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A spectacular design and a power efficient heating device is considered a fireplace. It did not disappear from the shelves and catalogs of heat units in the 21st century. In the manufacture using cast iron or steel, marble or tile and apply special technology. The efficiency of fireplaces has increased and the appearance has changed compared with the models of the Renaissance. Gas fireplace - a solution that has superseded the model of wood and electricity. He is credited with efficiency and installation without hassle.

Gas is an inexpensive and versatile fuel. They are heated country houses, cottages, as this type of fuel is cheaper and eliminates the laborious preparation of firewood or coal.

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Special features

Wood fireplaces are considered a classic among a variety of heating devices. The decline in sales is due to the emergence of a solution that eliminates the procurement of firewood, fuel braces, time spent on kindling and careful monitoring of the work to prevent fire hazards. Due to the release of hazardous substances into the environment and the efficiency of 15-20%, wood-burning fireplaces are losing ground.Russians choose gas. They have no weaknesses: fire hazard, difficulty in managing, laying firewood and kindling.

The performance of gas fireplaces depends on the design. In the manufacture of the furnace using heat-resistant steel. The walls of the combustion chamber are ribbed to increase the heat transfer area. A burner with a piezoelectric element and automatic sensors is located at the bottom of the furnace. False logs or embers mask it. Gas comes from the burner, envelops with a flame a model of firewood, imitating a flame. At the top of the furnace - the smoke box goes into the chimney. Along with the open, sell closed models, in which the front part is hidden behind heat-resistant glass doors.

To regulate the settings provided a panel on the outside and a remote control. Models with automation complements the controller that regulates the burning. In addition, they are equipped with sensors for extinguishing the flame, the disappearance of thrust, and the cessation of the fuel supply. If one or two sensors work, the system will suspect a malfunction and immediately shut down the unit. Additional security is achieved by using sensors that operate on batteries or with equipment connected to the mains.

There are no universal instructions for installing a gas fireplace. Each manufacturer has specific requirements for the installation site, the ventilation system, the organization of access of air masses to the furnace - a chimney or a special channel. As the leading source of fuel appears main gas. By installing such a model, they receive permission from the workers of the local gas service and order installation from them. Only models working on liquefied gas, connect independently.

For the manufacture of pipes using anti-corrosion and resistant to temperature extremes materials. Reliable material - special steel. Ready collapsible chimneys with insulating layer are flexible, suitable for the withdrawal of combustion products through walls or floors and for building to the desired length.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gas fireplace - a universal heating device for home or garden. Distinguishes their original appearance, uncomplicated design. For decades, it works without problems. The efficiency is distributed as follows: 80% is space heating, and the remaining 20% ​​is wasted. It speaks about profitability.Other heaters are devoid of such indicators.

Along with the advantages, it was not without flaws. Each buyer of a gas fireplace installs tanks to power the heat generator. Without them, the gas does not flow continuously into the combustion chamber. When settling on the site special storage pay maximum attention to fire safety issues. It is necessary to install the chimney, coordinating the installation in the relevant bodies.

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Without chimney

Gas fireplace in the apartment - a frequent guest. They do not build a chimney out of bricks, but remove foul light vapor through a chimney with a layer of insulation from inside against the formation of condensate. Models without a chimney are classified by heat output, but an efficiency of 85% combines them.


A popular heater is a gas infrared fireplace. He works on propane-butane gas. They buy a gas fireplace in the store, and in addition to it an infrared burner. The temperature in the room is maintained by direct heating and infrared radiation. Ceramic panels are an obligatory heating element, and the heat is directed not to the heating of a room, but to a person.

On bottled gas

Gas fireplaces work on gas liquefied from cylinders or natural gas from a gas pipeline. For the difference between the models, the marking N is used for the trunk and P for bottled gas. Interchangeability of one burner to another is not provided.

Stove fireplace

A gas stove stove attracts sauna owners. Bathing procedures are so close in spirit to a Russian person that the construction of a summer house does not do without the construction of a bath.

Such a stove for a bath is either inflatable or atmospheric. Inflatable - automated with air supply with the help of a fan, and atmospheric - non-automated, operating without interference of an electric current. Both burners are economical and equally safe.

Fireplace convector

Fireplace convector, working on gas, heats the cottage, in which the hosts visit two times a week, for an hour and a half. It works without laying communication systems - they do not install a boiler room, a circulation pump, connecting links, supports, etc.


In the manufacture of outdoor gas fireplaces using natural stone or concrete. They take the desired shape and size of the host.When choosing is easy to follow the style of the landscape created on the site.

Fireplace table

Napoleon company launches Patioflame table-fireplace as an original addition to the recreation area in the VIP-restaurant. For him there is a place on the terrace of the penthouse or at home outside the city. Tabletop fireplace gives the ground for experiments with the environment.


With this fireplace, the furnace area is closed from 3 sides by a U-shaped window made of glass-ceramic. The furnace was positioned so that it does not interfere with watching the fire. Mount it in a false wall, which divides the living space into zones. This way is not the only one. If desired, install a three-sided fireplace in the center of the room or lean against the same wall.

