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Special features

Currently, eco-friendly interior items are very popular, because they are completely safe. Such devices include such a beautiful and unusual piece of furniture, as a bio fireplace. One of the distinguishing features of this element of the home interior is that even in the presence of fire, it does not have a chimney at all, so it can be placed in any part of the room with any design, and both in a private house and in a city apartment. In addition, there are no restrictions regarding the type of room in which such a fireplace can be placed, this device heats with a real hearth burning thanks to bio-ethanol - the substance with which the bio fireplace burns.

The main element of the design of the fireplace is a burner. This is the heating part of the fireplace, which is fueled by fuel, and it, while burning, produces heat. This item is a metal container.Some biofireplaces are equipped with burner lids, thanks to which the size and height of the flame can be easily adjusted. Some models of bio fireplaces are also supplemented with filters for the burner, which help purify the air.

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Burner requirements

If you want to create a bio-fireplace with your own hands, you should follow some tips that will ensure your safety. The heating part is the most important part of the design of the biofireplace. When self-creating a bio-fireplace burner, you should give preference to only the highest quality materials, which should also meet fire safety requirements and be heat-resistant. As a rule, metal is chosen as such a material, since it is suitable for this in all respects. From above, the metal frame is better for reliability to impose specialized ceramic tiles or cover with ceramic cloth.

The basis for the future burner is best made of a thick and durable material, so that it does not deform in the future, and the fuel is not spilled. In the process of assembling, make sure that all the structural elements are securely fastened, most importantly, do not rush.The average allowable distance from the burner itself to the walls should be about fifteen centimeters.

At the end of the assembly process, make sure that the resulting structure has no mechanical damage, and its shape as a whole has the desired appearance. The most preferred is a round burner.

When assembling this device, note that there is a very useful thing - a metal mesh that fits over the burner and allows you to properly distribute the flame of the burner. In addition, some use such a grid for decorative purposes and decorate it with pebbles or other heat-resistant beautiful materials.

Another important element of a bio fireplace fireplace is its wick. Often, its role is performed by a simple cord, which by one side is immersed in a vessel with fuel (bioethanol), and the other side is brought up near the mesh. Remember that the flame of a standard burner is not protected by itself, so when self-assembling this device it is better to build a protective element, such as a shield.

Create your own hands: step by step instructions

Hand-made things for the home are very popular in modern times.Many elements of the home interior can be created with your own hands, including a bio fireplace device. The burner is not very difficult to make, since its design is quite simple, you can create it according to your personal unique drawing or order a finished drawing from a specialist. Many experts offer a large selection of materials from which it can be made, it can even be handy tools that are in every home.

The self-made burner mechanism, of course, will not include its component, such as a device that regulates the intensity of the flame and a device that suppresses it. It is worth noting that you can safely do without these elements of the burner mechanism by purchasing a specialized device for extinguishing the burner flame, so as not to wait until it goes out on its own, having exhausted the fuel.

In general, the burner is a tank of not a strict form, which is filled with a special fuel - bioethanol. Such capacity can be made if you purchase the following materials: built-in metal box for the construction of a biofireplace (any capacity will be suitable,since this element will ultimately not be visually noticeable), a metal grill, which is equipped with small cells, a wick (ordinary lace), a bio fireplace fireplace - bioethanol and heat-resistant protective glass to create a bio fireplace screen.

The next step is to create a burner design diagram. In the drawings, all the elements of the burner design are clearly depicted, therefore, it is precisely the designed burner mechanism that will help to make it. Having decided on the main dimensions of the product, you can proceed to the next step: cutting the grid for the burner.

In the container, which will be the basis of biofireplace, should be placed a vessel under the fuel, the resulting structure should be covered with a mesh. If the burner cells are large, then it would be best to cover them with several layers of the grid while shifting them.

The next step will be holding the wick in a vessel with fuel. At the top of the grid you can position the various elements of the decor of this device. If you are planning to manufacture a biofireplace with the use of a protective screen made of glass, then this element should be created first of all, since it dries out the longest when it is subsequently sealed with all the components of the burner device.


For the decor of a bio fireplace fireplace, you can use the filler of its body, which can be replaced independently depending on the interior of the house or simply on the mood. Various accessories can act as a filler, the main condition for them is that they are fire resistant. It can be various decorative stones, and both pebbles and stones of different sizes will look great. You can use colored or clear stones as a filler for a homemade bio fireplace.

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A great idea for decorating a bio fireplace fireplace would be to create imitations of firewood with the help of ceramic logs that visually look like real ones. The design of a self-made bio fireplace will perfectly complement the elements laid out around it on a similar theme, for example, devices for igniting and extinguishing the burner flame, as well as a classic poker or tweezers. It is possible to decorate such biofireplace even having put near the fuel having stylistic design of packing.

The finished burner device can be placed in the portal, which can be purchased at a specialty store. The main thing is to choose the right one.Portals for bio fireplaces are sold separately, this element of the fireplace is represented by manufacturers such as Turin, Spartherm and others. These brands produce both ready-made biofireplaces, as well as all their components, including the elements of the mechanism, and fuel, lighters for the biofireplace, and so on.

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