Imitation of fire in the fireplace with your own hands

Initially, the fireplace in the house was intended primarily for heating. Nowadays, urban residents are saved from the cold by central heating. At the same time, the fireplace is still associated with home comfort, a place for rest and relaxation. Therefore, in a modern interior I want to acquire my own hearth, but only for the sake of beauty. To this end, a false fireplace is erected, in which fire is present as heat for the soul, and not for the body.

Home decorative portal can be made independently or attract a specialist, and you can buy a ready-made model. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. To create a full-fledged decoration, you need to pay attention to the main attribute of the fireplace - fire. Naturally, the real flame is probably not for every fireplace. But on their own to create an imitation of fire for anyone.

Types of decorative fireplaces

The market has a large selection of ready-made portals.You prefer the finished version or you want to do it yourself - decide for yourself. Before that, familiarize yourself with the features of each species.

  1. The most democratic option is a portal made of cardboard and foam. They are easy to manufacture and affordable. Imitation of fire in the fireplace with your own hands is permissible only from sources without flame as such. Such materials are easy to ignite and require careful handling. Consider another feature of cardboard and foam - they will not withstand heavy objects. Therefore, all the decorative attributes should be extremely light.
  2. To build a fireplace made of plasterboard is not difficult. The material is easy to process and affordable. Its peculiarity is in fire resistance, therefore it is easy to put candles in it. But, like the previous species, drywall does not withstand heavy loads.
  3. Plywood is good in handling, unique in its naturalness and environmental friendliness. It is important to know that this material does not like moisture.
  4. Brick and stone are aesthetically beautiful materials that will last a long time. At creation of the center of a fireplace elementary skills in the calculation of bricks and stones will be required.You will have to lay a considerable budget for the construction. In addition, the final work can be quite weighty and not every floor in a high-rise building can withstand the construction.

Create a focus

Dummy fireplace is not intended for space heating. For such a function, there are special electronic foci of various sizes, shapes and materials. For those who need a fireplace as a design solution, decide on the type of fireplace and consider options for parodies of fire. Let's start with the simplest.


It will take the garland itself, a source of energy and decorative ornaments to it in the form of logs. It is better that the lamps flicker with yellow, orange and red colors.

Add the effect of realism help lace branches, made with their own hands. To create an unusual decoration you will need: tree branches, foil, lace, glue, stones.

We wrap the branches with foil without gaps, glue the lace on top of the foil. Give dry about a day. After, we cut and carefully remove the branches of the trees. We form a circle from the stones (if you wish, the stones can be painted in any color), in the middle we spread a garland, and the resulting lace branches are formed like a fire.Turn on the garland and the logs will play with flashes of fire colors. This is an amazingly simple and effective way to create a fire in the fireplace.


You can use candlesticks, candelabra or simply arrange large candles in accordance with your plan. We emphasize that this option is not suitable for every light fireplace, because the flames can leave a black mark.

There is an interesting way to spectacularly serve candles in the fireplace. To do this, you need a few medium neat logs. In each cut 2-3 holes in the size of a small candle in a metal stand. The result will be a sophisticated imitation of fireplace fire with minimal time and money.

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Salt lamps

Special lamps made of salt crystals look great in a false fireplace. The salt lamp will be an interesting embodiment of the real fire in the fireplace. The main "minus" of such a design decision is the high cost. But there is a big “plus” - salt crystals will benefit the health of the whole family.

LCD screen

Putting a screen in a fireplace is quite an expensive solution.The main difficulty of such a substitute for real fire is to install a screen. The image of the flame will elegantly dance and soothingly crackle in the fireplace portal.

To increase the effect of fire burning on the screen will help several mirrors placed in the hearth at different distances and at different angles. The screen image will perfectly simulate fire, and the mirrors will create the illusory effect of a three-dimensional image.

If you prefer more interesting solutions to your interior design, then you will have to make some effort. Consider how to make the fire more realistic and fascinating with their own hands.

A woodpile of cardboard or real wood with LED lamp and fabric fire

For self-made logs, you will need cardboard, glue, scissors, paint, a brush. We form logs of cardboard, paint them in the color you like, lay them out in the form of a well and glue them together. A well made of real wood is created a little simpler: we take harvested logs and glue together with construction glue.

For the fire, you will need an LED lamp holder, randomly flickering with different colors (it would be ideal to combine red and yellow colors), the ceiling lamp,light uniform light fabric that transmits light; four durable wires 15 to 30 cm long.

We slip the cover and fix it on top of the woodpile, fix the wire on the logs and the other ends to each other. Fasten the fabric over the wire. Turn on the LED and enjoy the resulting little unreal fire

Theatrical Fire

Very spectacular view of an artificial flame. It will need the following elements: a silent small fan, diodes of different colors (ideally red, yellow and blue), a reflective surface (these may be fragments of a mirror, foil, etc.), silk rags of different sizes and shapes, a small box where everything and place.

The box should be decorated, then:

  • install a fan in it;
  • place the diodes next to each other;
  • attach the finished scraps near the fan

The fire will turn out to be alive. It remains to put the box in the portal and enjoy the beautiful view with a cup of fragrant tea in hand and in the company of the soul.

Aquarium as an imitation of fire

The play of water and light is always fascinating. You can use this successful ensemble in the fireplace instead of fire.Prepare the following devices: an aquarium of any shape and size (most importantly, that it fits in the hearth), LED strip of fiery color, water. At the bottom of the aquarium install tape, pour water into the aquarium. Decorate the design at your discretion with shells, tree branches, pebbles, glass, pebbles, etc.

Water vapor

One of the most difficult ways to imitate fire is an illusion with smoke. The result will delight everyone every time when water vapor from the fireplace smokes.

For the construction you will need: three ultrasonic mist generators, a fan, a container for liquid, impurity-free water, RGB lamps and a box where to put all this.

At the bottom of the box we place fog generators, fix the fan, install the water tank on the generator that will create the fog. RGB lamps will create the illusion of a burning fire. The effect will be very realistic, though rather expensive.

Fireplace in the interior will help fill your home with comfort. Such an elegant and multifaceted design solution will never go out of style. An outdoor fireplace will each time unite all family members around itself and help create a favorable atmosphere.We wish you all warm evenings.

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