Artificial fireplace and its benefits

For several centuries, the hearth on the wood has remained the main place in the house, where conversations were leisurely conducted or a pleasant family silence was observed. Modern realities continually make changes in our lives, forcing them to invent historically important things in a new format. The functionality of an artificial fireplace is its main advantage, which allows you to have a separate source of “home” even in a small city apartment or loft space, without spending a lot of time building fire and supporting it.

Features and benefits

An artificial fireplace is a false version of the original wood model, in which there is no mesmerizing live fire, but it is not without its appeal and functionality. One of the models of the false-fireplace works due to electricity and is absolutely safe for the environment - people, animals and furniture, the other - does not work at all and acts only as a visual decor of the room.

  1. An artificial fireplace is actually installed in an apartment in a high-rise building, unlike a fireplace that works by means of firewood and requires a private house with the possibility of installing a chimney. Even in the conditions of a modest living room, an artificial hearth will look laconic and appropriate, if you choose the right size and design.
  2. The ease of installation and operation of such a fireplace is a huge advantage for a modern person. There are built-in models and mobile fireplaces, hanging and tabletop - a wide choice, is not it?
  3. Electric fireplace - a separate heating element of your home; In addition to its charming appearance, the fireplace has an amazing feature to warm the living room. A fireplace is another version of an artificial fireplace, with only real fire inside the firebox.
  4. According to its type, an artificial fireplace can be “fake”, that is, it is easy to create a model of a real fireplace and not have other characteristics, like providing heat; "Imitation fireplace", repeating the image of this fireplace as accurately as possible or with some features.
  5. The advantage of a false fireplace will be the ease of its installation - without heavy physical labor and dirt.
  6. Artificial fireplace can be easily trimmed and give it a look that resembles the original version of the hearth - massive, strict or concise.
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How does it work

When creating an interior, it is important to determine the presence of a fireplace in it in advance in order to prepare, if necessary, additional space for the future hearth or to think carefully about the image of the living room.

Artificial fireplace, powered by electricity, is often embedded in the wall: at the initial stage of repair, take care of the place for the fireplace - create space in the wall. The electric fireplace works by means of electric power, therefore the future center needs to be installed close to the socket, even better if the battery is located behind the fireplace and not “catch the eye”. There are electric fireplaces with steam, which plays inside the conventional furnace and creates an interesting effect. In addition, electric fireplaces have different temperature conditions and the ability to turn off and turn on the illusory flame or sound.

Bio-fireplace works on a special fuel - ethyl alcohol, which is commercially available in specialized stores.Biofuels can be liquid or gel-based; in terms of their functionality, these two materials are identical. The device of a biofireplace is simple: the center has department for fuel where the last and is filled in. After that you should use a regular cigarette lighter and voila - the fire is ready! The flame in a bio fireplace breaks out gradually, as if in a genuine version of the hearth, and fades out after 4-5 hours of burning, depending on the model.

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Conventionally, artificial fireplaces can be divided into three categories: authentic, conditional and symbolic.

The first type - authentic fireplaces are electric versions or biofireplaces working on alcohol fuel and producing real fire. An electric fireplace, as well as bio, can be built-in, mobile, suspended or table-mounted according to the type of its attachment.

An electric fireplace allows you to create a cozy bedroom or living room design without harming your wallet and nervous system. The built-in electric fireplace is expensive: at the initial stage of repair, it is worth considering the place of installation of the fireplace and accurately determine its type; with the built-in version, you must leave space for a fireplace in the wall or between windows, doors,after installing the hearth, you can further decorate it with elements that allow you to bring its image closer to the style of your interior. The artificial fireplace of the electric format has a significant function - it warms the room as a separate heating element.

An electric fireplace with steam is a modern hearth that allows not only to warm the air in an apartment or house, but also to moisten it, which is very useful for the health of modern people.

A bio-fireplace is a variation of a real hearth that runs on biofuel and creates a real flame. A biofireplace, like its electric counterpart, can be of a closed or open format, there are combined versions with the ability to lift the structural element and allow the flame to "play" outside. A fireplace with a fire is closest to the original version of the “hearth” and allows you to enjoy the outgoing warmth and, possibly, unusual scent (if flavoring is added to the composition of special alcohol).

The next type of artificial fireplaces - conditional version. They can be purchased or made by hand. It should be built into the wall and ennoble, and inside the firebox to install an electrical element that will represent a live fire or burning candles.

