Features of the manufacture of fireplaces

Fireplaces are integral attributes of many modern houses. Such designs today can replace even small boilers, providing heating for several rooms. All of them are made according to various technologies and methods, using several types of materials.


Fireplaces used in different times and eras, which led to the emergence of several main types of similar structures:

  1. Classic fireplaces are among the most common. Differ simplicity and practicality. Can be used in any type of interiors from art deco to fusion.
  2. The Dutch fireplace is a special stove. A distinctive feature of such structures is the presence of a special smoke system, which makes it possible to better heat the room. The process of their manufacture resembles in many ways the construction of a conventional stove, only here an enlarged opening of the firebox is used.
  3. Rustic fireplaces.Such products are very beautiful, as they are made in a rustic style. As a basis for the construction of fireplaces use only wild stone, which is distinguished not only by its unique beauty, but also by its high price.
  4. Alpine fireplace is a kind of similar systems, but is not in fact such. Constructions of this type resemble an open hearth, with an exhaust hood fitted above it. This allows you to sit around the fire in a circle.
  5. Modern fireplaces are made in different designs. For this purpose, not only classical materials are used, but also metal, which makes it possible to give them originality. It should be noted that in this style there is no one direction, so the design of the fireplace may differ radically depending on the designer who designed it.
  6. Outdoor fireplaces are structures that are installed on the street and allow not only to warm near them, but also to cook food. A classic representative of this style is a barbecue.
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How to choose

Fireplaces are diverse in functionality and design. Some of them can only be heated, but there is a designthanks to which you can cook a variety of dishes. When choosing these products should evaluate several features of fireplaces:

  1. Type of. Today, in addition to the classic versions of brick or stone, you can use the products of their metal. Such stoves can use as fuel not only firewood, but also electricity. The latter type of fireplaces is particularly relevant for apartments, as it is difficult to install a complex system of drawing out of bricks there.
  2. The design of the furnace. Modern fireplaces can be equipped with either open or closed firebox. The latter types of structures are more reliable, since they exclude the ingress of smoke into the room, but classic fireplaces with an open system are much more original and beautiful.

How to make at home

The process of building fireplaces presupposes the existence of a certain knowledge of laying brick or stone in order to get not only a beautiful, but also a workable system. To perform such operations at home, you will need to purchase such materials:

  • fire brick or stone, which is used in the construction of fireplaces;
  • door (in the case of the construction of a closed firebox) or glass for the fireplace;
  • special masonry mortars;
  • finishing materials (tile, etc.).
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The fireplace construction algorithm involves the following steps:

  1. The foundation was originally built. The main material here is a layer of concrete, which is poured into a previously prepared form. Its size and depth depends on the specific dimensions of the fireplace itself, but at the same time the base must safely withstand the weight of the product.
  2. After this, the base of the fireplace is laid. For this, the bricks are placed in a dressing, forming even seams both at the joints and between the rows. Installation technology often depends on the project you choose. If the fireplace is additionally equipped with an arch, then you need to lay it on a previously prepared base, which is then removed.
  3. The final stage is the construction of the chimney. Its shape and type also depends on the project you choose.

For such work, it is desirable to use high-quality masonry mixes that are desirable to prepare according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

From talc-magnesite

This material retains heat very well, so it is used as a facing material.It can be performed in several variations: from small tiles to overall products. Talco-magnesite is attached to the surface of the fireplace with the help of special binders based on various chemical components, the application of which resembles the same as when pasting walls with ceramic tiles.

Very often, such substances can be found in projects with a stove or island fireplaces. Such material is sold in sets, which makes it possible to create not only warm, but also beautiful surfaces.

Of plaster

The substance is characterized by high plasticity, which allows it to form various decorative elements for fireplaces. To carry out such an operation, you must first purchase special rubber forms and the gypsum mix itself. Often cooking is not difficult and is done on the street. After the decor is ready, it is attached to the frame of the fireplace with a special glue.


This material is also a finishing agent used for decorating fireplaces. Marble can be in different variations, but the standard option are small tiles.These products are fixed on the outer surface with various types of adhesives or cement mortars.

Overview of ready-made fireplaces from reputable manufacturers

Today, fireplaces are becoming more accessible to everyone, since there are so many alternatives to the classic brick work. Increasingly, the market can meet designs not only Russian, but also foreign. One of the highest quality manufacturers of fireplaces is Sweden (Contura, Keddy, etc.). The products of these brands are distinguished by high productivity and considerable economy, as they use the secondary afterburner system.

A special place among these products is occupied by the Belarusian-made Meta-Bel stoves, in the construction of which interchangeable chamotte plates are used. They are distinguished by high productivity and reliability. Among the products made in Russia, we can mention the virtu range of fireplaces, which are distinguished by the unique combination of glass, metal and stone. The design of these products is made in the style of hi-tech, which combines romance, creativity and minimalism. Original features also have the fireplace stoves Olympus, made of high-quality cast iron.Some models allow you to heat a room up to 140 cubic meters.

The variety of fireplaces on the market is very large, so buying such systems, it is desirable to pre-evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, and only then make a decisive choice.

Cost of

This indicator depends on several factors:

  • type of construction (barbecue stove, fireplace stove, etc.);
  • finishing materials (marble, granite, tile, etc.);
  • complexity of erection, etc.

It should be noted that the price of stone fireplaces is much higher, since the technology of their construction is quite complex and requires the use of various knowledge. An alternative option is the design of the metal, decorated with various materials. The cost of such fireplaces can vary from a few tens of thousands to over a million rubles.

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