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Fireplace - an ancient type of hearth. Its modern versions are becoming more diverse every year. Currently, there are country gas fireplaces that create comfort, are easy to use, can be installed in any premises and serve as a decorative element in the interior.

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Types, types, advantages

The fireplace in the house plays the role of a heater or decoration, but can also be an addition to the existing heating system. Traditional types are gas heaters, equipped with a firebox and chimney, with a real flame.

Infrared gas fireplaces run on liquefied or natural gas, and special ceramic panels contribute to the radiation of heat. Such heaters are installed with an exhaust steel pipe with an insulating layer placed on the street to prevent the formation of condensate. To connect the fireplace is better to invite a specialist and take for this the necessary permissions.Infrared gas street heaters can most often be found at restaurants, in recreation areas. They decorate the area and heat the surrounding space.

There are several types of installation of fireplaces.

Floor mounted on a prepared, solid foundation with the installation of the chimney.

In homes where there are children, pets, it is better to hang a wall fireplace, on brackets, preferably with a closed chamber, equipped with a hood. This type of installation does not require redevelopment of space and is simple to install.

For embedded heaters it is necessary to install a portal from a brick or a metal profile with the obligatory conclusion of combustion products. For models working on liquefied gas (from a cylinder), a certain, safe place is equipped.

Open areas, terraces, arbors are completed with street furnaces, where installation of smoke exhaust ducts is not required.

Special features

The effectiveness of gas stoves and fireplaces depends on their design. To increase the heat transfer area, fireboxes made of heat-resistant steel with a ribbed surface of the walls are used. A burner is installed in the lower part of the furnace, using gas as fuel with the provided automation elements.Sometimes it is covered with decorative coals or logs, creating the effect of burning wood. The top of the furnace is connected to the chimney. On the front side, usually, it is protected by heat-resistant glass, here is the management of the fireplace, but there are also open models.

For safety in use, the automation of heaters provides for the presence of sensors for stopping the gas supply, control of thrust, extinguishing the flame. Unlike wood fireplaces, modern gas models are easily ignited without long melting down, are controlled from the console, can work independently, without requiring constant monitoring.

Installed thermostats cope with maintaining temperature levels and ensuring safety. Gas fireplaces save the owners in maintenance from cleaning the ash and removing soot, and the carbon dioxide and steam formed during the combustion process are removed to an equipped chimney, thus ensuring environmental safety.

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Selection Guidelines

Due to the mass of advantages and ease of use of gas fireplaces, compared with wood, makes them all the more in demand.Modern life complicates the installation of brick heaters and chimneys, which require not small expenses. A large selection of models combine the same structural elements and before you buy a gas heater, you need to pay attention to its characteristics, to understand their properties, taking into account the operation and installation.

For heating, the heat output, measured in kW, must correspond to the calculated volume of a well-insulated room. Choosing a firebox, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Cast iron is considered the strongest, as it is resistant to chemical reactions occurring during combustion.

A reliable option is a stainless steel firebox. An important parameter when buying is the gas consumption in the highest heating mode. Modern models of gas fireplaces are safe and convenient in operation due to automation and additional options: ensuring electric ignition without an open flame, automatic adjustment of the combustion mode when the temperature in the room changes, control of flame maintenance and gas supply, remote control of the fireplace operation.

We also have the confidence of popular time-tested manufacturing companies with experience in the market of heaters with good user reviews. Such companies as Cheminees Diffusion (France), Gutbrod Keramik (Germany), Element4 (Holland) are notable for their exclusivity, functionality, durability, cost effectiveness, high level of automation, affordable prices of their products, which will always be a worthy decoration of an apartment, country house or cottage.

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