Symbolic fireplace is made with his own hands from cardboard or metal texture. To get started is to create a frame of the fireplace, or its base of metal and fix the structure on the wall. Next - sheathe the future fireplace with drywall, decorate with stone or wood to give a more natural look.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the white fireplace - the noble shade of “home”, which allows you to create unique interiors, even in small space.

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How much is

The cost of an artificial fireplace is determined by its type and size. The most budget version of the fireplace - a symbolic model, created by yourself. The most budget of the budget - a cardboard fireplace, suitable for children's rooms, for example. For the living room in the apartment fit a false version of the "home" from the metal base and cladding at your discretion, which will largely determine the value of the future fireplace.

The simplest version of the electric focus will cost from hundreds of US dollars: the model will have a minimum of functions and will not be excellent in size.The average price of modern electric fireplaces reaches about 300-500 dollars; in such a hearth there will be a sufficient number of functions and it will serve its service evenly and for a long time. The cost of a false fireplace is limited to thousands of dollars for a unique design model that is different only in appearance, the principle of operation remains the same.

How much is a biofireplace, you ask? The desktop version of the fake version of the outbreak will cost from 10 thousand rubles to several tens or even hundreds of thousands of Russian currency. Wall or built-in models are more expensive: from 20 thousand to almost a million rubles.

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How to do it yourself

To create a fireplace on your own, first of all, you should decide on the installation site of the future center and determine its dimensions. To create a more durable construction, use materials like polyurethane or drywall, take care of the place of construction of the fireplace: it is better to choose the inner wall or corner of the room.

  1. Creating an artificial fireplace begins with its frame, which can be made of polyurethane, drywall, wood, foam, chipboard, brick, even cardboard.According to the paper dimensions of the future "home" cut out its real version and glue its parts together.
  2. Now we create a firebox: make its framework less than the base of the fireplace itself from wood or chipboard, drywall or plywood.
  3. Install the frame of the future fireplace with a wall bracket or in any other way; it is important that the construction is well supported. Now place inside the firebox - the "heart" of your hearth.
  4. Instead of an artificial firebox, you can install a small electric fire, which would heat the room further.
  5. The last step is the decorative work of the fireplace portal using natural stone, tile or wood.
  6. A cardboard fireplace is created using the same technology, starting with its frame or portal.
  7. If you plan to create a biofireplace with live fire, take care of two tanks: a burner and a glass for biofuels.

Decor and decoration

Decorating an artificial fireplace is a task whose solution will allow you to create a truly unique interior. The traditional way of decorating the "hearth" is to use candles as on its outer side - on the top of the portal or near the fireplace,and inside - candles can form the "heart" of the fireplace and burn instead of the firebox. In this case, make sure that the base of the fireplace is safe.

Making a fireplace on New Year's Eve or Christmas is simple, if you use Christmas-tree tinsel and bright toys, garlands and other festive decorations: create a ribbon on the fireplace from artificial Christmas tree branches and decorate them with festive balls and garlands, tie thick red ribbons in the shape of a bow on the sides. Candles and figures with angels or Santa Claus can be placed on a fireplace or a shelf above it.

Decorating your fireplace in a romantic style is an excellent way to add charm and chic to your home. Massive gilded candlesticks with slender candles are used and decorate a fireplace on top of them, for the creation of coziness bouquets of any colors in vases will suit. An original way to complement the interior will be the use of additional poufs by the fireplace with a floral or any other pleasant print.

Making the fireplace “at home” is not complete without the framework with family photos, while the frames are used are wide and even massive, depending on the format of the “hearth”.Beneficially emphasizes the interior of the mirror in combination with a stone home stove and a clock. Pic 3

Beautiful interiors with a fireplace by Feng Shui

The fireplace in the living room looks the most profitable, especially when combined with a TV: traditionally, the “drawer” is hung on one wall with a fireplace or perpendicular to it, and a sofa and comfortable chairs are placed next to these two objects. Installing a fireplace in the house according to Feng Shui means choosing a place for your home in a certain area of ​​your home: a fireplace is installed in the center of the living room, the energy of which will heal the family, in the hall behind the southwestern or western side the fireplace will provide a general favorable mood in the house. A room with a fireplace is exclusively a guest area, where its design plays an important role: the more relaxing and calm it is, the more friendly the atmosphere will reign in your home.

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