With heat exchanger

When heating a country house, fireplaces with a heat exchanger are rarely used. The reason - the restriction in the application. There is no constant supply of fuel, and therefore at night the hosts are very cold.


Fireplace - the main element of the gas fireplace. The shape and volume depend on the design requirements and on the model. In the manufacture using either heat-resistant steel or cast iron.

Inside the lined combustion chamber place the burner for ignition. Facing is needed to prevent damage caused by high temperatures.Inside the furnace, the reflector and the screen distribute the gas entering the burner.

The internal parts of the fireplace hide artificial logs that resemble firewood. In the manufacture of used ceramics or other material that is resistant to temperatures. Through the door of heat-resistant glass admire the fire. Depending on the type of junction to the wall, closed fireplaces are divided into one-, two-, three-sided or island models. They sell models with an open firebox, in which the heating of the air in the room takes place directly.

The chimney removes smoke from burning gas. Through it enters the fresh air, and therefore it is important to monitor the load. Instead of a chimney, a chimney is installed if the apartment is landscaped. The material for the manufacture of the chimney and chimney is stainless steel.

The functions of the protective screen are performed by the portal and lining, and therefore in the manufacture they use fire-resistant material.


How to turn on the gas fireplace? If the ignition is done for the first time, the gas pipe is supplied in case the gas is natural and the cylinder, if it is bottled propane. Then open the gas with a switch or knob. Connect the gas access to the fireplace.

The ignition button, which is visible from afar due to the red color, activates the work. If it is absent, you need to light the fireplace manually, using a lighter or matches.

Malfunctions and Safety

Gas fireplaces, despite the simplicity of the device, it is difficult to repair a person without special knowledge. He can only check if the taps responsible for the gas supply to the burner are open or not in case the fire cannot be ignited. He will not cope if the pilot light goes out. The problem in it is detected immediately after switching on. If a spark does not appear when the start button is pressed, the igniter will be replaced. When the front window is smoked, the ventilation is cleaned, which is difficult to do on your own without understanding the internal structure.

For the safe operation of gas fireplaces in the automatic mode, check the gas pressure using the built-in sensor, the level of carbon dioxide - using atmospheric. If the level is above normal, the sensor turns off the gas supply. Infrared sensors are reliable, as they take control of all parameters of the fireplace, turning it off when problems are detected.

Installation and cost

It is more difficult to install a gas fireplace in the apartment, as it is necessary to comply with the mandatory requirements in order to avoid problems with fire authorities.

When buying a fireplace, they issue a certificate of conformity to the requirements of GOST, the instruction manual for compliance with the technical details when connecting to a gas pipeline. The socket in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace - the need for sensors to work fully;

The fireplace is ventilated, but installed away from a window or balcony door. For ventilation install forced ventilation system. When installing, they join the fireplace with the chimney, making a hole in the wall or ceiling if necessary.

Non-flammable, heat-resistant and lightweight materials (tiles made of stone or ceramics) are used for facing.

The cost of a gas fireplace, as well as installation costs, diverge. It all depends on the configuration, decoration and installation features.

Brand model review

In the Netherlands, since 1966 produced gas fireplaces under the brand Faber. Since the release of the first model with a closed firebox, 51 years have passed, but from the point of view of functionality and appearance, not much has changed.As before, masters observe traditions, invent new models using advanced technologies.

Also, the brand sells gas heaters and heat gas guns Remington, which act as an alternative to fireplaces.

Open fireplace Sunwood Marino buy for the terrace. With him embody the dream of Russians on outdoor gatherings. Natural warmth emanates from it, and the bright flame hiding behind the glass walls fascinates in the dark.

Homeowners often choose mini-fireplaces. Functional option - Bartolini Pullover I Turbo Plus. The heater is a ceramic panel. It consists of 3 plates, which are heated in turn. With its help, the owners independently regulate the heating of the room. The infrared rays of the Bartolini fireplace warm up the furnishings, people, not the air. They keep warm longer.

Since 1976 models of the furnace equipment of the Canadian firm Napoleon are issued. At first, wood-burning stoves of cast-iron of compact size were produced, and today the range of products has been supplemented with models of gas-burning fireplaces, with an opening fire-resistant glass door.

An amazing beauty and functionality of the model is Ballu Bogh 15.Due to the conclusion of a living fire in a glass flask, gusts of wind will not harm it and will not interrupt the admiration in the fresh air. The model has found application among owners of country houses, country houses, extravagant night clubs, hotels, shopping centers.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Gas fireplaces for home surprise design appearance. They imitate wood models. Adherents of classic canons in the interior will appreciate them: firewood, though artificial, looks like real ones. A house in the country without a central piece of interior that fills the atmosphere with warmth and comfort is hard to imagine.

In the living room fireplaces are installed under the color of furniture upholstery and window drapes. Whole composition is obtained for those who decorate the walls, the ceiling and the floor with materials of rich color - brown, blue, yellow, and choose a model of a fireplace with white veneer. The room looks elegant, bright. It will be interesting in such an interior to look portable version of a mini-fireplace, working from a cylinder.

The high-tech room is transformed by a metal-framed fireplace. To emphasize the chosen solution, the walls are trimmed with wood.Bilateral models are used for zoning, constructing a partition.

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