Fireplaces made of natural stone

The fireplace as a source of heat and as an element of the decorative design of the interior decoration of a dwelling causes an increased interest of a modern person. Previously, such stoves were used solely for the purpose of heating houses, but today they are installed in private houses and even city apartments in order to give the dwelling a special atmosphere.

The slight crackle of fire, leaping flames, the pleasant warmth emanating from the fireplace fascinate and attract. The special atmosphere of warmth, coziness and comfort gathers around itself all family members on cold winter or rainy autumn evenings. Read a book, play lotto with the household, sit with your dear and loved one, discuss plans and ideas for the future, immerse yourself in fantasies and dreams .... It is in such moments that the importance and value of fireplaces for the modern world is contained, when there is a lot of fuss and haste around, when people are so overwhelmed in their problems and worries that they have forgotten how to relax and catch such simple but wonderful moments that make up life.

The most practical in operation are fireplaces made of natural stone. At the same time, there are many varieties of models, shapes, style variations of the decor, which allows you to make heat fins, taking into account any wishes, preferences and tastes.

Special features

The fireplace in the living room gives the room a special comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. Particularly beautiful and interesting are the stoves made of natural stone. Despite the rich choice and affordability of artificial materials in the price issue, stones of natural origin are more in demand among contemporaries. What are the advantages of natural materials? Why choose natural stones more often for stoves?

If we compare natural and artificial materials, then each of them has its own advantages as well as its own disadvantages. However, natural stone has more positive characteristics, among which the following are considered key:

  1. Appearance. Fireplaces, the outer sides of which are decorated with materials of natural origin, have a more natural look.
  2. High degree of environmental friendliness and safety.
  3. Hypoallergenic, which is especially important for people who are prone to allergic attacks.
  4. Durability, reliability and durability.Natural stones can still be called outdoor materials, because they are created by nature.
  5. Long period of operation. There is an opinion that fireplaces with natural stone cladding can serve at least 25 years. Accordingly, proper care will provide the perfect appearance of the heat center for a quarter of a century.
  6. Good resistance to high temperature conditions.
  7. Versatility and special charm of the external decor.
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Fireplaces made of natural stone are in great demand. The high consumer interest made the facing artists think to expand the possible finishes of modern heat centers.

For decoration can be used various materials of natural origin:

  • from wild stone;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • limestone;
  • sandstone;
  • slates;
  • river stone.

Marble - the most expensive material, while it requires careful and careful care. But the decorative marble finish looks elegant and stylish, gives the interior a sophisticated look, emphasizes the elegance and chic of the room.

Those who prefer originality choose granite for facing the fireplace.It is very difficult to work with this material, as it is very solid in its texture. However, the advantage of granite lies in its versatility of color. A stone literally plays with modulations of various shades when light from a flame hits it.

From natural limestone or shell rock you get an interesting decorative design of the fireplace. The original structure, soft color transition, low cost of consumables - those key points that make this stone popular and in demand.

The cheapest, but no less interesting is considered a river stone. Facing such material is more suitable for cottages, villas and country houses. River stone as a decorative decoration of a fireplace in a city apartment is a very extravagant and original solution.

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Install a fireplace in the house will not be particularly difficult. There are a lot of masters in this case. However, it is better to first get acquainted with the works of masters, so that later you do not get an unpleasant surprise. After all, as you know, not "all that gold that glitters." So not every person is a professional in some business, even if he is positioning himself this way.Despite the fact that the owner of the house can make a fireplace with his own hands, it is better to trust the experienced craftsmen to work the main works.

Laying the foundation and installation of the basis of the stove - the key points of manufacture of the heating plant. It depends on the accuracy and evenness of the foundation how long the fireplace will last. It is also important to carefully select materials that serve as a kind of basis and protect the walls of the house from the heat coming from the stove. Red heat resistant brick, non-combustible drywall or mineral wool are suitable as the most suitable materials.

Fireplace decoration is the “face” of a modern stove. The neater the lining is made, the more stylish and interesting it will be to look at the product in its finished form.


When you look at the fire, it seems that the flames are performing a dance. Sometimes this view is so fascinating that it is impossible to look away from him. Fireplace in a city apartment or in a private house today can not be called a rare phenomenon.

In addition to heating the room, the fireplace in the interior plays a special role. It is the hearth with trembling fire that is considered the heart of the house, it gives strength and confidence to all the household, heats not only outside but also inside.Interesting design solutions in the design of the stove, unusual lining and unique decoration - all this attracts even more attention.

Masters of a high professional level are able to perform decor in various techniques, styles and even colors, revet a fireplace, a portal with the most unusual method. The decoration can correspond both to the exterior design of the room, and completely resist it, in order to place even greater emphasis on the features and uniqueness of the heat center in the house. The most popular styles include today's popular modern and high-tech trends. However, do not exclude the classics and the traditional direction. Design decoration in classic or traditional style are highly popular in recent times.

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