How to make a fireplace out of the stove

Today, good old stoves are rarely found in private homes, because now there are many other modern systems for heating and cooking.

The most popular these days are fireplaces. They are not inferior in functionality to simple ovens, but at the same time have a stylish and beautiful appearance.

You can arrange a fireplace in absolutely any room - in the bedroom, living room or hall. The fireplace uniquely gives the room coziness and makes the atmosphere very soulful, and the heat from the fireplace will easily warm the whole house.

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There are several options for how to make a fireplace out of the stove. The simplest and, perhaps, the most economical is the purchase of a ready-made metal fireplace, in the future it will only need to be beautifully decorated. However, this is still not the best option.

Often in the houses of an older building there is already a classic Russian stove. It may no longer be used for its intended purpose. However, from this stove it will turn out to create a chic fireplace with your own hands.The most basic thing that needs to be done is to expand the firebox, install the doors and replace the chimney.

What you need to take into account when preparing for furnace conversion:

  1. Assess the condition of the stove and chimney - this directly affects the future safety of their use. In the section, the chimney must be greater than the length of one brick. A good throughput must also be ensured so that the chimney draft is large, this is an important condition for a fireplace. In most cases, the old chimney must be dismantled, and a new one will be installed in its place.
  2. The size of the furnace of a standard stove is very small, it will be small for a fireplace, which means it will need to be increased. Additionally, you can also install glass doors to be able to cover the firebox. However, this is not necessary.
  3. Carefully evaluate the body structure - it must certainly be intact, without cracks and deformations, without fallen bricks. Otherwise you have to disassemble it.


There are several options for reworking old stoves (Russian stove, "stove") into the fireplace, they all depend on the initial technical condition of the structure.

One of the easiest options is to upgrade and expand to the desired size of the furnace, as well as the installation of the glass "Finnish" door. This option is attractive because of its simplicity, since it is not necessary to make fundamental changes in the design, it is enough just to clean the stove properly. If you add a glass door and properly decorate the existing stove, it will turn out as close as possible to the fireplace.

The most expensive and time-consuming modification of the stove in the fireplace is the complete disassembly of the existing structure and the creation of a new one. The stove must be completely dismantled, if necessary, pour new sand into the base. Next, make a ruberoid waterproofing flooring and create a new laying according to one of the existing schemes.

How to build

Converting a stove into a decorative fireplace is not very difficult. This is required mainly in cases when the house already has a regular stove that is no longer in use. It will take not so much effort and money to create a modern stylish fireplace from an ordinary stove that can warm a house, as well as bring comfort to it.

Often, old stoves are located in houses in the kitchen or in the central room.The stove takes a bit of space, but the appearance leaves much to be desired.

To convert the stove into a modern and stylish fireplace, you will need the following materials: bricks, cement, masonry mortar, chimney pipe (to replace the old one), facing tile, glass door, as well as minor repair tools that every owner will surely have . Next, you need to make a personal drawing of the fireplace to be created. You should also definitely inspect the stove, determine the quality of the hull and the condition of the foundation. If everything is in excellent condition, you can continue to work.

Another important requirement is that there should be a small gap between the base for the stove and the foundation of the house - about twenty-five centimeters, it must be completely covered with sand.

The firelighter should be about fifty centimeters deep, and the body inside the stove should consist of refractory bricks.

After these conditions are met, you can proceed to check the chimney pipe. Requirements for its height - more than seven meters, and the section - more than 13 to 25 centimeters. And the last step - to provide for the presence of channels that will be able to direct the flow of air along the doors, which will not allow soot all the time to settle on the glass door.

Style decisions

After the creation of the fireplace instead of the Russian stove is fully completed, you can begin to finish it.

For facing the fireplace, you can use a variety of materials - brick, tile made of stone or ceramics, tiles. It all depends on your taste and fantasy.

A fireplace lined with natural stone will look very elegant and stylish.

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