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The fireplace in the house is always associated with warmth and comfort. But not only a real fireplace, in which there is a fire, but also various decorative models can be an excellent option. Particularly interesting and uncomplicated in performance will be a home fireplace made of cardboard or boxes.

It is very easy to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands, as this will not only allow you to reveal your talents and imagination, but also create an unusual decoration for your house or apartment. The original fireplace, made of cardboard, can fully replace your real model. At the same time, a cardboard fireplace can be made in any color variations and decorated with various interesting details.

Before creating a false fireplace, you should choose a place where you can place it. It is very important that it is located in "its place." That is, it fits well not only into the interior, but also, for example, served as a disguise for a wall with a crack or a not very nice corner in the room.


False - a fireplace made of cardboard can be wall or corner.As for the wall option, then everything is pretty simple. Such a fireplace can be compact or, conversely, a bit cumbersome. It all depends on the interior of the room where you want to install a future fireplace. In order that the wall fireplace does not seem boring, you can make a decorative shelf for it, it will be able to keep various decor items, for example, small vases or candles. Such a fireplace is not so difficult to manufacture, but we will tell about it a little later.

Corner fireplace requires even less hassle than the wall. You can also add a shelf. As well as various elements of decor in the "zone for the fire." As the main materials, you can use paint, various types of wallpaper and self-adhesive film.

Doing your own hands out of the boxes - step by step

If you want to revive your interior and decide to make a fireplace - imitation with your own hands, then you may well be useful old and unnecessary boxes. Now we will tell you how to easily implement the wall version of the fireplace. You will need the following materials: cardboard (boxes), ruler or tape measure, pencil, scissors and stationery knife, glue, double-sided and masking tape, as well as various materials for decoration, such as paint and wallpaper.

Before you begin, you need to choose the place to install the future false-fireplace, decide on the final shape and size, as well as complete a small drawing. In addition, it is worth remembering that your fireplace will consist of three main components, which are an integral part of the whole structure. The basis, the portal for the fireplace (a place for the future hearth) and, of course, the upper shelf, which will serve as the future stand for various decorative elements.

To get started, you need to conveniently expand the cardboard box and draw all the details for the future of the fireplace according to the drawing. Next, cut out these details.

In addition, you should cut a place or a window for the future hearth - the portal. You can use the stationery knife. You can choose the form to your liking, it can be a classic rectangular or in the form of an arch.

To strengthen the folds of your future mantel design, you can use glue or tape or both. To make the structure stable and not loose, you need to make it more rigid. For this, stiffeners are most often used. With particular attention should be paid to the basis of the fireplace, which is recommended to strengthen with cardboard ribs. Such edges are glued either randomly or assembled into a lattice.

You can make a fireplace shelf in several ways. But it is worth remembering that it should be dense, since, most likely, you will want to place on it all sorts of objects of decor. If you decide to make a shelf of cardboard, it is better to use several layers glued together. You should not make the shelf too bulky, otherwise your future design will be able to fall. Sometimes you can also use thin plywood as a mantel. Such a shelf is fixed on double-sided tape, liquid nails or polymer glue.

And finally, after collecting and sizing the whole structure, it needs to give the appearance of a real fireplace. For this you can use any materials for decoration and decor. The finished fireplace is primed, coated with water-based paint, and to get the desired shade of paint, you can add different colors. You can also use different wallpaper, self-adhesive paper, or combine all these materials. You can decorate your fireplace as you see fit. You can use decorative lace plinths, stucco or using stencils to draw various patterns.

If there is not much space in your room, but you really want to install a decorative fireplace, then a corner corner - a fireplace will be an excellent option. In addition, with this design you will not only diversify the interior of your home, but also be able to hide a nondescript corner or mask the cracks on the wall.

As in the creation of any fireplace, initially, you need to choose a place to install a future fireplace and make the appropriate drawing. To create a homemade corner fireplace you will need a large box. In this design, the most important thing is to cut off one of the four sides of the box so that the other three form a triangle.

On the facade, which is installed in the corner of the box, using scissors or a stationery knife, you need to cut a round hole and make a bend inside. It is very important not to touch the lower part of the structure. Here, on both sides, it is necessary to cut two arcs. And in the end you will get an angle that you can fix between the side walls of your fireplace.

For facing the corner of the fireplace very well fit wallpaper with imitation bricks. Fireplace hearth can be decorated with decorative candles or logs or any other objects.

Necessary materials

If you decide to create a fake fireplace, then for this you will not need a lot of rare and expensive materials. When choosing to create such a fireplace you will have minimal material costs, but at the same time you will get maximum pleasure from the whole process. After all, doing something with your own hands is always interesting and even useful.

The main material you need is cardboard. Most often, large and small cardboard boxes are used, depending on the desired result. For a mantel, you can use cardboard or thin plywood, sometimes drywall. You also need a ruler or tape measure, pencil, scissors or stationery knife, masking and double-sided tape, glue stationery and PVA. In addition, you need a variety of wallpaper for the design of the finished fireplace design, self-adhesive paper, for example, with a stone print. Facing the fireplace can also be made of superisol. As a variety of details for the decor, you can use different baseboards and stucco. Thanks to such details, the fireplace - imitation will look like a real one.


