DIY artificial fireplace

Great solution for the interior

If you want to create additional comfort in your home, there is one solution that will help save both money and time, and at the same time create a very homely, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. And this decision is a handmade fireplace. It will look great in any home and decorate any interior. The fashion for fireplaces will never pass, especially for handmade fireplaces. Their relevance is only growing every year.


Before you start creating an artificial fireplace with your own hands, you need to find out what kind of fireplaces are.

The very first question that arises from someone who wants to make a fireplace is a design. What is it like? What to choose for the construction of your fireplace? So, there are three types of them: a fireplace, an imitation of a fireplace and an electric fireplace (lighting).

Let us examine in more detail each of them.

Bio Fireplace

The function of the combustion process in the biofireplace is performed by the burner. It works through biofuels.This is a great option to simulate fire, but very expensive.

Imitation fireplace

In fact, in this case, it is much easier and more convenient to solve this issue by means of improvised means and without a special blow to the wallet. What materials can be used here? Of course, this is drywall, a frame from old furniture, wood, or even a regular box.


As for the electric fireplace, it shows the visualization of the fire, as well as the sound of a burning flame, on a special screen.

Of brick

The construction of an artificial fireplace made of brick is very different from the construction of a real fireplace, where the lining is made only from high-quality fire-resistant bricks. For the manufacture of the fireplace can be used and facing, and decorative bricks. There is no fundamental difference.

As a result, it will only be necessary to make a mantelpiece.

It is important to pay attention to such a nuance that a ready-made construction will weigh a lot and it is necessary to first evaluate how reliable the overlaps are and, based on this, to decide on the continuation of the planned installation works.

Of wood

Fans of vintage furniture, as well as those who prefer furniture made from environmentally friendly materials, we recommend using wood to create a fireplace. It is possible to use as a material for construction both a cut, and not cut board, and also a parquet flooring. By making it possible to varnish it to give a more attractive look. A wood fireplace made by your own hands should not be placed on the floor, but on a site previously made for this purpose.

The fireplace of this material has many advantages. One of them is the small weight of this design, which allows you to make it of any size and install it in any convenient and suitable place in the apartment.

From furniture boards

Such a fireplace can be made from ordinary plywood, as well as from ready-made furniture panels that need to be purchased in a specialized shop. Make such a fireplace itself will not be any difficulty. At the same time, the fireplace can be made absolutely any size, having previously painted (if desired) the shields in any color you like or you can glue special colored wallpaper on them.

Thus, you can make a modern and colorful fireplace with your own hands, without making much effort and without large investments of money.

Step-by-step instruction

The scheme for creating a fireplace from boards, plywood, wood and furniture panels is the same.

What you need to do first is to assemble the frame. Best for this purpose suitable galvanized profile.

It is very important to first make a plan or drawing of the fireplace, which you plan to assemble, indicating at the same time, at least approximately, the main dimensions. After that, cut the profile using special scissors.

Next, you need to install the vertical rack frame, well fastened using screwdrivers and screws. Then attach the horizontal posts to the vertical posts.

It is important to do everything in accordance with the size and width of parts in order to avoid inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. In the next step, check all the trim boards again. If necessary, all the edges need to be trimmed. Attach the trim to the frame with screws. Screws carefully screwed, caps should be invisible.

At the next stage, it remains to put on the plugs on the fasteners, the best decorative. And also paint in a bright color or varnish the surface. And at the final stage you need to install a shelf on which you can then put different souvenirs and decorations for the interior.


Prestigious and very modern will look in the interior of a homemade fireplace made of metal. But working with this type of material is quite complicated and will suit only those who have already encountered similar and have experience and skills in working with metal parts and structures.

Details can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on your tastes. The self-made fireplace from this material will perfectly fit into a modern interior, especially if in it silver, brown and light-gray tones will prevail.

Phased creation

As it was written above, an artificial fireplace made of metal structures is not for everyone. It is rather difficult to make it; therefore, all stages of its production must be treated with heightened attentiveness and responsibility.

So, the steps are described below.


As in the previous case, the manufacture of the fireplace should begin with a small detailed plan or diagram showing all the dimensions and dimensions. And think over all the smallest nuances you need already at this stage.


After the plan is made, you can proceed to markup.Labels should be made on the wall in those places in which fasteners will be placed. This work should be given special attention and approached it with full responsibility.


After that, proceed to the assembly of the entire structure. The support in this case is the frame of the aluminum profile. It needs to be cut and then attached to where the labels had previously been applied.

Next, you need to make installation of protruding elements and sheathe the frame with aluminum sheets. Metal sheets can also be used for this purpose. You can use different colors.


At the penultimate, final stage, in the finished structure, place an artificial hearth. If the fireplace is not only a decoration of the interior, but also a source of heat, do not forget to fix the layer of heat-insulating material on the inner wall of the metal structure with the side to which it is attached.

From plasterboard

A fireplace made of drywall can even build a novice. It is the easiest to create. Although this type of material has its own characteristics. The difficulty can arise only at the stage of creating a metal frame, but we also resolve this issue.

Manufacturing instruction

First of all, of course, you need to make a frame. You can use both metal profiles and wooden sticks. Then assemble the box from the profiles without the back wall. Use a knife for cutting drywall and glue the parts together.

Prepare the base in accordance with all dimensions, and place against the wall. It will be better and more stable if the box is attached to the floor, thus creating a secure base. Gathered future fireplace glued to the prepared box. Chimney set over the design.

Glue the plinth under the mantelpiece. This must be done in steps. To make the transition smooth and beautiful, steps of different width are used.

Now we establish a homemade hearth.

At the end of the creation of a beautiful home-made fireplace we make the finish of the previously selected materials.

Of stone

In any apartment and in any house a fireplace made of stone looks really gorgeous and expensive. This home decoration speaks of the exceptional taste of its owner.

Phased manufacturing

Stone fireplace is quite possible to do it yourself. Such material as stone is conveniently fixed to various surfaces, be it brick, drywall or any other material.But here it is important not to forget that the stone has a sufficiently large weight, and to take this into account when planning the creation of such a heavy construction.

First of all, you need to prepare the stone for further work with it, namely to clean the surface. In the event that the fireplace is attached to a stone wall, it is necessary to make small depressions with the help of some sharp tool.

After that, fix the masonry net on the entire facing surface.

Before proceeding further, it is better to try on (all on the floor) all the details. Thus, you can avoid many errors and inconsistencies in the end.

After checking, we proceed directly to fixing the details. It should start with the largest, because they fasten the best and easiest. Next - all the other details.

Gluing the parts start from the bottom, and gradually we reach the very top. This method can be considered more effective and correct.

After all the work done, it will be necessary to wait several days until the glue has completely dried, and then wipe the seams. Glue, as a rule, dries not one day, but much longer. Usually, this is indicated on the packaging.

A fireplace in your home will surely help to create coziness, romance and comfort, especially on rainy days. It is no coincidence that such a picture arises in the minds of people when they hear this word. A real fireplace with real fire in it is undoubtedly very good, but sometimes it is inaccessible and irrelevant in our time. Another thing, a fireplace, created by hand. And after all, the choice of materials is quite large, for every taste and budget. You can make just such a fireplace that will reflect your individuality and harmoniously fit into the interior of your home. All in your hands!

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