Backlit Onyx Fireplace

Onyx features

Onyx stone is a natural natural mineral, which has a lot of impressive characteristics. A fireplace made of such a stone will be a sophisticated and unusual solution. Onyx is environmentally friendly, and also highly resistant to external factors. A special feature of onyx is the presence of very beautiful layers - stripes of different colors.

This mineral is used in the construction of both residential and non-residential premises. It is easy enough to process, despite its high density. In addition, various relief forms are very often attached to this stone, which is just as beneficial in the construction of a fireplace.

Choosing a fireplace from onyx with backlighting, you will not go wrong. Depending on the whole structure, it is possible to highlight both the entire fireplace and its individual parts or parts. This mineral has a huge color range, which is truly unique and unusual.Thanks to the simple stripes that nature has created, the stone looks truly noble.

It is also important that onyx can transmit light up to five centimeters in depth, which creates a strikingly beautiful effect when using additional illumination. There is also onyx, which will not let the light through at all.

A fireplace made of onyx, which accumulates heat, will be a very profitable solution for both large rooms and medium-sized ones. This fireplace is very heat-resistant, it will not only heat the room and please your eye, but also decorate the entire interior.

Fireplace finishing materials

Onyx is considered a semi-precious stone, so most of it can be found various jewelry. It will be quite expensive to make a fireplace of pure stone, so many manufacturers use artificial stone as the main material.

Facing the onyx fireplace can be in various colors and shades due to the natural beauty of the stone. In addition, onyx goes well with various metals and wood. Most often in the manufacture of such fireplaces are used refractory and heat-resistant sheets of iron.

All onyx fireplaces are quite practical and have good thermal insulation due to the use of various insulating and fire-resistant insulation materials. The stone itself does not deteriorate and does not crack when heated strongly. Even after all the logs are burned out, the fireplace will keep warm for a long time.

As the facing materials in the manufacture of the fireplace can be used various metal parts. For the greatest convenience when performing any repair work, onyx is sold in finished slabs.

If you are going to install a fireplace made of onyx and want it to have good thermal insulation and insulation in general, is safe to use, and also successfully harmonize with your interior, it is best to buy high-quality consumables from the best manufacturers. In addition, you should not also save on experienced professionals who will design and install your fireplace.

How to make a fireplace with your own hands

It is hardly possible to make a fireplace of onyx by hand, without having the appropriate training and experience, because even having built the main fireplace structure, the lining of onyx should be entrusted to a professional.

Fireplaces from this mineral always keep warm well, so the entire fireplace unit should be made according to a clear plan and drawing. In addition, for the construction of such a fireplace you will need non-combustible insulation materials and sheet materials, most often of metal.

Therefore, in order to simplify the whole task and not be mistaken with the purchase of appropriate materials, it is better to turn to specialists.

If you really liked this stone, but it’s not possible to purchase it, or you want to make something with your own hands, then you can easily make a decorative fireplace from improvised means. As a veneer, you most likely will have to use not a natural mineral, but let's say 3D wallpaper with a pattern of onyx or any other materials that you think are appropriate.


A fireplace made of onyx with lighting will be a truly smart solution for decorating your interior. For many years, this mineral is in great demand and popularity in the repair and manufacture of certain items for decoration with domestic and western celebrities, as well as with other lovers of beautiful life. The fireplace of this mineral is considered aristocratic and majestic.It creates a truly noble atmosphere in the room. Do not leave indifferent any of your guests.

Many designers have an excellent opportunity to light onyx fireplaces, with the result that the fireplace turns out to be charming and mystical. It seems to shine from all sides due to the fact that onyx perfectly transmits light. You can highlight directly the entire fireplace structure or its individual parts. Also in the future, you can, if desired, turn on the lights on the whole fireplace or on its individual parts. Everything will depend only on your imagination and desire.

In the manufacture of such a fireplace, onyx can be performed as a portal and chimney, as well as any other part of the fireplace or the elements of decor, for example, columns or a fireplace shelf. The chimney portal from onyx with illumination will perfectly harmonize with the firebox made of brick. Such an unusual design of the fireplace will be an excellent installation option in a country house or cottage.

You can choose a fireplace made of onyx in any color, because this stone has quite a few shades, and the stone itself has a different degree of transparency. There are also instances that do not let light.The installed backlight will also affect the onyx color itself. This is very important, as the fireplace in any of its condition must be in harmony with the whole room.

Do not forget to take into account the fact that all finishing materials must very well be combined with the chosen color and shade of stone. The fireplace of noble onyx will always look expensive and even magical, regardless of which design you prefer a wall or corner. In addition, onyx can also be used for lining furnaces, which will be a very interesting and unusual solution for your country house or country house.

To diversify and complement the overall design of the fireplace, you can place different decorative elements, such as candles or small vases and figurines on the fireplace shelf. Above the fireplace is quite acceptable to install a mirror or hang a picture. You should not place the TV, under the influence of heat, it can break.

In the interior

One of the best options for placing a fireplace will, of course, be the living room, where not only the whole family gathers, but also guests for any events or holidays.The fireplace in the living room always looks very well and harmoniously, especially if it fits in perfectly with all parameters.

The fireplace of this mineral can be performed in various styles from minimalist to classic and modern. As already mentioned, onyx you can make absolutely any part of the fireplace or its decorative elements.

In addition, such a fireplace in the interior will be very practical, it does not require complex maintenance, and also has a moderate fuel consumption. A fireplace made of onyx will not only delight you and all the household with its beautiful design and lighting, but also heat any room in which you install it.

For a long time products made of onyx, located in the interior of the house, symbolize the success and refined taste of the owners. And this is not at all surprising, because a fireplace made of such a stone will really become a highlight of any room.

You can install a fireplace made of onyx not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom. Especially luxurious, it will look in the room, made in the Baroque style. Such a rich and luxurious interior will wonderfully complement the fireplace made of natural stone and will not overload it.

No less interesting and successfully will look onyx fireplace with lighting in the classic interior of the living room or bedroom, decorated in pastel shades.

The fireplace made of onyx, made in the modern style, is also well suited for placement in the living room of your private house or cottage. After all, the modern style is not only excellent taste and sophistication, but also a kind of elegance that is always in fashion.

To create a truly magical and mystical atmosphere in the interior of your home, be sure to choose a fireplace with illuminated onyx, because at night it will look truly divine.

The fireplace from this mineral, whether it is huge in size, medium or small, made in any style, will definitely be the heart of your home, because it not only radiates magical light, but also gives warmth. Just imagine in what a wonderful atmosphere you will be staying near this fireplace. Sitting in a comfortable chair or on the couch, admiring the mysterious, mysterious light emanating from the onyx stone, will complement all such pleasant crackling of firewood and the faint smell of wood.

By placing a fireplace made of onyx in my interior,Give preference to unusual shades of this stone, in addition, they can often be combined to produce unusual and stylish options. Do not forget that a very original approach will be the various models of fireplaces with reliefs and protuberances. To trust the invention of a fireplace made of such a stone is worth it to professionals, so you will be sure that you will receive exactly that fireplace with the unearthly light that you have dreamed of for so long.

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