Fireplaces of granite and marble

Modern and truly stylish interior can not be imagined without a fireplace, because today it is not only a source of heat, but also the main element of the decor. The fireplace gives coziness and comfort, indicates the delicate taste of the owner, and thanks to the variety of models it fits perfectly into the design of both the house and the apartment. In addition, the fireplace allows you to convert any room into something original, giving it an unusual luxurious look. The place of the family hearth is great not only for friendly and family gatherings, but also serves as a zone for meeting with partners.

Among the huge selection of fireplaces, models of granite and marble deserve special attention. Such structures look stylish and completely safe to use, as marble and granite are natural types of stones that do not emit harmful substances when heated. In addition, such fireplaces do not lose their external aesthetics for a long time, they radiate heat well.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Most interior designers prefer to combine modern style with elements of antiquity. The best option for this are fireplaces made of marble and granite. They can not only be decorated with original carvings, but also easy to install in any area of ​​the building. Due to the fact that fireplaces made of natural stone are considered the safest in terms of fire, they are suitable for both suburban housing and apartments.

For the production of fireplaces from granite and marble, exclusively natural material is used, which is formed as a result of natural processes. The composition of such a natural stone usually includes magnesium, calcium carbonate and limestone. The most beautiful material in the decoration is marble. Its final shade and texture depends on the types of polishing and the direction of the cut.

Marble fireplaces are in great demand, as they have a chic look and a number of positive properties. Their main advantage:

  • Easy care
  • Good strength
  • Practicality
  • Long service life
  • Good heat conductivity

Only the high cost can be attributed to the main lack of structures made of marble; therefore, natural material is often replaced with artificial material, which is not much inferior in quality. Modern processing technologies allow craftsmen to make portals of natural stone of unusual shapes, although it takes a lot of time and effort. The color palette of the stone is especially striking; it is diverse and unique. During the production of fireplaces from marble, the following types of processing are used:

  • Scol
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • Polishing
  • Buchardirovany

Portals made of marble are easily decorated with bas-reliefs and carvings, harmoniously combined with glass, ceramics, bronze and baked bricks. In addition, marble looks unusual with plaster inserts, wood and metal.

As for granite, it is slightly different from marble, representing a frozen lava. Fireplaces made of granite are also durable, they are characterized by resistance to temperature extremes, are long exploited and have a beautiful texture. Choosing fireplaces from such natural materials as marble and granite, you can not only emphasize the interior in an original way, but also create a cosiness in the room.

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Design style

Today, the fireplace is one of the most fashionable elements of decor. In order for this item to fit harmoniously into the interior of the housing, it is necessary not only to place it properly in the room, but also to choose the style in which the house is decorated. Most designers in the design of housing prefer classic fireplaces. Their first models were installed in the estates and ancient palaces of kings, they were decorated with expensive carvings and engravings.

Classic-style fireplaces are mainly mounted into the wall, so only their upper part is to be decorated. The portal is made of various materials, as the main elements in its decoration used bas-reliefs, carved plinths. Classic style suitable for wall and built-in types of fireplaces.

Fireplace is considered the main attribute in the English style. It is placed in the center of the room. For such fireplaces, some signs of the classics are expressed, expressed in the universality of every detail, right angles and lines. The distinctive characteristic of the designs in the English style is a huge gray or brown portal,decorated with tiles or cast metal parts.

For lovers of simplicity and lack of chic, a Provence style fireplace is an excellent choice. The lining of such fireplaces is made of marble and granite, in some cases, expensive wood. As a decor, as a rule, forged composites, paintings, various figures and figurines of light shades are used. The firebox in such models is open, often resembling the effect of a traditional stove. To cover the fire using screens and special forged grilles.

Fireplaces in the style of "country" are in great demand; they not only fill the house with comfort and warmth, but also combine the simplicity of beautiful nature and rural motives. These are constructions of huge size, consisting of a traditional portal with a niche for firewood. Country style is suitable for huge rooms. In such fireplaces for a fire chamber it is possible to use gas and firewood. As decoration used brick, shell or sandstone.

Despite the huge variety of styles, at the moment, fireplaces decorated under modernity are still very popular. They are suitable for people who are used to combining romance with everyday urban life.Fireplaces in the Art Nouveau style are a classic structure, but they differ in shape. The structure may have slightly elongated lines. Such fireplaces are compact, so they are easily placed in rooms of any size.

In modern design, fireplaces in the style of minimalism are often found. They are characterized by the complete absence of decorative elements. Fireplaces of this style consist of a place of a fire chamber and a flue with a false panel. The result is a window effect with burning fire. In addition to traditional forms, there are fireplaces in the form of plasmas, triangles, balls.

Mounting features

Today, it is impossible to imagine a modern interior without a fireplace, and most often it is used not to heat a room, but to create a cozy atmosphere. If there is no central heating in the house, then the fireplace will serve as an excellent device for quickly heating the room. Therefore, in country houses and cottages this type of construction is simply irreplaceable. By types of fastening distinguish the following fireplaces:

  • Inline. Installation of the structure is carried out directly into the wall, thanks to which space is significantly saved.If there are drawings, such fireplaces are really set up on your own with your own hands, even in the primary stages of building a house
  • Wall. The most convenient type of fireplace, as its main part is covered with a false panel. This fireplace can be installed already in a built house. It is best to place the structure in the middle of the wall. In turn, wall fireplaces are divided into corner, frontal and fireplaces-partitions. As for the furnace part, it is a panorama with a frame, for which various frames or crushed stone are often used as decoration

Corner fireplace is well suited for small rooms, as it takes up minimal space. In order to give such a fireplace a beautiful look, it is recommended to additionally veneer it with natural stone or brick. In modern models of corner fireplaces as a decoration element is found a wooden tabletop. It can be either glued to the base or attached to the wall.

Fireplace-partition. An integral part of this model is a reinforced foundation. In addition, such a fireplace can be conditionally attributed to island types of fireplaces.It is possible to install the design in any place during the construction of the house, and after. When choosing a fireplace, it is advisable to take into account that it should be located at least 1 meter away from furniture. It is also important to comply with all fire safety regulations.

Fireplaces made of natural stone in the interior

Fireplaces made of natural materials occupy a special place in the modern interior, as they additionally give housing an efficient look, being a symbol of luxury and solidity. Beautiful models of fireplaces, decorated in any style are perfect for a city apartment or a country house.

For connoisseurs of nobility and natural beauty, a fireplace made of natural stone will be the right choice in the interior. The color range of such structures is striking in its diversity. It can be white, red, black, gray or green. It is very important that the facing of the fireplace in harmony with the overall interior of the room. To further highlight the area in which the "family hearth" is installed, you can use a variety of decorative elements, in the form of paintings, shelves, figurines, vases.


After selecting and installing an elite fireplace, you will also need to purchase all the necessary tools to care for it. These are nippers, a poker, a wreath and a scoop, capacity for fuel, gloves, furs. After each use of the fireplace, it should be cleaned. Soot mainly settles in corners and horizontal sections. Stone-trimmed sections and chimney are subject to mandatory cleaning, it is cleaned from above.

Before you start cleaning the fireplace, you must first cover the furniture with special covers and the floor with old newspapers. Cleaning is done with brushes. The presence of soot in the chimney can be checked using a mirror.

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