In order to properly make a fireplace with your own hands, you must first make a drawing and sketch of a future design with all the exact measurements.Such a drawing is a peculiar technology project. Before creating the drawing you should choose a place for the future fireplace, ideally fit empty walls or corners. In addition, with the help of a wall or corner fake - the fireplace you can easily disguise various irregularities on the walls.

Then you need to decide what size of the fireplace will fit into the place you choose to install the best. In the next step, you need to make a detailed sketch of the future fireplace, where you will enter all the dimensions and dimensions. The drawing is one of the components in the process of creating a decorative fireplace, all measurements should be as accurate as possible, with minimal errors, so that in the process you are not distracted by various trifles. Experienced craftsmen advise to prepare and drawing the fireplace in the finished form, it is recommended to make it colored and with future details that you want to place directly on the fireplace. Such a drawing will greatly facilitate your work, besides, you will immediately know which materials to purchase first.

Decor and decoration

So, even at the planning stage of the future fireplace you should think about the design and decoration of the fireplace structure. Immediately after you have done the main part of the work, and a cardboard fireplace has appeared in front of you, you need to prime it. For this most often used water-based white paint. In addition, in this paint you can add color and get the shade you need for an already finished product or for some specific details. You can use acrylic paints for exterior decoration.

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For example, to create a fake - fireplace in the Baroque style, you can paint the details of the fireplace with gold or bronze acrylic paints. In addition, you can use stucco, which for this style would be very useful, and the entire fireplace to perform in white shades. It is possible to decorate such magnificent fireplace with various candles. And you can arrange them not only on the mantelpiece, but also inside the fireplace itself.

You can also arrange your cardboard fireplace in the style of country or Provence. But do not forget that this version of the fireplace should not only please you, but also successfully harmonize with the whole interior.To create such a fireplace, you can use wallpaper with imitation wood or stones. Above the fireplace will look very well picture with nature or a mirror. And on the fireplace shelf you can place small vases.

The creation of a fireplace in the Scandinavian style will be a very interesting and simple solution. This style involves light shades and uncomplicated details. This fireplace will be a great solution for lovers of minimalism.

To decorate the fireplace to marble marble, you can use liquid volumetric wallpaper. You can also use any other wallpaper, for example, with imitation of brick or stone.

In addition, the elements of decoration of the fireplace can be not only different moldings, but also miniature columns, which you can arrange at your discretion. You can also use decorative moldings. These are the same plinths. With the help of such moldings you can decorate the portal and the edges of the facades on the fireplace.

And now you have already completely designed and installed a fireplace and now it’s time to think about various accessories and other elements that you can place directly in the fireplace itself.As already mentioned very well in the portal of the fireplace will look candles. But no less interesting solution will be decorative firewood. They can often be purchased from natural wood, or you can make them yourself from corrugated cardboard. Such crafts - logs very successfully decorate the firebox of your fireplace.

How to decorate the furnace

You can decorate the decorative furnace of your fireplace with the help of various accessories. Candles no doubt be a good option, and they can be not only the classic light colors, but also bright, for example, red, orange or blue. Especially well they will look if you decide to arrange a cardboard fireplace for the New Year. In addition, if you decorate a New Year's fireplace, do not forget to put on it those very Christmas socks for gifts that are so popular in the West. In addition to candles, you can put artificial branches of spruce and mountain ash in the fire chamber. Live branches and fir cones will be a good option, as they will not only create a festive atmosphere, but will also delight the household with a wonderful forest smell. Let your imagination open.Use a variety of fine garlands with bows and other decorations. Festive fireplace you can diversify as you wish.

How to create logs for fireplace from cardboard

As already mentioned, you can decorate the firebox of your fireplace with decorative logs of corrugated cardboard. It is quite simple to make such logs and it will not take you much time. On the carton you need to measure the length and width and cut off the necessary strips. Then these strips need to be rolled up. After this, the remaining edge you need to fix with glue, until complete drying you need to tie the resulting logs with a rope.

If you want to get logs with knots, then you can make small twigs of corrugated cardboard in the same way. And after drying large logs, stick small branches to them. When the glue is completely dry, all logs should be covered with white paint, preferably with a thick layer.

Finished logs should be placed in the fireplace hearth, you can add a variety of decorative flowers and branches with greens. Next to the fireplace you can put small figurines of forest animals.Very well will look with your "live" fireplace squirrels and bunnies.

Where to place

The traditional location of the fireplace, whether it is decorative or real, is often considered the living room. And then all the other rooms in the house. There are no strict criteria, so you can place a false - a cardboard fireplace where you think it is necessary and where, in your opinion, it will fit perfectly into the interior. Not only the hall, but also the bedroom, as well as the children's room, is an excellent place. In addition, do not forget that such a fireplace will be an excellent masking for cracks on the walls, as well as just a decoration for the room, if it lacks the very highlight. For the children's room, you can choose a corner fireplace made of cardboard, you can decorate it in pastel and delicate shades, and put a family photo and a vase with flowers on the shelf.

If you decide to decorate your bedroom or guest room using a fireplace, it is best to stick to moderate shades. Place a false fireplace in front of the bed or choose the corner option.

In addition, do not forget wherever you place a handmade fireplace, you can always add to it any decor to your taste.Properly executed fireplace will not differ from the present absolutely nothing, except that it will not be possible to see the real fire. But such a fireplace is very safe and beautiful in the interior of the house, it is unlikely to leave guests indifferent. In addition, homemade fireplace - this is the author's and unique work, which with an individual design will be only for you.

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