Artificial fireplace in the apartment

All apartment owners want to make their personal space as comfortable as possible. Usually, comfort is associated with comfort, warmth and simplicity. Artificial fireplace - the best option to create such an atmosphere, because to make a real fireplace in the apartment is unrealistic.


On the market there are several types of fireplaces. What kind of focus to get - you decide depending on the goal pursued.

Bio Fireplaces

This type of fireplace has become very popular recently. Its construction does not need a chimney, because thanks to the use of environmentally friendly fuel, smoke and fumes are not formed, but there is a real flame that produces heat and gives comfort and pleasure.

Ecological fireplaces broke stereotypes about the complexity of installing fireplaces, since they can be installed in absolutely any room, in a small apartment or a large house. You just need to pull the fireplace out of the package, choose a place and put (maybe hang it) there.

Such a fireplace will decorate your room, you can choose it to your taste and color, under any existing style. Bio-fireplaces are absolutely safe, especially if small children live in an apartment or house.

Imitation fireplace

Making a false fireplace is another alternative to your own hearth. Such a fireplace requires only a quality frame, the chimney and firebox it does not need. From the owner requires only limitless fantasy, which he can translate into reality, even with his own hands.

An artificial fireplace can be made with plaster, wood, metal sheets and even cardboard boxes. The size of the hearth depends only on its designer and the place where he will be placed.

Electric hearth

The electric fireplace is an innovation in the world of technology. It has a number of advantages: it works from the outlet, it is able to heat the room, is an excellent element of the decor of any interior, easy to use and safe!

This hearth can be installed in any room, anywhere, the main thing is to have access to electricity.

Each manufacturer of an electric fireplace uses its own version of creating an artificial flame. This directly affects the cost of the product:

  • Red silk. At the bottom of the fireplace there is a small fan and a red lamp that create the illusion of "movement" of fire. You can use plastic rectangles that are painted in dark brown to imitate firewood. This type of electrical focus is most popular in apartment conditions.
  • Another option is to install a reflector, which is placed under artificial bars. It rotates at a slow speed, and the light bulbs mounted above it create reflections on the mirror wall of the fireplace, thereby creating flames.
  • More sophisticated design have modern models. Glare appears with the help of a cloud of steam, and small light bulbs are constantly changing shades of colors. Moreover, the LED mode can be customized.
  • Some fireplaces are able to reproduce the sounds of a crackling flame, this creates additional coziness and comfort.
  • Special spirals installed in the frame of the hearth from below or above, heat up when the fireplace is connected to a power source. The fan does not allow the device to overheat, but helps to give all the heat into the room.
  • All modern devices have remote controls with which you can adjust the heating temperature. If the room is warmed up to the desired temperature, the fireplace is turned off by itself. This mode can be customized to your liking.

Designers do not recommend installing electric fireplaces in front of a window or mirror, because it reduces the efficiency of the fireplace and the meaning of its installation in the hall, lowers its brightness.

DIY artificial fireplace

Making a fireplace with your own hands gives a number of advantages: the availability of products, low cost and the ability to change the design according to your mood, at least every day. This requires your time and energy.

Cardboard is the simplest material to use; the hearth is made of it the fastest. You can use a large box of a square TV or refrigerator.

Installation steps:

  1. First you need to outline the place of the hearth, cut a hole and bend the cardboard inside out;
  2. The contour of the cut-out of the hearth must be glued with scotch tape or building glue so that the construction does not collapse;
  3. Skirtings made of polyurethane, glue, and cut the joints at an angle of 45 degrees;
  4. The upper part of the fireplace should be cut out of polyurethane, creating a "plinth", we put it;
  5. The remaining gaps to mask with putty, paint over all the details at its discretion.

Interesting options

You can make a fireplace, which will be different from other fires absolutely everything.

For example, an unnecessary glass aquarium may fit the base of the fireplace. At its bottom you will need to pour small pebbles, and put a burner from the fireplace itself or small candles on them.

Another option is a lightweight cardboard construction made in the shape of the letter “P”. They are sold in any decorative shop, usually white. If you have an unlimited stream of inspiration, then you can easily purchase special paints and paint such a fireplace at your discretion.


How to decorate your fireplace, only you decide! You can make a shelf for artificial logs, install special mirrors, put a variety of vases, candles or statues and much more. All is limited to your imagination and inexhaustible energy, the desire to create, to create comfort.

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