy to use, inexpensive and durable.
    • Natural wood - also reliable and high-quality material, but requires certain skills to work with it.
    • Metal sheets - will become an excellent basis for a fireplace in hi-tech style, with their help you can create an unusual, convex shape.
    • LDSP, MDF - panels from waste woodworking production with plastic coating or without it. Also easy to handle, do not require a large number of complex tools.

    Installation falshkamina not take long if correctly calculate the amount of material, size and location. Once the base is ready, you can proceed to the decoration of the portal. This will also help a few tips from the experience of designers.

    • Gypsum stucco can be replaced with products from polyurethane - cornices, rosettes, moldings. They are much cheaper and lighter, and in appearance they are almost as good as plaster. The only condition is that such elements should be better protected from external damages that can be caused by children, pets, or simply careless handling.
    • Textured plaster fits well on the basis of drywall, and it looks very impressive. If you wish, you can give it any color just by painting it with paint. It is even easier to decorate a falshkamina, pasting the base with wallpaper for painting, or with imitation of a stone.
    • If you are ready to spend a little more time and money on your fireplace, you can decorate it with a mosaic, ceramic or acrylic tile.

    With self-made falshkamina, you can choose any size portal, its depth and height.

    Of course, there is the easiest option - to buy a ready falshkamina or a portal for a regular fireplace. But this option will rise in a much larger amount, besides, you will not get that pleasure from creating something new.

    Chimney corner

    As a rule, the fireplace is an object of increased attention, so that it looks attractive, it is not enough just to install an artificial portal.It is also important to arrange the nearby space in accordance with the general style of the room.

    In the classic version, near the fireplace, there is a seating area where you can spend time watching the flames in the firebox. In the case of the falshka, which does not provide for open fire, you can fill this area with such trifles as figurines and souvenirs, photos in frames, reproductions of paintings or original works of art.

    Also in the minds of many, the ancestral space is associated with the skin of a wild animal thrown on the floor so that you can warm yourself by the fire right on the floor. In the case of a more modern interior, you can repeat this technique by laying a long-nap carpet or placing comfortable puffs nearby. Knitted rugs or patchwork-style bedspreads are suitable for a rustic-style interior.

    Above the fireplace there is quite a lot of space on the wall, which can be occupied with paintings, photo frames, bookshelves. Or you can hang a TV on a bracket above the portal. Chimney shelf decorated with candlesticks with candles, jewelry boxes, vases, and other decorative items.

    Designer Tips

    Inside an improvised furnace, a space is formed that requires some kind of decoration. There are several such options in the collection of design ideas, but nothing prevents you from coming up with your own, original and interesting. So, inside falshkamina can be positioned:

    • small neat firewood;
    • large candles of different heights;
    • mirror;
    • houseplants;
    • books;
    • one large statuette or composition of several.

    Mirror portal is one of the most successful solutions. Even with a shallow depth of falshkamina, this will visually enlarge it. And the firebox with firewood inside is already a familiar, but spectacular design technique.

    In the creation of an artificial fireplace there are no strict canons - you can choose any suitable materials for this, as well as experiment with the appearance of the portal. It can be almost an exact copy of a classic fireplace, or it can only be a hint of a familiar shape. In any case, such a composition will give your living room a feeling of a warm country house, even in the center of a modern metropolis. If you doubt your abilities and design abilities, a fake designer's project can be performed by a professional designer for you, and the master of room repair will help you to mount it.

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